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Restraining orders and disclaimers

It was only the second posting to Derecho, but we still had a great turnout with 18 legs for some of the fast moving Pax of GasHouse. I was glad to see Anthrax back, however I felt the need to propose a restraining order before we even started to keep Roscoe at least 15 feet from him. Just like at home, nobody really listened to me and this restraining order was broken quickly with, as one of my childhood favorites described in Smokey and the Bandit, “A complete lack of respect of the law.” I quickly announced the disclaimer and we got started. My second disclaimer is that I did this without a Weinke and really don’t remember a lot about what we did.

WU10-15 reps of SSH, Merkin, Freddy Mercury, Carolina Dry Dock, Don Quixote, LBC. During the WU our favorite German Shepherd Lisl lunged at me several times snarling and gnashing her teeth. It was only by sheer luck, 11 months of training with F3 workouts, and cat-like reflexes that I was able to avoid certain death. Next time I will bring a few dog treats or tie a t bone steak to Roscoe’s arse.

The goal was to focus on running with some time leaches spread throughout so that I appeared to have planned some form of exercise. The truth is I was making it up as we went along but I guess that is ok since I was the Q. Anytime we passed/crossed at speed bump, we did two 8 count body builders. We moseyed to the softball/baseball fields and did some dips and squats (1 min each X 3 sets of each). We then moseyed thru the parking lot until we got to the lower eye of the storm (roundabout) and talked about dolphins and daffodils for a minute or so. We then settled in for some core stuff-I think we did 2 sets of 50 reps of individual Mary’s choice then we were off to the upper EYE of the storm. At the upper EYE we did 100 Merkins. The challenge was to do them without stopping and I believe Defib took that challenge without too much trouble despite some type of upper respiratory thing he was clearly ignoring. We then made our way back to the lower eye for more core work (I think). There was more running that followed with speed bumps galore. I liked one speed bump so much that I think we crossed it 6 times (plenty ‘o body builders) then made our way back to home base. I know we did a bunch of Moroccan Night Clubs (70?) but cannot remember where. At home base we did some more stuff including Jobu’s/Monkey Humpers. See disclaimer #2 above.

I have to say I enjoy this AO more than I thought. Running in the gloom is very peaceful, except when there are German Shepherds diving at you trying to chew you like the neighbor’s cat Fluffy. Next week, T bone steaks for dinner on Sunday night at my house for anyone interested….


With several Q’s this week I was struggling to come up with my workout for today. I spent some time Friday night going through the exercise list and decided we should experiment with a few that I had never tried. That sounds like a great idea! Right? 21 posted on this the last Saturday of February (looking forward to warmer weather) 2 of which were FNG’s( good job with the EH guys). There seemed to be an excitement in the air this morning with a lot of 2ndF before the workout and a lot of mumble chatter as we got started.

Warm up:

Seal Jacks x 20 IC, Swimmers x 10 IC, Goofball x 10 IC, Floyd Mayweather x 10 IC, Imperial Squat Walker x 5 IC.

Mosey to the flag for Pledge then mosey to the library.

The Thang:

Route 66- This was made a little tougher by Brownstreak’s insistence that we do this with Burpee’s! At each line in the parking lot we did a burpee and a squat and increased that number by one each time we stepped to a new line. 1-11= 66 burpee’s and 66 squats. Still a lot of mumble chatter!

Mosey to the baseball field

#200-tricep dips till you can’t then run around and down the stairs. Freddy Mercury till you can’t then run up the hill. Rinse and repeat until you reach 200 of the exercise.

Circled up for some Calf raises, Toy Soldiers, Moroccans. Still some good mumble chatter!

#200-This time with Derkins and Flutterkicks. It suddenly got very quite! I think this was due to everyone concentrating on good form.

#200-One more round with Incline Merkins and LBC’s.

One more experiment left. We met up at the bottom of the hill and tried out the Joe Hendricks( Hats off to the guys that thought of this). Bear Crawl backwards up the hill.

