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  • When: 02/25/16
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  • QIC: Brownstreak
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  • PAX: Anthrax, TopHat, Squeaker, T Square, Thimble, Mayor, Brownstreak

On this last episode of Goat Island I wanted to somehow tie it all together. Not sure on how it was going to go or how I was going to do this,then it hit me……So as I rolled in to the island and notice no one there yet I sit back and relaxed and started to drift off……Zzzzzz!

BOOM! And sound of a train rollin behind me I see those dang goats in their u-haul. Jacked up on something, these two were in rare form this morning. As they opened the back up smoke rolled out like a scene from Fast Time at Ridgemont High or Up in Smoke. As the smoke cleared, here’s what was delivered to the 7 pax at Goatisland.

Warm up:
SSH 20ic
Wind Mills 20ic
Mericans 10ic
LBC 15ic

The Thang:

One Round of The Vern:
10 pull ups
Mosey 200yds
20 dips
Mosey 200yds
25 mericans
Mosey 200yds
Mosey 200yds

Meet in Kazeebo
99 LBC
9 burpees
99 high knees
9 mericans
99sec squat holds
88 LBC
8 burpees
88 high knees
8 mericans
88sec plank

Mosey to bottom of hill at parking lot.

5-10-15 ladder
Mt. Climbers/Squats

I need to take a moment get props to T square for his tuck and roll skills. My boy trips on a parking bump stop and tucks it rolls out of it and still beats us to the top of hill to start exercise. Well done sir. Well done!! #wehaveourownblackopps




Thanks again guys for allowing to be apart and lead. It’s a great thing to be out there with you all. Guys are getting stronger and faster. ISI men. We all are here for one another. To help and guide each other. We are not and will not be in competition with each other. We are a family and family sticks together. HIM!


BRR Challenge put out by Whoopee
BRR- still need HC guys to do this.
Burpee-thon in May
Backyard Brawl in April
Check email blast sent out weekly for more info. If you are not on mailing list get on it!

Mercy-The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. Psalms 103:8

Outhouse – Mom
Dolph- Dad
Mayor- for power to be restored and the conservation of priceless commodities. #cambodiamilk.

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