I was really wishing I had fartsacked since Yeti was only 1 day away, until I arrived at the Rotary Pavilion and had the chance to spend some time with Hot for Teacher as he popped his cherry. He was already on site when I arrived and eager to get started. Soon afterwards the rest of the Pax came rolling in just like they always do. We started the warm up and Linus arrived fashionably late so we continued our SSH until he joined the circle. I had a new exercise I wanted to try out, so Linus became my target….

WU: SSH, Don Quixote (old man style (slow), that’s how I roll), Toy Soldier (for Dolph), Merkins, LBC, and then (drum roll)……Sumo Squat-reportedly shapes and tones the 6 better than anything else (with 1 leg do standing roundhouse kick, side kick, then squat X 2, then repeat with other leg). Linus seemed particularly comfortable doing these and I could not help noticing he may have done these before….coincidence…..I think not. Maybe he has been working on these. After about 3 or 4 of these per leg, I messed up the counting and I felt like we were wasting time so we broke out of that, did the pledge and got to work.

The Thang: Whoopee

Bearmuda Triangle-ish…more of a straight line. Was never good at algebra, or is that geometry? Who cares? Start at one end of parking lot and make way to other side by bridge. Either bear crawl or lunge for awhile then do a burpee. Continue bear crawl/lunge for awhile then 2 burpees, repeat with escalator/elevator burpees until you get to the bridge. Think I got to 5 burpees. After some group discussion we moved off the street for safety reasons and played some Blackjack. Sum of exercises is 21 (similar to 11’s) with Merkins and LBCs (20 merkins, walk/mosey across lot then 1 LBC. Back to start for 19 merkins then cross again for 2 LBCs. Repeato until complete or until we ran out of time). Been awhile since I was Q and I overplanned. Was planning for some other stuff but needed to get back to home base for Hot for Teacher’s portion of Q. We mosey back to start for Hot for Teacher who then took over.

Part Deux: Hot for Teacher

Plank Compass (got a nice view of Linus’ 6, he’s definitely been doing those sumo squats at home, you sumo squattin’ sculpted 6 SOB) for about 37 minutes. HFT loves to plank. Think we did some Peter Parkers next then not sure if we planked some more. Memory is a bit fuzzy. I know we eventually duck walked around the pavilion. Think HFT is part bird-his was more of a duck sprint. Worked in my favor as I was able to stand tall and walk like an old man for part of this while he could not see me. We got back to start and think we moved to Mary with a variety of things including LBC, Dying Cockroach, Freddy Mercury, humping the sky (AKA reverse plank), lie on your back in the Marge position and intermittently raise heels to sky (long name, maybe we should call it “heels to sky”), and (thankfully) 7 burpees OYO compliments of Spiderman.

Finished with a COT and ran for the cars so wouldn’t be late for work. Glad I posted. Feel better when I do and got to get in shape for the Yeti. I think it’s coming up soon. Anyone know when that thing is supposed to happen???

BRR March Madness Challenge: We have about 5 guys now and need at least 9 (preferably 12). I will put $50 towards any GasHouse pax registration fee if you post more times than I do in March. Got a couple new AOs opening up so lots of opportunities to get better. I promise you will earn every penny if you accept the challenge….. We need to register soon but can’t do without some more HCs.

Enjoyed it guys, thanks for coming out and thanks for sharing the Q with me HFT. Was a pleasure.

Whoopee and Hot for Teacher