Mosey back for the COT


Announcements: BRR and Whoopie’s March challenge. We still need 6 more HC’s. I think I heard one from Jobu? Backwoods Brawl coming up. Community Fun Run, Gashouse Region meeting, F3 Mudrun- we have one team formed let’s get some more and represent, Burpeethon for special olympics.

Shoutout to Shingle for the hard work he has been putting in since joining us and presented him with a F3 sticker. Good work by all this morning! I see a lot of guys pushing themselves to get better. The best part about this thang that we have is that we are always there. If you show someone will be there to support you and help you get better. Keep posting and I promise you will get better. We don’t give any other option. The impact that F3 has had on my life is profound. It’s amazing what going to do a workout has done for me. I see it in all parts of my life. I truly owe this to the men that now surround me several times a week. Thank you all for being the great men that you are!


Mayor needs a horse collar?

It was short on numbers but high in quality this morning at Rotary. While waiting for the Pax to arrive, we talked about the Rules of F3: there are only 5, the rest you find your way and try to survive and accelerate at the same time. Those rules are the following: free workout, open to all men, outdoor (rain or shine, hot or cold), led by unprofessional participants in rotating fashion, and end with COT. Bottom line, we decided just before the WU if we don’t have someone questioning what we are doing, we probably are not pushing it hard enough. After these deep thoughts, we got to work because we knew we were good enough, we were smart enough, and doggonit people like us (you young guys born in the 1980’s or later prob don’t know who Jack Handy is, look him up-#SNL).

WU:IC 10-15 each IC: SSH, Press/Press/Fling (missed you Roscoe, these were for you-hope you were enjoying yourself on vacation), Merkins, Freddy Mercury, Gorilla Humpers, Scorpion Dry Docks, and Old Man (slow) Don Quixote.


Mosey to parking lot for 2 laps then (get them out of the way) 10 burpees OYO. Next we partnered up (sorry Stroganoff, not a whole lot of choices-you drew the short straw) and fast mosey/trotted in opposite directions around the parking lot with two 8 count body builders each time you passed your partner for a total of 5 laps. These got tough on the last couple laps for me and reminded me how running is not the hardest part of these workouts. Next we moseyed sssslllllooooowwwwwwlllyyyy to the gubment building with flags and did some Hip Slappers X 3 sets of 10 each IC under big brother’s watchful eye. During the rest period we recalled Hot for Teacher’s “hip slapping joke” last time. All I remember about this time is the punchline to Brownstreak’s joke: I can clearly see your nuts. I don’t remember the joke, just the punchline. Will have to ask him about that later. I think I remember Dolph saying he really liked the hip slappers-look out guys, think that will be a problem for us next time Dolph is Q-may want to plan a vacation next time he is on the calendar.

Next we went to the benches and did some squats and dips-1 min each X 3 sets each by a timer. I figured the lack of needing to count reps would encourage some Mumble Chatter and I was not disappointed (a little nauseated, but not disappointed). I heard about a certain Pax inability to ride a bike because his nuts were too big and the seat with a hole in it would only function as a “horse collar.” Easy Mayor, settle down. Gee, haw, whoa…… Also I learned what smartsacking meant (thanks Bandit, understand about those late nights). There were other comments that I just can’t recall, however there was constant chatter which was what I was hoping for.

We were closing in on finishing time so we started our trek back to home base by doing BLIMPS (5 Burpees, 10 Lunges each leg, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Merkins, 25 Plank Jacks, and 30 Squats) X 2 sets until we reached our starting point. Fortunately we had about 60 seconds to go so we did 5 ( or was it 10?) burpees OYO.

We did a quick COT with prayers for Outhouse and his mother, Dolph’s dad, and a reminder about Dredd and OBT coming to Rotary Meeting this coming Thursday (let Stroganoff or Dr. Dancegood, I mean Feelgood, know if you are coming).

