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Broken Promises: Wood Good-Liar’s Bad

The pre-blast picture promised no running, no burpees, no merkins, and no squats, but YHC was called out on that throughout the day but what a great day to get better.

Fifteen men braved 30 degree temperatures on a glorious morning at the Gashouse.  Several showed up early for some EC Yeti training with a bike ride.  I wasn’t there but at coffeerama I heard tales that Dolph had a mountain bike with tractor pull tires on it and that he wasn’t keeping it all on the street and was waking everyone up along the route due to the tire noise.
Though we had no FNG’s today, I thought back on Q School and C-Span stressing the importance of the disclaimer. I made an announcement that there would be no backwards running.  Anthrax is still on the PUP list and he remains in our thoughts for a complete recovery.  On to the warm up…

Warm up:  SSH IC x 31

Prayer Squats x 15

Don Quixote’s

Merkins x 10

LBC’s x 15

Press Press Fling (Whoopie was trolling for these)

Mosey to flag for Pledge

Another mosey to the front of Grier Middle School where the fast guys started a synchronized starfish plank series that looked a little choreographed.  Did you guys rehearse?

The next exercise was the Colonel Trautman between two speed bumps, approximately 55 yards between each set of Merkins.  We started with 20 Merkins, run to the other speed bump, 19, 18, etc.  When we started to finish we did a little ab-orama with Dolph leading Russian Twists and Whoopie leading flutter kicks.  A quick set of Seal Jacks to warm up the hands and off to Parkwood for the next exercise.

The Pax were instructed to burpee at every parking space line.  20 plus burpees were completed and everyone more or less stayed together except Dolph who was instructed to do Russian Twists by himself while we all slowed down our pace.  A couple of count off’s and then onward to Sherwood to the Playground.

P1’s did plank shoulder touches IC while P2’s did pullup holds on the bars.  Repeado x2 and then a lap around the track.  Whoopie and JK2 made the mistake of going for a PR lap without knowing what was next.

We ended the lap at the bottom of the hill.  Each exercise in cadence was followed by a charge up the hill.  The exercises were:


Jump Lunges




Jump Lunges

WW1 Situps

YHC has been on the DL for a week with massive crud and started to rethink this series, but misery loves company so thanks to the PAX for getting me through it.

After this series we ran out the back entrance and ran through the neighborhood to the Library for some ring around the Al Gore tree.  We planked on the curb at the planter and in cadence marched around the trees to the right.

Next we ran to the Schiele and hit the nature trail and back to the parking lot just before the church bells told us it was time to stop.

We circled up for the announcements.  Bandit spoke of the Gashouse Planning meeting tomorrow at GSM Services at 6:30 to discuss our future expansion to a region.  YHC said that was on Sunday and was reminded twice that tomorrow is Sunday.  Whoopie then had to remind me to do Name-o-rama and as I ran to my car to get my phone I heard people talking about me having stroke like symptoms.  That was nothing compared to the mid-brain Freight was in when I put the phone up to his face and announced Name-O-Rama.  Nothing happened.  If it was live radio we would have been fired.  Dead air.  He was in a permanent gaze westward until I had to nudge him by saying, “you start”.

Is that a sign of a good Q?  Should Freight and I be in the F3 concussion protocol this week?

Name-o-rama and then we checked out with a closing prayer.  I think we had at least 9 for Coffeerama at Panera.

A pleasure to lead.  Get those EH’s strapped on tight.  The Gashouse will grow in 2016 and I look forward to being a part of it!

Gastonia Regionalization


CSPAN, Mini Me and YHC met on Thursday, January 14 in preparation for the following Saturday’s Q School. We really talked more about the great work being done in Gastonia and what’s next for us as we move from being a Nomad to a full-fledged Region. We have built strong momentum and are in a great position to move forward quickly. CSPAN also shared the same message with us this past Saturday morning.


Mini Me shared a regionalization plan which gives us a road map to follow (you need access to Google Drive – contact Bandit with questions).  A meeting will be held for anyone interested in helping move Gastonia forward toward this goal. This meeting will have two main objectives…

  • Review and discuss regionalization plan to get feedback from larger group and develop plan of action.
  • Establish smaller Advisory Board that will meet regularly to ensure the region is growing and operating according to F3 mission statement.


