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Day: December 2, 2022

Dinner Plans Were Cancelled

12 HIM showed for a warm November workout. Here is what happened.


SSH, Gravel Pickers, Hillbilly’s



We moseyed over to the turd shack by the pond, Rack and Stack starting with  10 Perfect Form Merkins then 20 Mountain Climbers, 30 LBC’s, and finally 40 Star Jumps.

Mosey to the hill that leads to the pier and do a Triple Nickel with Mike Tysons at the bottom and WW I at the top.

Next we mosey to each light post doing 5 of each exercises, Imperial Walker Squats, American Hammers and Diamond Merkins.

We make it back to start with time left for Dora so we partner up for 100 merkins, 200 squats and 300 LBC’s.  Lunge walk the short distance back to start. Time



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Christmas party Dec 3 at 6pm

Prayer Request:

Tim Dellinger

Pockets dad

SA’s Daughter



Purple Haze mom

my mom

Golddigger flu

stressful holidays

Wichita and family


Great work men! Just another walk in the park for this crowd.  I’m glad to call each one of you a brother! Thanks for having my back. It was an honor to lead you tonight.

Rack’m Stack’m but leave no man behind

ok new Q November is over. Back to your regularly scheduled program! It’s cold I’m sick, people don’t know how to park…this week kind of sucks but I have the Q so here we go!

Warm up:
Gravel pickers, toy soldiers, right over left over right stretchy things, Abe Vigoda

The Thang:
Mosey to bottom of Folsom parking lot. I ask the Pax what the motto of F3 is? Crickets. I ask again .. Purple Haze tells me! “Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him.” I have been to a couple of workouts lately where we kind of got strung out and people are many blocks behind, and we are waiting and standing, and some go back for the 6 and some don’t…well we gonna do it the BallJoint way today! Standing rule for next 45mins if you are done with your work, do SSH or if you can’t do that plank till everyone is done with their work/run. we didn’t start work or leave on a mosey till everyone was ready to move together…. No man left behind today!
Mosey to first light pole—10 burpees
Mosey back to bottom of parking lot —10 burpees
Mosey to next light pole up the street—20 jungle boy squats
Mosey back to bottom of parking lot —10 burpees, 20 jungle boy squats
Mosey to next next light pole up the street—30 merkins
Mosey back to bottom of parking lot —10 burpees, 20 JB squats, 30 merkins
Etc..Etc.. 40 big boys, 50 mountain climbers(oneleg), 60 Flutters(oneleg)
That took exactly 45 mins! Everyone pushed hard and had no time to talk! Tonka said this was the quietest workout he had ever been too!

Christmas Party this Saturday!! Sign up and Vote

Wirenut /family
Purple Haze/family
Pallbearer /family

Good Work today HIM!
Ball Joint

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