Great morning guys. Although I would like to see 25 guys at every workout, I really enjoy the smaller groups. I spend more time with the second F during the workout. I think I need to make a better effort to do that in the bigger groups. Keep up the great work. I’ll be smartsacking this weekend-gotta work. Don’t forget the March BRR challenge and the advisory meeting next weekend open to all pax that are interested (7pm at Gaston Sheet Metal HQ on Sunday, March 6).


2016 Spring Mud Run [02262016]

Greetings PAX. 

We are merely 2 months from the Spring USMC Mud Run, and only a small window to sign up. All region Q’s should be encouraging your PAX to assemble their teams. The Ultimate Challenge Mud Run is the F3 Nation “Super Bowl,” only better because it happens twice a year.

Who: All F3 PAX. Think you can’t do it? Get that thought out of your head right now. You can and you will be a part of this awesome CSAUP event with your F3 Brothers.

What: 6.2 Miles and 36 military obstacles. We’ve heard rumors that the course will be re-evaluated for much needed improvements.

When: April 30, 2016

Where: 1215 Valley Ridge Rd., Gaston, SC 29053

Why: Because we’re F3…we do what we want.

Registration and Team Details:
The Top 10 Finishers of the Fall 2015 Mud Run will have the Top 10 Slots, so long as:

  • Team name remains the same
  • Team is comprised of at least 3 members of the Fall 2015 Team
  • Team roster is submitted by the published deadline

Registration and payment this year will be facilitated through Eventbrite.

The registration link is:

All teams will be managed by the regional Q. You will register as an individual and then coordinate with your Regional Mud Run Q to form your team. DO NOT contact or Pothole regarding changes or setting up your Mud Run Team! Discuss those issues and changes with your regional Mud Run Q.

Registration fees are $55 per person and the deadline is March 18th, 2016. Registration is considered a “hard commit” (HC) with no guarantee of refund should you be unable to compete, even if your slot is filled by a free agent. If you register and cannot meet your commitment, it’s your responsibility to your team and your Region to find a replacement.

Transportation will be arranged by each region as we get closer to April. Bus charter and “sundries” in past years have cost approximately $40-$50 per person. Charter fees are collected separately from the registration fees and are the responsibility of that region.

We have decided to continue honoring Operation Enduring Warrior with a donation from F3 Nation. They support wounded soldiers, particularly amputees. If you’ve seen them at previous MudRun events, it’s very powerful. Details for making a donation will follow – and is completely optional. We have had the privilege of presenting OEW with a donation check at every Mud Run. Let’s keep the trend going strong and support our wounded veterans.

Continue to promote our Super Bowl of F3 during your gloom events – and by all means, please bring an FNG!

Email Address for questions/issues:

F3 MudRun Twitter account: @F3MudRun

Operation Enduring Warrior:

USMC Mud Run:

Prison Yard

9 posted in the yard at Folsom this morning. A few walked away shanked and a few others beaten but all walked away better! The work began and then Sparky showed. Better late than Allen Tate!

Warm Up:

Swimmers x 10 IC

Seal Jacks x 15 IC

Calf Raise x 15 IC

LBC x 15 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Apolo Ohno(good name shingle) x 10 IC

CDD x 10 IC

Hillbilly x 10 IC

Monkeyhumper x 10 IC

Mosey to the Yard (4 tennis courts)

The Thang:

Mosey down and back

Partnered up and introduced the new PAX an AO to Dora

Dora 1-2-3 Merkins, LBC, Squats

Bearcrawl from one side of the court and back with 5 merkins thrown in

Crabwalk over 5 WWII situps and back

Duckwalk over 5 squats and back

Sprint across touch the line sprint back then sprint to far line on 2nd court then back

Mosey back to parking lot for a little mary

Great job again today men. So far Folsom has treated us well. The first day was filled with ran and today was cold and brutally windy. Some say the wind was left over from Monday’s Derecho! It was great to see the newer PAX already throwing on the EH and bringing in 3 more to drink the kool aid. Keep it going! As always a pleasure to lead. See ya Saturday for another Freight delivery.