When: Sunday, January 31 at 6:30 pm.  Expect to wrap up in under 2 hours.

Where: Offices of Gastonia Sheet Metal


Cliff Hanger…

It was a very comfortable 33 degrees this morning at the downtown Rotary Pavilion where 8 PAX gathered for another beat down on the run.  Great to see some of the regulars back for more.  Oh… I’ll get to the whole “cliffhanger…” thing in a minute.

Warm Up

  • Don Quioxte – IC x10
  • Seal Jacks IC x20
  • Mountain Climbers IC x20
  • LBC IC x20
  • Merkins IC x10
  • (hmmmm, there was something else we were going to do, but I forgot)


Mosey – On the way to the parking deck I remembered the last warmup exercise, so we stopped at the corner of the parking lot to finish warm up…

  • BOYO x5

Burpee Escalator – Staring at lower level run to top of parking deck, do 1 burpee, then run back down.  Rinse and repeat x10, increasing the number of burpees +1 each round.  On round 10 you will run up, do 10 burpees, run down and plank and wait for the six.

Four Floor Escalator – Starting at bottom level, complete 10 reps of the first exercise then run up one level (run the parking deck, not the stairs), complete 20 reps of next exercise and up to next level, complete 30 reps and up, 40 reps then down he stairs to the starting position.  Throughout we kept the PAX together.

  • Jump Ups x10 OYO
  • Merkins x20 OYO
  • LBCs x30 OYO
  • Squats x40 OYO

Rinse and Repeat x2

Mosey – Run to Pavilion

Mary – We had enough time to get a round of people’s choice MOM exercises.

  • Freddie Mercury x10 IC – Richard Simmons
  • Heals to Heaven x12 IC – Dr. Feelgood
  • Peter Parkers x10 IC – Spider Man
  • ?Mountain Climbers x10 IC – Linus
  • ? x10 IC – Monk
  • Some Kind of Space Invader Squat Thingy x10 IC – Boss Hogg
  • ?LBC x10 IC – Defib

And to finish with a bang (or not), Bandit lead us in…..






If you weren’t there you will have to get to the sequel to find out.  What a cliffhanger.

COT – Announcements/Prayer Requests

  • Regionalization planning on Sunday.  Contact Bandit
  • Backyard Brawl Shirts on Sale. Must order by Feb 10.
  • Can still sign up for the Yeti. Some PAX are riding bikes before workout on Saturday.
  • Can still buy tickets for Dancing For The Stars to see Dr. Feelgood.
  • Richard Simmons looking for volunteers for Night To Shine fundraiser.
  • Family of Marty D’Amore who passed away 1 year ago.
  • Outhouse’s Mom with concerns from recent tests.


Today we talked about leadership – The act of influencing other men to and through movement. Remember that leadership is neither good nor bad.  The outcome of leadership depends, in part, on the purpose of the leader.  The purpose of F3 is the reinvigoration of male community leadership.  What is your purpose?

We also talked about pushing each other. I’m grateful for all my brothers in the gloom that push me – whether it’s encouraging words during the WO, mumble chatter on the Twitter machine, or just posting.  My Jester only allows me to push myself so far. T-claps to the PAX for pushing me today.

Oh year… and what does Burt Reynolds head on steamed crab have to do with today’s workout?  Absolutely nothing!  But now I know what kind of cake I want for my birthday.  Thanks BA – strong work on all the Twitter machine preblast pics!

As always, pleasure to lead this great group of men.  Aye!



Donkey Kicks couldn’t bring down Martha’s House

10 Pax showed up for a much warmer gloom than last week. With the rain about to stop we said the Pledge and off we went.


Mosey to the park to far end of the parking lot

Circle up for a quick warm up

SSH x 20 IC

Moroccan Night Club x20 IC

Imperial Walker x @0 IC


Round 1 Short Mosey to shelter and grab a bench

Derkins x10IC

Dips x15 IC

Step up each Leg X20

Mosey to wall Donkey Kicks X15 IC

Round 2

Derkins X 15 IC

Dips X 20 IC

Step up each leg X30

Donkey Kicks X20 IC

Mosey down path and over to driest part of walking trail to the Pain Triangle

Bear Crawl up hill

Lunge Walk to Left

High Knees Back

Flutter Kicks IC till PAX is finished

Rinse and repeat Merkins till PAX is Finished

Mosey Back To Shelter to finish round 3
Derkins X 20

Dips X30

Step up X30 each Leg

Donkey Kicks x 20 or 30 can’t recall  IC

Mosey up through park to baseball field and partner up.

