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  • When: 02/26/16
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  • QIC: Whoopee
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  • PAX: Stroganoff, Dolph, Brownstreak, Whoopee

It was short on numbers but high in quality this morning at Rotary. While waiting for the Pax to arrive, we talked about the Rules of F3: there are only 5, the rest you find your way and try to survive and accelerate at the same time. Those rules are the following: free workout, open to all men, outdoor (rain or shine, hot or cold), led by unprofessional participants in rotating fashion, and end with COT. Bottom line, we decided just before the WU if we don’t have someone questioning what we are doing, we probably are not pushing it hard enough. After these deep thoughts, we got to work because we knew we were good enough, we were smart enough, and doggonit people like us (you young guys born in the 1980’s or later prob don’t know who Jack Handy is, look him up-#SNL).

WU:IC 10-15 each IC: SSH, Press/Press/Fling (missed you Roscoe, these were for you-hope you were enjoying yourself on vacation), Merkins, Freddy Mercury, Gorilla Humpers, Scorpion Dry Docks, and Old Man (slow) Don Quixote.


Mosey to parking lot for 2 laps then (get them out of the way) 10 burpees OYO. Next we partnered up (sorry Stroganoff, not a whole lot of choices-you drew the short straw) and fast mosey/trotted in opposite directions around the parking lot with two 8 count body builders each time you passed your partner for a total of 5 laps. These got tough on the last couple laps for me and reminded me how running is not the hardest part of these workouts. Next we moseyed sssslllllooooowwwwwwlllyyyy to the gubment building with flags and did some Hip Slappers X 3 sets of 10 each IC under big brother’s watchful eye. During the rest period we recalled Hot for Teacher’s “hip slapping joke” last time. All I remember about this time is the punchline to Brownstreak’s joke: I can clearly see your nuts. I don’t remember the joke, just the punchline. Will have to ask him about that later. I think I remember Dolph saying he really liked the hip slappers-look out guys, think that will be a problem for us next time Dolph is Q-may want to plan a vacation next time he is on the calendar.

Next we went to the benches and did some squats and dips-1 min each X 3 sets each by a timer. I figured the lack of needing to count reps would encourage some Mumble Chatter and I was not disappointed (a little nauseated, but not disappointed). I heard about a certain Pax inability to ride a bike because his nuts were too big and the seat with a hole in it would only function as a “horse collar.” Easy Mayor, settle down. Gee, haw, whoa…… Also I learned what smartsacking meant (thanks Bandit, understand about those late nights). There were other comments that I just can’t recall, however there was constant chatter which was what I was hoping for.

We were closing in on finishing time so we started our trek back to home base by doing BLIMPS (5 Burpees, 10 Lunges each leg, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Merkins, 25 Plank Jacks, and 30 Squats) X 2 sets until we reached our starting point. Fortunately we had about 60 seconds to go so we did 5 ( or was it 10?) burpees OYO.

We did a quick COT with prayers for Outhouse and his mother, Dolph’s dad, and a reminder about Dredd and OBT coming to Rotary Meeting this coming Thursday (let Stroganoff or Dr. Dancegood, I mean Feelgood, know if you are coming).

Great morning guys. Although I would like to see 25 guys at every workout, I really enjoy the smaller groups. I spend more time with the second F during the workout. I think I need to make a better effort to do that in the bigger groups. Keep up the great work. I’ll be smartsacking this weekend-gotta work. Don’t forget the March BRR challenge and the advisory meeting next weekend open to all pax that are interested (7pm at Gaston Sheet Metal HQ on Sunday, March 6).