On this last episode of Goat Island I wanted to somehow tie it all together. Not sure on how it was going to go or how I was going to do this,then it hit me……So as I rolled in to the island and notice no one there yet I sit back and relaxed and started to drift off……Zzzzzz!

BOOM! And sound of a train rollin behind me I see those dang goats in their u-haul. Jacked up on something, these two were in rare form this morning. As they opened the back up smoke rolled out like a scene from Fast Time at Ridgemont High or Up in Smoke. As the smoke cleared, here’s what was delivered to the 7 pax at Goatisland.

Warm up:
SSH 20ic
Wind Mills 20ic
Mericans 10ic
LBC 15ic

The Thang:

One Round of The Vern:
10 pull ups
Mosey 200yds
20 dips
Mosey 200yds
25 mericans
Mosey 200yds
Mosey 200yds

Meet in Kazeebo
99 LBC
9 burpees
99 high knees
9 mericans
99sec squat holds
88 LBC
8 burpees
88 high knees
8 mericans
88sec plank

Mosey to bottom of hill at parking lot.

5-10-15 ladder
Mt. Climbers/Squats

I need to take a moment get props to T square for his tuck and roll skills. My boy trips on a parking bump stop and tucks it rolls out of it and still beats us to the top of hill to start exercise. Well done sir. Well done!! #wehaveourownblackopps




Thanks again guys for allowing to be apart and lead. It’s a great thing to be out there with you all. Guys are getting stronger and faster. ISI men. We all are here for one another. To help and guide each other. We are not and will not be in competition with each other. We are a family and family sticks together. HIM!


BRR Challenge put out by Whoopee
BRR- still need HC guys to do this.
Burpee-thon in May
Backyard Brawl in April
Check email blast sent out weekly for more info. If you are not on mailing list get on it!

Mercy-The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. Psalms 103:8

Outhouse – Mom
Dolph- Dad
Mayor- for power to be restored and the conservation of priceless commodities. #cambodiamilk.

Sent from my iPhone

Run For Cover

Weather report called for rain.  So pulling from one of Whoopee’s recent backblasts, YHC attempted to orchestrate a semi-dry WO by keeping the PAX mostly under cover.  Turns out, the deluge held off so we didn’t really need the cover so much.  Regardless… we pushed on as planned (well, mostly).

Warm Up

  • Side Straddle Hop x30 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x20 IC
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x40 IC
  • Peter Parkers x20 IC
  • Toy Soldiers x20 IC

Mosey to the flag for the Pledge of Allegiance

The Thang

  • Mosey to and 4x around Park Sterling Bank lot to cover…LBC x30, x20, x10
  • Mosey to and 4x around Bank of America lot… Peter Parkers x20, x15, x10
  • Mosey to and 4x around Fidelity Bank lot…Plank-O-Rama
  • Mosey to the parking lot formerly known as Harris Teeter under cover… Russia Twists x20, x15, x10
  • Mosey to cover…Dying Cockroach (What do you call Omaha when know one knows you Omaha’d?)

Baby Dora 1-2-3… 50 ‘Mericans, 100 LBC, 150 Squats (Another one of those silent Omaha’s)

Mosey back to Park sterling Bank and around lot to cover.

People’s Choice (as best I can recall)

  • Bandit – Dying Cockroach x15 IC
  • Monk – “ugh… you’ll need to come back to me”
  • Stroganoff – Flutter Kicks x1,000,000 IC or something like that (was probably 40)
  • Monk – YHC has no clue what we did here. But it didn’t suck as much as the Flutter Kicks.
  • Whoopee – Gorilla Humpers x20 IC
  • JK2 – Merkins x15 IC
  • Spiderman – 10 Burpees OYO (although Whoopee challenge’s this – might have been JK2)
  • Squeeker – Imperial Walkers x20 IC

COT, BOM & NamoramaOnTheRun

Announcements & Prayer Requests

  • Word of the week is “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” Matthew 5:7.  In other words… if someone is struggling, carry their cross for them.  Reach out and help someone in need.
  • Keep Outhouse’s mom and their family in our prayers.  Also one of Monk’s students that had to leave school.
  • Sorry if I left anything out.