Partner 1 runs in and around while partner 2 does Burpees till Total of 40 is reached

Mosey back to start for a quick round of wall march, air press, and merkins IC to finish up



Sunday Regional planning meeting 6:30 site TBD, but Bandit will update through email.


Backyard Brawl Shirt Order




Outhouse Mom


As always a great way to start the day. Over slept yesterday and its just not the same with out starting your day with out F3!



BackBlast- #TheStorm: ‘Bout That Life

10 PAX arrived for BA’s Q at #TheStorm.  There was a little confusion as some of the PAX had gathered outside, but then moseyed over to the weight room as they saw and heard my truck roll by while honking the horn.  We all know if it’s under 40 and I am the Q at #TheStorm we will spend some time in the weight room.

Coming off a week on the DL I had plenty of time to think of something different I could do as a Q that we haven’t done before at any F3 Gastonia workout (I would be surprised if it has been done at any F3 workout).  My goal was to work the neck muscles and trapezius muscles…. yeah yeah probably a reason we have never seen this, but I sort of march to my own drummer…..

Circle Up In Weight Room With Your Own Area And A Pair Of Dumbbells Nearby (Brown Streak stood guard in his tights outside awaiting late arriving PAX…or in silent protest of being inside)

Quick shoutout to Brown Streak and Monk for coordinating their tights today (side by side) and Godfather for showing up in long johns… stylin and profilin

WU: (In Cadence)

  • SSH x 20
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x 20

-Pledge Of Allegiance-


  • Roxanne (Merkins on Roxanne/Plank Jacks on Red Light) -I believe this is when TopHat rolled in…public transportation must have been running late-
  • Shrugs With Dumbbells x 20
  • Boxer Necks (Front:25 Sides:20)
  • Sally (Squats)
  • Shrugs With Dumbbells x 20
  • Boxer Necks (Front:25 Sides:20)
  • Thunder (Burpees)…added 15 SSH during dead time in music
  • Shrugs With Dumbbells x 20
  • Boxer Necks (Front:20 Sides:15)
  • Farmer Carries With Dumbbells
  • Shrugs With Dumbbells x 20
  • Boxer Necks (Front:15 Sides:10) –Thanks Mayor and Dolph for the counting..not sure how many we actually completed-
  • Peoples Chair With Weight  -Shout out to my M for the use of her music…. When I put the music on shuffle to motivate us through Peoples Chair we all learned ‘Bout That Life from some rapper named Meek Mill (I googled it)…. most wish we didn’t-
  • Bodies (Donkey Kicks/Merkins)

-Quick Note… JoBu was very very disappointed we did not do any JoBus aka Monkey Humpers.  This weeks Q’s I ask you to please add these so I stop getting his text and calls complaining we forgot his favorite exercise.  He let me know he went home right after the workout this morning and immediately did 1,000 JoBus to make up for what we forgot.



Announcements: Bicycles at 6am at GasHouse…extra credit (yes JoBu you can borrow my 7 year old sons bike…you are about the same size)

Prayers: Top Hat led us through prayers for the PAX

Coffeeteria: 3 at Floyd and Blackies

Great to lead the group today.  I know the workout was a bit different, but I hope you got something out of it.


Ice Skates Optional

Forecast for 0530 Friday morning was 31 deg with a mixture of wintry precipitation throughout the morning.  So they pretty much nailed it.  Got up a little bit earlier than usual to give extra time to drive in the slush/snow.  Thankful it was not ice.  Wasn’t really sure if anyone else was stupid enough to post in this weather.

  • 0510 – no one else here yet, white stuff coming down pretty good…
  • 0515 – get out and scrape rest of windows on the mom van – still no one.  I was starting to wonder what a solo F3 workout would look like. I guess kinda what I used to do working out with Fern, just outdoors.
  • 0520 – Get a call from Roscoe..”you posting today?”.  Told him “Aye!.  Already here… waiting for the rest of the idiots.”  Roscoe says to expect one more idiot coming in hot!  Told him to meet us at the Parking Deck.
  • 0525 – headlights coming… not Roscoe….must be critical city workers required to work in this crap…. WAIT… sweet, its Spiderman!
  • 0530 – Lets go!

