• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/16/2022
  • AO: Downtown
  • QIC: Westside
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Captain stubbing,mayor,slaw,easy rider,Tippman,shortsale,purple haze,Volt,Wirenut

I haven’t been posting as much lately due to my wife’s work schedule much less Q ing so when I saw the Q open for downtown 1 week away I pounced on it. It’s great to have options in this region to hit a boot camp almost any day of the week. But here’s what went down downtown during this workout.

warm up: ssh,air presses,gravel pickers, merkins, mountain climbers, squats all x10 IC

mosey to the church stopping at every third pole for 3 kraken burpees I love these cause you get a break between hopping up and you slack rascals can’t cheat on the merkins 😁 there was some discussion about wich poles counted I informed the pax that only city poles mattered 😆I thought this would get wirenuts panties in a twist and it did good times. Once at the church we did 11’s derkins and v ups jumping a short wall in the middle of the parking lot.

we moseyed to the radio shop next , on the way we continued with the krakens at the radio shop we did Route 66 lunges and squats I asked pax to touch the ground with fingertips on each squat to ensure proper depth was reached I see squats shortchanged a lot and it’s bothersome honestly to see other pax charge ahead of me when their half repping but I know in the end it’s you vs you🙄😁. After that up the stairs doing 3 calf raises on each stair once everyone reached the top we headed towards the bridge stopping at every third pole for 3 big boys. We made it to Franklin when I saw some pax double back . 🤔what’s going on? They said Tippman is missing last time we saw him was at the radio shop. So those pax went back to look and never returned. So half of us backtracked towards the radio shop the other half circled the other side of the block heading towards the same destination but still nobody found 🤷‍♂️ I was wondering who would abduct a handful of sweaty ugly men at 6:00am but stranger things have happened. So we headed towards the COT when we got close we found all the missing pax including Tippman 😅 he lost sight of us after the calf raises and headed back to the COT. So now that we were re united we celebrated with triple nickel on the bridge with pull-ups and box jumps. I know the box jumps can be hard on the knees so I told the pax if needed modify with step ups. Slaw said what if we don’t want to do pull-ups 🤨quit being a puss Mr pick up the 6 😆 it looked like he was cranking them out just fine to me I always try to work in some pull ups cause not many do they’re an awesome exercise for lat development something we can all use. Times up we headed back to the cot we pledged thanks to captain stubbing for the reminder then I shared a word and prayed us out. We prayed for wirenuts dad and daughter and easy riders father in law. It was a pleasure leading this morning like always thanks for the opportunity and next time I’m sticking close to Tippman so he doesn’t get lost 😁