The Yeti 2016, No One Died…

If there was one phrase that rang true for this epic CSAUP, it was this…”Don’t die!” There was a lot of excitement leading up to The Yeti and possibly a little training. There were whispers of “I’m a little nervous” and “17+ miles is a lot” and “I wonder what the pain stations will be like.” All that said, 60 #HIM from 5 Regions (Fort, Rock Hill, SOB/Indian Land, Gastonia and Area 51) wanted a taste of this beast of a track! Categories ranged from running the whole thing (Yeti), Running and Biking (Iceman), various relay options, as well as a couple of made-up categories.

Temperatures were perfect for this thing to happen. PAX started arriving at Pantheon at 0530 to kick this thing off. But before we get to The Thang, there is a cast of characters that needs to be recognized:

Your Qs: YHC (Yeti Warmup), Crash (Iceman Warmup), Package, Spitz and Cable Guy
Paxarazzi: Solid State, Bolt and Spud
Support: Hasselhoff, Cobra Kai & Professor (While they did the relay)

Thanks to all of the PAX that made this CSAUP a success. It’s your event and you made it happen! And now…

The Thang (0600 Yeti & 0700 Iceman):


Mosey around the carpool lane at Pantheon w/ dynamic stretches (Butt Kickers, High Knees, Karaoke both sides) and then circle up on the field:

• SSH X25
• IW X25
• Low Slow Squats X25
• Windmills X 25
• Merkins X15
• Mountain Climbers X25
• Burpees X10 OYO

Mosey to the parking lot, mention “Don’t Die” one more time and then begin the Yeti route

Run: Pantheon to Ballroom (3.0 Miles)

Ballroom Painstation (Package)
1 Minute Each w/ 15 second Recovery
• Plank Jacks
• Shoulder Taps
• Merkins
• Parker Peter
• Wide Merkins
• Peter Parker
• SpiderMan Merkins
• Mountain Climbers
• Right Arm High
• Left Arm High
• Merkins
• 25 Burpees OYO (Crowd Pleaser)

Run: Ballroom to Coop (3.0 Miles)

Coop Painstation (Spitz)
100 Merkins
200 LBCs

Run or Bike: Coop to Run N Gun (6.5 Miles)

Run N Gun Painstation (Cable Guy)
10 Merkins
20 LBCs
30 SSH
Repeat 10 Times (Another Crowd Pleaser)

Run or Bike: Run N Gun to Pantheon (5.0 Miles)

Wait (or collapse into a pile) for the 6 and then mosey to Fort Mill BBQ for some Grub!

Total Mileage: Yeti – 17.5 Miles Run / Iceman – 6 Miles Run & 11.5 Miles Biked

The Yeti is just another great example of PAX coming together and supporting each other. This event would not have happened without a lot of energy from several people. I am humbled how it all came together. But let’s get to some facts and “special” moments as reported by the Pax.