Mosey – Run to Parking Deck (we pass Roscoe on the way)

Warm Up – Roscoe arrives after parking back at Pavilion with the rest of us to make sure when we are done, we leave no man behind. See… he’s always thinking.

  • Don Quioxte – IC x10
  • Seal Jacks IC x20
  • Mountain Climbers IC x20
  • LBC IC x10 (slow count)
  • Tempo Merkins IC x10
  • BOYO x5

Stairway Suicides – The plan was to start at bottom level ascend stairs one level and back down, then two levels and down, then three levels and down, etc…  finish back at bottom and plank.  This is where a good Q would have gone and done this on site rather than on paper.  Turns out their is not much distance between levels and if you go two levels (because one is not really worth the effort), you only have like 2 actual levels.  So in order to achieve the same affect, we just ran up and down the stairs for a while.

Four Floor Escalator – Starting at bottom level, complete 10 reps of the first exercise then run up one level (run the parking deck, not the stairs), complete 20 reps of next exercise and up to next level, complete 30 reps and up, 40 reps then down he stairs to the starting position.  With only 3 PAX today we kept this thing together, so exercises were all together IC.  Roscoe told us about the Queensryche concert this week.  We traded stories about best concerts, heavy metal chick drummer in LA (Roscoe… please post the YouTube link).

  • Jump Ups x10
  • Merkins x20
  • LBCs x30
  • Squats x40

Rinse and Repeat x4

Mosey – Run to Pavillion



  • Backyard Brawl Shirt Preorder open thru 2/10
  • Happy Hour @ Hickory Tavern – January 26
  • Regionalization Meeting – Wed 27th, Sun 31st, or Tue 2nd.  Will confirm this weekend.
  • Yeti
  • Wednesday Basketball FUMC

Prayer Requests

  • Outhouse’s Mom
  • Daughter/Family of Stuart Cramer’s AD
  • F3 guys on the DL…Antrhax, Squeeker, Stroganoff..
  • All those travelling today

We finished up with BOM and group photo.

Homeland Security

It was a moderately cold morning, but 7 of us fought off the fartsack to take a quick tour of the banks (and Walgreen???) for some mileage and ATMs.

WU: 10 reps IC of the following: SSH, Squat, Flutter (X 20), Sully Merkins (thanks for the suggestion from my M, however will likely never do this again-watch Monster’s Inc, Godfather-you can borrow my kids’ DVD if you don’t know what this is), Don Quixote, Gorilla Humpers, SDD


Lot of running from home base with ATM’s at 4 banks plus a Walgreen’s (thanks JK2 for the good eyes spotting the ATM at the drug store), as well as some donkey kicks at (where else????) the BB&T. This was all in the first probably quarter mile explaining my rep reduction from 15/10 down to 5 with a quick Oklahoma. We hit a credit union a little while later and did a few SSH to get the blood back into my fingers. We then settled in for a nice run lasting the majority of the time then closed out the run with more ATMs at BOA.

We finished back at base with a few minutes of Mary with everyone getting a shot at leading, ending with some frozen cockroach (thanks Monk??).

I enjoyed the focus on running this am which was a change of direction for me, instead of the bootcamp type of stuff. Think we need a regular mainly-running workout here in GasHouse-maybe something we can talk about over the next few weeks-lot of options. Would enjoy the slow steady pace with some time to get to know the pax a little better. I enjoy the beat-downs as much as everyone, however getting some occasional mileage would be a nice change of pace-THINK ABOUT IT…… Not sure the extra credit is a long term solution for me-I need my beauty rest.

Thanks for the opportunity to avoid another fartsack and sorry this is late. Had some guy from Homeland Security stop by the house wondering why I was seen on 7 different ATM cameras yesterday…..


The Monday Night Seagull

Some things in an F3 work out are predictable.  Some of the predictability is nice when you know someone will be running or is not a runner.  When BA Qs, you know exposure to the elements is limited, especially when its cold or raining.  However, when a Monday night seagull flies over and drops something on you due to an illness and asks you to swap….you know you’re going to be out in the cold and you onion up and do it.

