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  • When: 02/27/16
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  • QIC: Freight
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  • PAX: Free Range(FNG), Squirt(FNG), Dolph, Bandit, Brownstreak, Shingle, Lou, Noodle, Stroganoff, Da Vinci, Sqeeker, Mayor, Top Hat, Shingle, T Square, Madoff, Monk, Amelia, Jobu, Spiderman!

With several Q’s this week I was struggling to come up with my workout for today. I spent some time Friday night going through the exercise list and decided we should experiment with a few that I had never tried. That sounds like a great idea! Right? 21 posted on this the last Saturday of February (looking forward to warmer weather) 2 of which were FNG’s( good job with the EH guys). There seemed to be an excitement in the air this morning with a lot of 2ndF before the workout and a lot of mumble chatter as we got started.

Warm up:

Seal Jacks x 20 IC, Swimmers x 10 IC, Goofball x 10 IC, Floyd Mayweather x 10 IC, Imperial Squat Walker x 5 IC.

Mosey to the flag for Pledge then mosey to the library.

The Thang:

Route 66- This was made a little tougher by Brownstreak’s insistence that we do this with Burpee’s! At each line in the parking lot we did a burpee and a squat and increased that number by one each time we stepped to a new line. 1-11= 66 burpee’s and 66 squats. Still a lot of mumble chatter!

Mosey to the baseball field

#200-tricep dips till you can’t then run around and down the stairs. Freddy Mercury till you can’t then run up the hill. Rinse and repeat until you reach 200 of the exercise.

Circled up for some Calf raises, Toy Soldiers, Moroccans. Still some good mumble chatter!

#200-This time with Derkins and Flutterkicks. It suddenly got very quite! I think this was due to everyone concentrating on good form.

#200-One more round with Incline Merkins and LBC’s.

One more experiment left. We met up at the bottom of the hill and tried out the Joe Hendricks( Hats off to the guys that thought of this). Bear Crawl backwards up the hill.

Mosey back for the COT


Announcements: BRR and Whoopie’s March challenge. We still need 6 more HC’s. I think I heard one from Jobu? Backwoods Brawl coming up. Community Fun Run, Gashouse Region meeting, F3 Mudrun- we have one team formed let’s get some more and represent, Burpeethon for special olympics.

Shoutout to Shingle for the hard work he has been putting in since joining us and presented him with a F3 sticker. Good work by all this morning! I see a lot of guys pushing themselves to get better. The best part about this thang that we have is that we are always there. If you show someone will be there to support you and help you get better. Keep posting and I promise you will get better. We don’t give any other option. The impact that F3 has had on my life is profound. It’s amazing what going to do a workout has done for me. I see it in all parts of my life. I truly owe this to the men that now surround me several times a week. Thank you all for being the great men that you are!