2016 Blue Ridge Relay Information Session
If you are interested in running in the 2016 Blue Ridge Relay (BRR), we need to get a list of seriously interested PAX. I’d like to get a team of 9-12 solid commitments before we register for the race. This preblast should answer any questions or give you info on where to get answers. Mayor has secured a van (possibly 2) so that should reduce the cost significantly. Basically, the cost is registration plus gas, food, and various supplies (see below) and should be around $200 per person if you are careful.

Your solid commitment consists of emailing Whoopee and promising to bring $100 to a workout sometime in the next 4 weeks.

WHOOPEE CAN HELP WITH THE COST IF THAT IS AN ISSUE. I would really like to have Gastonia represented so it is worth it to me to put in a little extra $$.

Blue Ridge Relay – Event Info
Who: YOU. Can I do this? Yes. Anyone who posts to regular F3 workouts & can run a 10k can be comfortable on a 12 man team. If you’re not confident that you’re ready now, keep posting and you will be by September.

What: The Blue Ridge Relay (BRR) is a 209-mile relay race along the Blue Ridge mountains that offers a near-perfect combination of 1st F, 2nd F, & CSAUP. The race is split into 36 predetermined legs of varying distances (2 to 10 miles) and difficulty levels (Easy to Mountain Goat Hard). For a 12-person team, the average total distance is 16.6 miles spread over 3 legs (it’s like running three 10k’s in a day). Average is just average though – some legs are longer and some are shorter. Teams travel along the race course in vans, picking up and dropping off runners at the beginning and end of each leg.

When: September 9 – 10, 2016
Race starts on a Friday morning (starting times are staggered and vary from 7am-11am) and ends on Saturday afternoon.

Where: Begins in Grayson Highlands State Park in southwestern VA and ending in downtown Asheville, NC

How Much?: $1300 per team entry fee (roughly $110 per person)
Additional per person cost for van rental, gas, food, and supplies TBD

Why: CSAUP… enough said!

Additional Info
What if I hard commit now and need to bail later? Team rosters have to be finalized prior to August 1st. So…If it’s prior to August 1st: No problem. Just find a replacement, have him reimburse you your entry fee & let your team captain know ASAP. If it’s after August 1st: Still no problem. Find a replacement, have him reimburse you your $100 entry fee & let your team captain know asap. Note that a $10 roster change fee will apply.

Who’s Q’ing this event? Whoopee is Qing this event for F3 GasHouse.

I’ve heard from many F3 PAX this is THE BEST CSAUP EVENT EVER!!!!!

Links to Even More Info
2015 F3 Nation CSAUP Website: http://f3nation.com/2015/02/04/2015-blue-ridge-relay/
BRR Event Website: http://www.blueridgerelay.com/