Everyone pulls up and STAYS in their cars until 5:25 not wanting to risk unnecessary frost bite. We start with the disclaimer, however, it is unsaid that if you are out here, you are clearly an idiot and not to be trusted.

Warm Up
SSH x25 IC (Q moves around circle so PAX gets some one on one), Merkins x10 IC, Don Quixote’s x10 IC


The Thang
Thanks to Jobu for unlocking the gate, we all mosey down to the steps into the dark gloom and frozen tundra of the field and line up on the goal line.  The Pax advance to each 10 yard line to do an exercise of their choice (must do burpees, squats, mountain climbers, merkins)with the number on the yard line.  The rest can be a Pax choice.  i.e 10 burpees at the 10 yard line, 20 merkins at the 20 yard line and so on.
At the other goal line when complete, we circle up for some abs.  French fries x10 IC, LBCs x 10 IC, Flutter kicks x10 IC and windshield wipers x10 IC.
Run a lap – – Rinse and repeat going the other way.  That’s a total of 500 reps of exercises on the goal line and 80 ab exercises.  Some of the cadence counts were difficult due to lack of breath by the Q, but the Pax perseveres.

Due to the cold temperature, I keep having to reach in my pants to find my Weinke, but it is always there folded up in my pocket for reference.

After running another lap, the Pax is informed that thanks to a post from Dr. Feelgood congratulating the Q on his re-election and notes the next exercise is celebratory burpees = to % of vote.  Q had 90% of the votes, so everyone starts doing burpees until one of us gets 90.  Dolph was the first one to get there (Tclaps) after 15 minutes of straight up burpees, however, half way through the Pax grows rowdy and start some serious mumble chatter (or GRUMBLE CHATTER – I may see if I can get this added to the Lexicon) about their current situation and mutiny was suggested.  Several others were in the 80s and 70s.  Tclaps to everyone for sticking with it because no Omaha was being called. With time running out, we mosey back to the flag for the Name-O-Rama.

F3 Gastonia is collecting canned food for CAM (Crisis Assistance Ministry) by 1/30/16.  Roscoe has additional information and wants to get some Pax together to deliver and strike up a relationship.   Please bring the items to your site Qs.


Gentlemen – it was a pleasure to lead and I am grateful you showed up.


Q101 & Q201 @GASHOUSE

Conditions were better than expected with overcast and cold at 40 degrees

Started with a BOM and Disclaimer = I am not a professional

Quick discussion on the momentum built @F3Gastonia and how quickly they are building from “Nomad” to “Region”

Q101 (disclosure- this doc is plagiarized with all credit going to others):


Q – Pax Relationship: The unspoken social contract between the Pax and a Q: “We will follow until you give us a reason not to”. The Pax are very forgiving toward a new Q. Most have been through it and understand the anxiety.


Considerations for the first few Qs:


  1. Launch a quick grenade over twitter, let local Pax know that this is your VQ, most F3 vets enjoy being part of a VQ Pax.
  2. Simplicity/Complexity and Originality
    1. Keep the Weinke simple. The fewer moving parts the better. Many first-time Q Weinke’s are too complicated.
    2. Keep it familiar. New exercises or sets that require more than the briefest of explanations usually lead to confusion.
    3. Don’t be shy about stealing a Weinke, or parts of a Weinke, from another more-experienced Q.


  1. Go with strengths: “Don’t Q it if you can’t do it.”


    1. Next exercise is [brief pause], the merkin.
  • The Pax then repeats the exercise called.
  • Speak loudly so all Pax can hear. You are in charge.
    1. Start(ing) position [brief pause],
  • Not “exercise” position. Start position.
  • The “Move” is to get the Pax to the position required to begin exercise. The “Move” is not a command to begin exercising.
    1. In cadence [brief pause],
  • In cadence simply means the Q counts the movements (1-2-3) and the Pax calls out the repetitions in unison (“One!”).
  • The Q counts should correspond to a distinct movement in the exercise. It is in rhythm. For example, for a merkin: “1” is the movement to the down position, “2” is the movement to the plank position, “3” is the movement back to the down position, the Pax call of “One!” is the move back to plank position.
  • The Q indicates the completion of an exercise by a higher inflection on his last repetition.

