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  • When: 01/11/2019
  • AO:
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roscoe (QIC), Stone Cold, Virus (respect), EZ Rider, Spiderman, Sister Act, Medicine Woman, Captain Steubing, Anthrax, BedPan

This morning was a crisp 25 degrees with clear skies. The Ghost Flag was there as was Bedpan’s dual flag shovel, although it was with a little more effort than usual to plant due to the frozen ground. Here is what happened…


With nine PAX at 0530 YHC called an Indian Run. We spotted some headlights coming in hot so we did a lap to return to pick up the late arrival but as usual Spiderman will not wait and he appeared in the first lap. Now with ten we completed another lap around the other side of the Pavilion and back to start for the warm up.

Rockette Hillbillies x 10

Dying Cockroaches x 20

Mosey to Main Street

Between each light post we alternated sprint, walk, lunge, mosey, lunge, backward lunge, mosey, Godfather Zombie walk. I learned from Bedpan that the Sports Center used to be a bowling alley before our time. Who knew?

Mosey to the Methodist church steps for two rounds of calf raises

Mosey to the parking deck. Lunge up the inclines and mosey the straights to the top.

Partner up for Dora 1,2,3

P1 runs steps to bottom and back while P2 completes:

100 Squats

200 LBC’s

300 Flutters

After this we held an Al Gore and discussed the life saving impact F3 had on F3 Picasso from Summerville. Think about the guy you haven’t EH’d yet while you read his story here: https://mailchi.mp/1dadf7fb1138/anazwdvf4r-1597373

Mosey to the McQuitter wall for alternating step ups and dips


Mosey to start for the Pledge of Allegiance and hold a two minute plank for time.

Lots of prayer requests: Our Nantan, Stone Cold’s father, Ethan Duft, EZ Rider’s family, Montross’ Aunt, Sister Acts Daughter, Whetstone blades and stones

Nameorama and COT

YHC has had a nagging injury so I modified and we did no burpees or merkins. When you are injured or dealing with something which we all are, STAY IN THE GAME! Focus on what you can do and not what you can’t. Mentally it makes it so much better instead of feeling sorry for yourself. If you can’t post to the first F, hit up the second and third F. A good option is the QSource discussions at 0730 Sundays at Crossroads and the Coconut Horse.

Sister Act said a CSAUP is in the works before the P200. Everyone get ready!

YHC with the Q at the Coconut on Sunday. Post somewhere and bring an FNG!

Always a pleasure to lead,