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  • When: 01/24/2019
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  • QIC: Whoopee
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  • PAX: everyone everywhere

OK, you have been waiting patiently and now the wait is over. It’s coming….it’s almost here….can you feel the excitement? Next week, starting on Thursday, January 24, 2019 we will start another AO in GASHOUSE. It’s going to be a…………..


Come be a part of this momentous occasion. We will start at 0530 and meet at Snoballs, near Martha Rivers Park. The plan is low impact (come on you PainLabbers) hiking with weight lifting mixed in during the workout. I’ll need some help with the lifting ideas PainLabbers. Running with your ruck is generally discouraged so that will not be part of my plan. Although it will coincide (that means happen at the same time Stroganoff) with The Pub, this should help grow F3Gastonia by allowing those men not ready for a running AO to ease into F3 with less apprehension (that means they won’t be skeered Stroganoff). Hopefully this will lead to more PAX who can run and join the bootcamps also.

Please help spread the word. All are welcome. Bring a ruck or weight vest (or not) and put as much weight as you want to start with then hopefully grow this amount over time. Some have used store-bought weights, other have used bricks, frying pans, water bottles, cat litter, fruit, small animals, siblings, furniture, and other various objects to show off their talents. Come be a part of DIABLO SAMMICH, the newest AO in GasHouse starting Thursday, January 24 at 0530 at Snoballs by Martha Rivers.

see you then-Whoopee