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  • When: 01/12/2019
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  • QIC: Short Sale
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  • PAX: Sparky, Mozart (H), Pearl Jam (H), Big Pappy, Blart, Coerte, Gumby, Madoff, Slaw, Montross, Volt, Bedpan, Swimmer, Broke, Def Leppard (R), Huckleberry, Sparky, Tater Hole (FNG - Ryon Dearing), Ratchet, Short Sale (QIC)

This Q has been in the works for quite some time. Admittedly, I’m not a Folsom regular, having only posted a few times but their reputation precedes itself for their brotherhood, their coffee-rama, and most assuredly their mumble chatter. I had plenty of time to plan the workout – some of it worked and some were Q fails. 19 Strong overcame the fartsack to brave the high 30’s temperature. Sparky brought and FNG, so the disclaimer had to be emphasized: “…we’re not professionals, you vs. you, modify as needed, blah, blah, blah…” Here we go:

Pledge, Warm-up “SSH, in position move, in cadence, ready? exercise: One – Two-Three – One…that’s the warm-up mosey to the tennis court (Whoopee – you would be proud)

Thang: I pulled this from The Storm – the W drill to get the blood flowing. PAX begin at the baseline, run to the net, NUR to the “T” in the middle, run forward to the net, NUR to the baseline, do 2 burpees. Repeat that pattern for all 6 courts; plank for the six. The grumbling began early. With 19, I decided to split the group in half to run it back.

Mary is typically left out in the cold for workouts but not today. That sweet lady gets some early love this morning. Circle up for three different ab exercises, 25 seconds each for 3 circuits with a 25 second rest between circuits. Set 1 • Flutter Kicks • Freddie Mercury • Plank Jacks Set 2 • X Crunch • American Hammer • Ski Abs I had a playlist organized for this one. I knew the Site Q Montross is a big JT fan and with Slaw in the circle, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” led off. I had a few things in mind with this. First, the music was sure to start the chatter, good or bad. Second, the order was to target the abs along with some cardio. Try out the X Crunch: on your six, legs together, arms over your junk. Move your legs wide and your arms wide over your head (forming an “X”) then return. The American Hammers and Ski Abs further targeted your obliques, which are often neglected, but how else can you shape the six pack? Embrace the suck.

Staying on the tennis courts, split into teams with 4 men each (one team had only 3). This looked better on paper and after everyone got flowing as to where to go and what to do, it began to work. With better instruction (and probably a little more light to read the Q-cards) this will work better. I’ll attempt to describe: P1 is on Court 1 with 1/2 blocks doing Squat Press, Curls, Tricep Extensions – all x 10 P2 is between Court 2 & 3 doing lunge jumps, Mtn. Climbers, SSH’s – all x 10 P3 is between Court 4 & 5 doing Merkins, Imperial Walkers, and Burpee Lunge – all x 10 P4 begins by carrying sandbags to replace with P2; P2 carries the sandbag to exchange with P3 who then travels to the beginning to exchange with P1. The rotation went like I’d intended for at least two rounds but confusion and pace limited us to one round. I had done something similar at Midoriyama using only 3 stations. I’ll work to refine before breaking out again.

Mosey to the lower parking lot for the make-shift Folsom Country Club executive course (bet-cha never thought those words would be associated with a Folsom workout). The course was set up with three holes and being irreverent to the rules, we divided into “six-somes” and a “seven-some.” Throw a corn-hole bag and travel to that bag using these “shots:” lunge walk, burpee broad-jump, bear crawl, crab walk, and bunny hop. However many shots it took you to “hole-out” (shut your dirty mouth…) you multiply, yes I said multiply that number times the number of reps on the flag. Hole 1 was a par 4 with 10 squats. If it took you 4 shots to get there, 4×10= 40 squats – make sense? maybe? Hole 2 was a par 3 with 5 Burpees and Hole 3 was a par 5 with 10 Merkins. Despite the PAX not paying attention to all the instructions, I think it sort of accomplished the goal.

Now less than 5 minutes remained so to the picnic shelter for the final task that was originally done at the GasHouse this summer: 99 Beers on the Wall. Montross volunteered to select the beverage from the cooler. He chose the 24 ounce Busch Light which asked the PAX to perform Burpees then Flutter Kicks. The clock was set to 99 seconds, perform burpees until you can’t (or don’t want to) do any more. Then do Flutter Kicks. We hustled back to the start a little over time.

COT: Prayers lifted for Montross’s aunt, Bedpan’s M, EZ Rider’s family, Nikki Bailey, Roadie working out of town, and each other. Happy Birthday to Swimmer. We welcomed Ryon Dearing to the fraternity, now known as Tater Hole (it could have been worse). YHC took us out.

Moleskin: Despite some Q fails, the workout exceeded my expectations, not for the content, but for the community. There were a few moments of quiet, highly unusual in the hallowed grounds of Folsom but it proved to be a calm before the storm as the chatter filled the air most of the workout. Despite instructions occasionally falling on deaf ears, a lot of hard work was put in. Pearl Jam was out front for much of the day. Mozart about ran me over sprinting to the finish. Volt never skips a rep. I appreciate Madoff and Roscoe venturing over to the northside (I would mention Broke but he claimed to be a Folsom regular). This workout went by in about 10 minutes as my mind raced through instructions, monitoring the progress against the plan, and decisions of when to move on. I tried to cram about two workouts into an single hour to provide some flavor of my Q’s. Leaving some things untouched on the Weinke means I have to make a return visit soon. Hope the guys enjoyed it as much as I did.