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Day: December 27, 2022

Pizza Man inspired!

I was looking over Strava the other day and came across Pizza man’s workout, it was a WOD called Blackjack, it looked like a good one to use and build upon, so I did! The WOD was 20 merkins/ 1 sit-up, 19 merkins/ 2 sit-ups and so on until 1/20.

530- warmup! SSH!

Run up to the Folsom Block pile!

Blackjack Folsom style?
20 Curls/ 1 tricep extension 19/2,18/3 …

20 merkins/ 1 Big Boy 19/2, 18/3….

The plan was to finish with Thrusters/ Block swings and we did but had to cut the numbers for time 10/1, 9/2, …. Times up!

Announcements- run at Sargento’s

Prayer request- Ozark niece, Wirenuts dad and family, Huckleberry, each other

Thanks for letting me lead!

burpee hunting

It was chilly and we had no coffee. If you wanted coffee, there were other AOs advertising this. I promised burpees and that’s what was on the menu.

I rolled in hot and thankfully Watts Up started the warmup on time. Cold weather and driving my daughter’s car this am with a frosted windshield took a little longer than planned. I finished the warmup with a few burpees as Nutria whispered sweet somethings in Watts Up’s ear that sounded something like “I hope we don’t do any burpees”. GAME ON BRITCHES!!! I mentioned something called a burpee war, but didn’t feel like we had enough PAX to pull this off so I’ll save that for another time.

Mosey across the street for some step ups….how many??? Until I say so. We did about 50-ish with a little mumblechatter then headed to Gastone’s Hill. On the way we stopped at the first light and I asked for some exercise “suggestions” from the peanut gallery….whatever they said, I was not listening because all I could think about was burpees-2 at each light until we got to the hill. Once at the hill, head to the top and 2 burpees at each mailbox on the right, mosey down. Back up with 3 squats at each same mailbox I think. Mosey down and on the way I thought of something fun to play called ” What’s it worth?” Each pax counts the number of items of clothing (socks=2, shoes=2, hat=1,…) then add them up. Most everyone had about 14-ish. That was number of burpees you got to do. Here’s the kicker-take whatever clothing you want off and you don’t have to do that burpee. Lose the hat, could do 1 less burpee. Both shoes off, 2 less burpees. Get naked, no burpees. Fortunately,  no one took any clothes off and everyone just did burpees. Next time, need to assign more burpees per item of clothing. I think 3-4 would probably encourage some more reflection before starting burpees. We nurred up 1 lap and moseyed down. At some point we did 52 burpees (or more) as a group. The idea was do as many as you wanted per person, and the last person had to finish the rest until total of 52. I volunteered to be last and the guys took it easy on me. Between Nutria and Maybeline I probably wouldn’t have had to do much at all.

I can’t really remember everything we did and in the correct order, but above pretty much sums it up. Basically, we found ways to do burpees and ran up the hill a few times. It was close to time so we headed home with squats at each light going home. We hit the pledge then COT then hit the road.

The guys pushed hard this am. I know no one there was really excited about burpees….well, maybe Maybeline and Nutria…..and I was just a little. But everyone came this am knowing burpees were on the menu and put in a great effort. And fortunately no one got naked for the “What’s it worth” game. Good thing I was not in Folsom this morning. Could have been ugly….hairy and ugly.

thanks guys-Whoopee

Guarded and Protected at the Storm

7 pax came out to get our heart-rates up at the Storm today. Broke was prepared to potentially hijack my Q as I arrived with just a minute or two to spare.. due to a gate closure.. with added police presence.  So thankful am I for your willingness to step up, this will be a no-burpee workout..just for you. (Actually, that was due to a previous inquiry; but I happily obliged..this time).

Warm Up: 

Don Q, Gravel Pickers, Plank Stretches


Catch Me If You Can

One partner NUR uphill while other does 5 Big Boys: mosey to other side, do same.


100 Dips

200 Monkey humpers

300 LBCs

400 Flutters-count both legs

1 PAX member will execute as many reps as possible while PAX 2 sprints to cone 1 (or use a pole, tree, etc. for your point of turnaround), 1 Perfect-form Merkin, sprint back to partner, touch, sprint to cone 2, 2 Perfect-form Merkins, sprint back to partner, touch, sprint to cone 3, 3 Perfect-form Merkins, sprint back, switch with partner.

Harley Quinns

Suicides: 10 yards/10 Crunchy Frogs;  20 yards/ 20 Werkins;  30 yards/30 Crunchy Frogs;  40 yards/40 Werkins ..then back down..30,20,10


20 LBFCs /20 Shoulder Taps/20AH/20 Mountain Climbers/20 Reverse Crunches/20 Nolan Ryans

One round of Mary.


Hear my cry, O God, listen to my prayer; from the end of the earth I call to you when my heart is faint. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I,

Psalm 61:1,2

“When my heart gets faint, call to Him and say “Lead me to the rock that is far above me, and He will. God, give me Yourself.”


Pushing Rocks Challenge

Prayer Requests:

Blackout’s relative in hospital

Tooth Fairy’s father-in-law- Triple-bypass surgery this morning

YHC took us out.

Always great to lead at the Storm!


8 degrees of just cold

9 of us thought it would be a great idea “and it was” to come out this morning.

Only Folsom would have Santa who surprisingly said this weather was warm to him, come and put in some werk before Christmas.

We did the 12 days of Christmas.

It was fun gifts were given and frozen beer was frosty.

Prayer request, several

announcements: check slack and make sure all pax are on slack.


the Bed Pan is Full,

D-BLOK at Folsom

‘Twas the first day of Christmas and GearWrench said to me BRING the PAIN. So here we are. This will be my first Q at Folsom in quite a while so whatever will we do.

We all know I’m not the fondest of long boring drawn out nonstop cardio sessions. I like circuit workouts and I prefer quick intense circuit blocks with short active recovery blocks between. This way I can get the old ticker to ticking rather quickly and then push all that blood and oxygen straight into the muscles, nerves and joints that need it.

Here’s how we did this.

A – BLOK. Quick warmup to get the blood flowing then some stretching to get the joints ready for the work to be done.

B – BLOK. A declining circuit of SSH IC and Mike Tyson’s OYO. 25/10, 20/4, 15/3, 10/2, 5/1. We finished the round with one last set of 5 Mike Tyson’s and a slow recovery mosey (just enough to keep HR up) to the Folsom Block Pile.

C – BLOK. Now begins the real Block work. Erbody grabs their favorite Coupon and completes 5 rounds as follows.

10 – Thrusters, 10 – Curls, 10 – Sumo Squats, 10 – Tricep Extensions, 10 – Blockies and finish each round with a 40 yard run. 1 min active recovery and setup for next circuit we’ve got one last push to the finish.

Tha D – BLOK. This one would require a partner. I had intended to do a little DORA 123 but quickly had to OMAHA out due to time. We did however get in several rounds of Incline Merkins and Box Squats both of which were performed on the blocks while the partners rifle carried their blocks aimlessly around the horse barns. We then put the blocks up and had a slow recovery mosey back to the Flag just in time to finish things off with the Pledge.



Beer Run, Convergence maybe


Turtle Man, Huck and his family, Mayor’s bum shoulder and knee, My family, and prayers for all the PAX in all the regions.

Thanks for the hard work men. Thanks again for hitting me up GearWrench.

Before I end this BB I’ll just say The Christmas Season should be a time to celebrate and rejoice all that the LORD has done and will continue to do for us. I will do just that. At the same time we need to remember a lot of us men are going through difficult times and situations. So in your next COT look left and look right and just say a prayer for the men around you. Thanks.




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