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  • When: 02/29/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Roscoe, Defib, Anthrax, Fresh Prince, Jobu, Lisl (4 legs), Whoopee, Linus

It was only the second posting to Derecho, but we still had a great turnout with 18 legs for some of the fast moving Pax of GasHouse. I was glad to see Anthrax back, however I felt the need to propose a restraining order before we even started to keep Roscoe at least 15 feet from him. Just like at home, nobody really listened to me and this restraining order was broken quickly with, as one of my childhood favorites described in Smokey and the Bandit, “A complete lack of respect of the law.” I quickly announced the disclaimer and we got started. My second disclaimer is that I did this without a Weinke and really don’t remember a lot about what we did.

WU10-15 reps of SSH, Merkin, Freddy Mercury, Carolina Dry Dock, Don Quixote, LBC. During the WU our favorite German Shepherd Lisl lunged at me several times snarling and gnashing her teeth. It was only by sheer luck, 11 months of training with F3 workouts, and cat-like reflexes that I was able to avoid certain death. Next time I will bring a few dog treats or tie a t bone steak to Roscoe’s arse.

The goal was to focus on running with some time leaches spread throughout so that I appeared to have planned some form of exercise. The truth is I was making it up as we went along but I guess that is ok since I was the Q. Anytime we passed/crossed at speed bump, we did two 8 count body builders. We moseyed to the softball/baseball fields and did some dips and squats (1 min each X 3 sets of each). We then moseyed thru the parking lot until we got to the lower eye of the storm (roundabout) and talked about dolphins and daffodils for a minute or so. We then settled in for some core stuff-I think we did 2 sets of 50 reps of individual Mary’s choice then we were off to the upper EYE of the storm. At the upper EYE we did 100 Merkins. The challenge was to do them without stopping and I believe Defib took that challenge without too much trouble despite some type of upper respiratory thing he was clearly ignoring. We then made our way back to the lower eye for more core work (I think). There was more running that followed with speed bumps galore. I liked one speed bump so much that I think we crossed it 6 times (plenty ‘o body builders) then made our way back to home base. I know we did a bunch of Moroccan Night Clubs (70?) but cannot remember where. At home base we did some more stuff including Jobu’s/Monkey Humpers. See disclaimer #2 above.

I have to say I enjoy this AO more than I thought. Running in the gloom is very peaceful, except when there are German Shepherds diving at you trying to chew you like the neighbor’s cat Fluffy. Next week, T bone steaks for dinner on Sunday night at my house for anyone interested….