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  • When: 01/15/2019
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  • QIC: Medicine Woman
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  • PAX: Volt, Ratchet, Big Pappy, Buckeye, Hank, Sparky, Montross, Bedpan, Rockabilly, Pastor Clever

It had been a few weeks since YHC got another turn at leading the Q at a Folsom boot camp. I had looked back through some old weinkes and tried to put together something that’s a bit different than we’ve seen in a while. I added some stuff I witnessed out at Cape Fear. So, let’s just see how it works out.

a great crowd was on time. Even Sparky, who I was counting on for coupons arrived only a minute late. It’s 5:30, so let’s do it.


SSH, Toy Soldiers, Merkins, Low Slow Squats all x10 IC  Montross comes rolling in hot, so Moroccan NightClubs TIL he joins the party.


grab a coupon and head to the tennis courts


11’s by way of Sprints across 2 courts using 8 Count body builders on one end and on the other, broad jump over your block, turn, grab your block for squat thrusts. After a couple rounds, the mumblechatter picked up. Definitely easier on paper, except for Buckeye, he was in beast mode. Now, partner up with a jump rope and coupon. Partner 1 jump rope AMRAP while partner 2 performs 50LBCs, flapjack, next jump ropes and 50 SSH, then ropes and 25 Block curls, ropes and 25 Tricep extensions, ropes and 25 squat thrusts. With a couple minutes left, line up for a nice Indian run a few laps around the tennis court. Rockabilly turned on the gas at that point. That dude is getting it done! Grab your block and return to start. 22 for the vets rounded up our time.

COT Prayers for Ratchets Son(MRI Friday) YHC Son(anxiety and adhd issues), our youth andcehst they are seeing and hearing in our society and schools. Prayers for each other

YHC took us out in prayer.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this great AO! You men make it what it is.