See OBT & Dredd’s excellent tutorial on the how and why of cadence counting:

NOTE: When a Q does not lead an exercise in cadence that would normally be done that way, he is giving away his authority to lead the Pax. He is implicitly telling the Pax that he not able to count in cadence or is not willing to learn.


  1. Weinke review with Site Q or experienced Q. Not required, but a good idea for a vet to check for potential issues.


  1. Too long, too short: It takes a few times go get a good feel for how long your Weinke will take to execute. Be flexible if running too long and have a couple of stand-by ideas in mind in case you run long. Think through transitions from one set to another. Minimize dead time, standing around.


  1. Tap a vet – if you need time to get unsmoked or burned through Weinke in 30 minutes, there’s no shame in asking a vet to lead Mary or the next section of the workout.



  1. FNG inquiry and Disclaimer – every workout should start with an FNG Inquiry and Disclaimer
    1. Disclaimer:
      1. Why: We want to disclaimer in front of Pax because having witnesses adds a layer of protection above asking if they’ve read it on the website.
      2. What: Main points in your own words:
        1. I am not a professional
        2. This is self-policing: Stop or modify the exercises as required


  1. Take control—be the leader. Be assertive, don’t mumble. If something doesn’t work and you have to audible, acknowledge it and move on to the next exercise. Don’t apologize, just move on.


  1. Observation – Do your best to keep an eye on the pax during the workout to see if you are losing people, either from it being too easy, too confusing, or too hard. During your first few Qs, it is hard enough just to make it through the workout. Ask your Site Q or another experienced Q to keep an eye on things and whisper in your ear if needed.



  1. Twitter counts – check with Site Q on whether he or the Q will tweet the count. Remember to use workout tag (i.e., #TheArmoryF3 also include @F3Gastonia) and the #F3Counts


  1. Backblast –
    1. Part of the workout Qs responsibility to post the Backblast, not the Site Q. The Site Q may volunteer to post the Qs first workout on his behalf but that is at his discretion .
    2. Get backblast credentials BEFORE first Q so that you are prepared to write up BB when it’s done. The website interface is not difficult and will take only a few minutes to learn. Here again, your Site Q will be an invaluable aid in assisting you to post your first BB.
    3. Get login credentials from Bandit


  1. Post Mortem – follow up with your Site Q about what went right, what could be improved, what was a disaster, etc. Seek out honest feedback from other veteran Q and Pax. The best way to improve is to address your weaknesses head on.


0700-0800 #Gashouse did a workout and felt like we did enough flying squirrels and broad jumps, “The Swiper” took it easy on us, @F3Gastonia has quality #mumblechatter and as we discussed Second F creates the workout comradery. It was great to see to see Gastonia leaders jumping into the ring to Q. Fun morning… and I always recommend gloves

Q201 was a scaled back for @F3Gastonia

  • Get more FNG’s (#sadclowns need friends)
  • Get more men involved with Q (F3 = developing male leadership)
  • Develop your regional leadership group (all men can support)
  • Rotate Q’s often (this keeps the PAX interested)
  • Change your location at each AO (get them running)
  • Warmup and cooldown are essential to reducing injuries
  • Q’ing improves your leadership
  • Enjoy your Q, let your personality show, thi sis part of the fellowship





Thank you for the invite for Q-School Q and the great attendance


@F3Gastonia has got the momentum, keep posting


Appreciate Swiper for getting involved and helping out, and providing commentary #HIM


Get on twitter (yea BA, you guys have potential with the pictures, keep up the good work)











I said no running

Our kitchen is being painted so our entire downstairs has been turned upside down this week and the smell is almost overwhelming. “Why does that matter to me?” you might ask….Well, ironically I had a hard time finding my running shoes to make it this am for the NO RUNNING workout. I actually made it there ON TIME ( and about 3 seconds before Dr. Feelgood) but not early enough to stretch so my WU again turned into a true WU instead of my usual speed WU. I got to the PAX and looked at my phone and it was exactly 0530…then along comes the FNG I have been EHing for many months. The purpose of the NO RUNNING workout was to be inclusive of a friend with a bad back-the same guy a few of us have done some mud runs with in the past who is now confined to exercises that don’t hurt his back. He still manages to sweat it out at the YMCA between quarterly injections in his back. He is the type that you would want with you in a foxhole (just an expression, never actually been in a foxhole myself, keep your comments to yourself-I said foxhole, not fox’s hole). He would definitely be leading the pax if he was out here regularly. Hot for Teacher, if you are reading this, I’ll say it again…you made my week posting this morning-glad you were there and hope you got enough kool aid to bring you back again in the future.