• Fact: Several PAX reported that this was the furthest they’ve ever run at one time. Tclaps!
• Fact: Several PAX also reported that this was their first CSAUP
• Fact: This CSAUP counts as 1 workout towards your 250
• Fact: PAX ran over 650 miles and biked over 200 miles
• Fact: The Yeti Route does resemble our great state of South Carolina and was unintentional…but cool nonetheless
• #HIM Longshanks ran the entire Yeti supporting #HIM Dark Helmet (quoting Longshanks, “At one point Dark Helmet told me he was “excited” as he had been staring at my ass for the previous 12 miles”). According to DH, “No one told me I couldn’t do it (The Yeti), so I did it!” Awesome job brother!
• Geronimo’s Family met him at every AO. He thought it was so nice that some family came out in the gloom to support, then he realized it was his.
• Apparently Cake Boss picked up a cigarette rolling in to the Coop and told the PAX he picked a bad week to stop smoking
• Cobra Kai and Professor Handing out water on 160 while competing in the Yeti Relay
• One Word: Tatanka! This guy came all the way from Florida to spill Merlot (twice) with his closest friends. Several reports came in from separate sources that his form was suffering at the painstations. Alas, brothers CSPAN and Chaser were there to comfort!
• Run N Gun, Sir Topham Hat, Spandex!
• CSPAN stopping by his daughter’s bridal shower…awkward
• FNG Sloppy Joe
• Riddler not understanding Cable Guy’s Instructions and doing far too many Merkins, LBCs and SSH
• 2nd F at Fort Mill BBQ had over 75 PAX, Ms and 2.0s. Thanks to Sloppy Joe for opening early and supporting The Fort. Let’s do what we can to support him in the future.
• Maximus (with Walker) ran 2.5 more miles just to see if he could
• Tclaps to Gridlock on his mileage
• Tclaps to those who could not commit to the whole event but did what they could
• Tclaps to all the support PAX for water, gatorade, bananas, gels, gummies, and the list goes on

I apologize if I left anyone out or missed a “special moment.” All errors fall on my shoulders!

Here is a link to pictures from the event -> Yeti Pictures

So glad everyone enjoyed the beatdown and I’m glad that no one died. Don’t forget the Hog & Coyote later this year! Here are the times as reported:

F3 Name Type Time Notes
Sir Topham Hat Iceman 2:10:00
Defib Iceman 2:35:00
Dolph Iceman 2:35:00
Brownstreak Iceman 2:37:00
Whoopee Iceman 2:40:00
High Life Iceman 2:42:49
Atlas Iceman 2:45:00
One-Niner Iceman 2:45:00
World Wide Leader Iceman 2:47:00
Bounty hunter Iceman 2:47:00
Italian Job Iceman 2:47:00
Chaser Iceman 2:53:00
Ringer Iceman 2:53:00
ColdCuts Iceman 2:53:00
Royale Iceman 2:57:00
Cornhole Iceman 3:02:00
CSPAN Iceman 3:02:00
Tatanka Iceman 3:02:00
Atticus Iceman
Decibel Modified Run 6.50 Miles
White Lightning Modified Run 1:17:26 8.15 Miles
Free Bird Modified Run 1:21:30 8.15 Miles
Pusher Modified Run  8.15 Miles
Cake Boss Modified Run 1:28:17 8.15 Miles
Spiderman Modified Run 2:14:44 14.46 Miles
GridLock Modified Run 2:47:00 13.92 Miles
Photobomb Modified Run
Boeheim Yeti 3:23:00
Cerrano Yeti 3:24:00
Geronimo Yeti 3:24:00
Sasquatch Yeti 3:24:00
Tater Yeti 3:24:00
Gekko Yeti 3:25:00
Maximus Yeti 3:25:00
Corruption Yeti 3:27:00
Gears Yeti 3:36:00
Rooney Yeti 3:40:00
Senator Tressel Yeti 3:40:00
Zima Yeti 3:40:00
Fish Sticks Yeti 3:42:00
Minuteman Yeti 3:45:00
Ginsu Yeti 3:45:00
Copay Yeti 3:45:00
Axl Yeti 3:45:50
WhatDid Yeti 3:47:00
The Riddler Yeti 3:49:00
Javert Yeti 3:53:09
Seacrest Yeti 3:55:00
Dark Helmet Yeti 4:04:00
Longshanks Yeti 4:04:00
Belding Yeti
Catfish/Guage Yeti (Relay) 3:00:00
Burgundy/Walker Yeti (Relay) 3:04:00
Cobra Kai/Professor Yeti (Relay) 3:07:00
Smuggler/Bing Yeti (Relay) 3:27:00


Hanging with Dora in the Corner

The gloom lived up to its name – the rain came down as the pax arrived.  Considered an Omaha of 45 mins of Mary in the car but saw E4 jump out and start stretching so I guess without further adieu it was time to start.




