It was a little wet out in the gloom this morning.  That didn’t stop 7 of the #Gashouse pax and 1 FNG from posting at the newest AO now known as Folsom.  Welcome to the Pax, Josh Crisp @Hydrant_F3.  Freight started this am with a brief introduction about F3, hit it on the head brother.  Mosey to the Flag for the pledge.  YHC delivered the disclaimer and the warmup began.


SSH 15 IC, Mericans 10 IC, Toy Soldiers 10 IC; Freight took second half with Low Slow Squat 11 IC, Carolina Dry Docks 10 IC, Don Quixote 10 IC


Pax informed to Mosey to Tennis court side of parking lot for 7’s really 8’s.  Perfrom 7 mericans sprint 40 yrds to Sparky’s truck for 1 squat sprint back; 6 mericans sprint to Sparky’s truck for 2 squats and so on until 1 merican at tennis courts and 7 squats at Sparky’s truck.  TClaps to Richard Simmons for the EC and leading the charge with JK2.  Pax then circle up for breather and did a 1/4 mile mosey to far picnic shelter where someone had lost a tire and sledge hammer about 25 yds from the shelter.  Pax collected in the shelter not to get out of the rain or have a dry spot to perform Mary, but it was nice!  Pax performed Mary while one Pax sprinted to tire and whaled on the tire 5 hits each side and back to pax performing Mary and another pax would take a turn.  Mary consisted of LBC’s 10 IC, Flutter Kicks 15 IC, Homer to Marge 10 (thanks Richard Simmons for the clarification), Trunk Side Stretches 10 IC, Side Plank 10 up down each side.  Once all pax had a turn to release a little anger on the tire, Freight took over.  While in the shelter, why not use the picnic tables?  Dips 15 IC, definitely a burner.  Next were Bobby Hurleys 10 OYO; Dericans 15 IC; Single leg lunge with other leg on bench 5 IC each side; CDD’s 10 IC; Step ups Right leg 15 IC/ Left leg 15 IC; 10 Burpees OYO!!!!


We kept the COT in the shelter. Namorama. Welcome FNG Hydrant, nice work sir.  Announcements; Gaston County Run coming up in April check it out on Twitter.  Jobu has started the ball rolling on this.  Burpee Challenge coming in May.  BRR need more HC’s.  Sparky invited any of the Pax to join in on the Snowbird Trip, 3-10 through 3-12.


A year and half ago I had no idea that F3 would impact my life the way it has.  Today we started an additional AO, Folsom in Dallas.  We couldn’t do this without the Pax and the constant EH’ing.  Let’s grow fellas.  I am honored to lead and be a part of this group of men.  During the COT it was said that we would only meet Tuesdays for now, since leaving Folsom the pax have asked to hit it again on Thursday.  Freight stepped up and offered to bring the pain.  See you men in gloom on Thursday.  Strong work men!  DFQ! AYE!