Here’s what I remember…

WU: 10 reps IC of the following: SSH, Squat, Flutter, Merkins, Don Quixote, Gorilla Humpers, Scorpion Dry Docks, SSH (short round #2 just because I like them so much).

Pledge of Allegiance


Lunge to the Bridge…, that is longer than I remember….are we there yet???…..I hate Whoopee…..OKLAHOMA. Stop half way at entrance to the Gov’t Building and do sets of Drop Down’s (R leg on bench/wall behind and stationary front lunge/squat on L leg) X 10 each leg then Derkin X 10. We did 2 rounds of this.

Continue lunge toward bridge……OKLAHOMA-turn right before bridge and go to wall for Donkey Kicks (aka BB&Ts) X 10 (or was it 20?) then 20 Squats followed by Hip Slappers (my new fav) X 10 (or was it 20?) then 20 squats. Think we did 2 sets of this with unreliable counting by Whoopee, sorry guys. Halfway thru, I needed some air so I polled the Pax for a joke (hip slapper…..joke….sorry). Hot for Teacher thankfully provided a (moderately long) joke about a rich guy, a naked woman, and a bunch of quarters. I laughed but not sure I could tell you if it was funny to be honest. I was just glad to catch my breath for a bit. Think there was a wardrobe malfunction somewhere along here and I was accused of impersonating Daisy Duke……real or just a fantasy of mine…….who knows? My eyes are up here!!!

I am just now realizing that I misread my Weinke (probably during the Daisy Duke hiatus) and left out a few minutes of Mary with a trip to the ATM that was designed to provide a core beating…..will save that for next time.

We then ran…scratch that…lunged to the center part of the parking lot and partnered up. I introduced the Pax to the “Slowjangle Biscuit with Blueberries.” This is not to be confused with the Bojangle Biscuit. Each partner lunged around the lot in different directions and did 10 Merkins midway then upon meeting said partner on back side of the loop proceeded with 10 Burpees (slapping double high 5’s was optional and encouraged-thanks Roscoe) then continued with the lunge around the circle and back to the start. We got crazy on the first half and added a little Chinook for the inbound lunge but ran out of fuel for the second half. I was not too hungry so 1 Slowjangle Biscuit was plenty for me this morning.

Time was running short so we lunged back to the Gov’t Building for some Dips and Derkins (X ? 2 sets of 20 each, I think). This was followed by (or preceded by?) 6 minutes of pain: 1 minute of Merkins, 2 minutes of Lunges, 3 minutes of Flutters (AMRAP during that amount of time). I OKLAHOMA’d so much this morning, I cannot remember the order. We then lunged back to start for about 45 seconds of plank until time was up.

Mission Accomplished…no running and FNG Hot For Teacher was present.

I have been thinking about the holiday posts by other F3 pax, specifically about the “word” for the year…a word to keep in mind that will help guide decisions and actions this year. Many words have been considered, however the image that kept creeping back into my mind was a bowling ball. Not sure if that is from my tendency to be a “disrupter” or from going bowling recently with Dr. Feelgood and our combined 7 kids during the holidays. I know, really sounds strange but what I got from this is IMPACT. That is the word that I have finally chosen for 2016. Never done this before, so will probably need some pax to keep me accountable. My goal is to have more of an impact on my family, my friends, my coworkers (sorry Defib) and those who spend time in my general vicinity during 2016. Hot for Teacher, you are the first victim of my impact for 2016. Hope to see you out here again soon. I’ll lunge instead of running during any workout we are here together.

Not sorry for the long post, had to get this out. It’s my therapy when the house is quiet and I have been smelling paint fumes for the past 2 hours. Looking forward to how F3 Gastonia grows in 2016 and proud to be a part of this group of great guys.


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