Low and Slow Squats 20 IC

Moroccan Night Club 20 IC

Merkins 10 IC


The Thang:

Suicides using trees as markers with 5 Merkins at each tree

Mosey to Corner of High School to get reprieve from the rain where we partnered up to do a modified Dora consisting of one pax doing people’s chair while second pax ran 50 yards and performed 20 Merkins followed by 20 LBC and then 20 SSH.  Rinse and repeat x3.

Next YHC found a torture app on phone – namely a 1 minute timer.  The pax performed as many as possible in 1 minute – SSH, Squats, Merkins, Mt Climbers, Moroccan Night Club, CDD, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, JoBus and flutter kicks

Time – Namorama, COT, prayer requests for Outhouse and Outhouse’s mom


As always – it was an honor and a privilege to serve

#BB Folsom

It was a little wet out in the gloom this morning.  That didn’t stop 7 of the #Gashouse pax and 1 FNG from posting at the newest AO now known as Folsom.  Welcome to the Pax, Josh Crisp @Hydrant_F3.  Freight started this am with a brief introduction about F3, hit it on the head brother.  Mosey to the Flag for the pledge.  YHC delivered the disclaimer and the warmup began.


SSH 15 IC, Mericans 10 IC, Toy Soldiers 10 IC; Freight took second half with Low Slow Squat 11 IC, Carolina Dry Docks 10 IC, Don Quixote 10 IC


Pax informed to Mosey to Tennis court side of parking lot for 7’s really 8’s.  Perfrom 7 mericans sprint 40 yrds to Sparky’s truck for 1 squat sprint back; 6 mericans sprint to Sparky’s truck for 2 squats and so on until 1 merican at tennis courts and 7 squats at Sparky’s truck.  TClaps to Richard Simmons for the EC and leading the charge with JK2.  Pax then circle up for breather and did a 1/4 mile mosey to far picnic shelter where someone had lost a tire and sledge hammer about 25 yds from the shelter.  Pax collected in the shelter not to get out of the rain or have a dry spot to perform Mary, but it was nice!  Pax performed Mary while one Pax sprinted to tire and whaled on the tire 5 hits each side and back to pax performing Mary and another pax would take a turn.  Mary consisted of LBC’s 10 IC, Flutter Kicks 15 IC, Homer to Marge 10 (thanks Richard Simmons for the clarification), Trunk Side Stretches 10 IC, Side Plank 10 up down each side.  Once all pax had a turn to release a little anger on the tire, Freight took over.  While in the shelter, why not use the picnic tables?  Dips 15 IC, definitely a burner.  Next were Bobby Hurleys 10 OYO; Dericans 15 IC; Single leg lunge with other leg on bench 5 IC each side; CDD’s 10 IC; Step ups Right leg 15 IC/ Left leg 15 IC; 10 Burpees OYO!!!!


We kept the COT in the shelter. Namorama. Welcome FNG Hydrant, nice work sir.  Announcements; Gaston County Run coming up in April check it out on Twitter.  Jobu has started the ball rolling on this.  Burpee Challenge coming in May.  BRR need more HC’s.  Sparky invited any of the Pax to join in on the Snowbird Trip, 3-10 through 3-12.


A year and half ago I had no idea that F3 would impact my life the way it has.  Today we started an additional AO, Folsom in Dallas.  We couldn’t do this without the Pax and the constant EH’ing.  Let’s grow fellas.  I am honored to lead and be a part of this group of men.  During the COT it was said that we would only meet Tuesdays for now, since leaving Folsom the pax have asked to hit it again on Thursday.  Freight stepped up and offered to bring the pain.  See you men in gloom on Thursday.  Strong work men!  DFQ! AYE!

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