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Doing it Turtle style

  • Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 04/14/2021
  • AO: The Labyrinth
  • QIC: Clavin (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Defib (R), Folgers (R), Gastone, EZ Rider, Stinky Bird, T Square, Waterboy

This mornings disclaimer was, “ So easy, even a caveman could do it!” Suddenly, Stinky Bird ran away!! WTH!??? He would return with no explanation offered. I announce that recently I was listening to my son watching Family Fued in the other room and the topic was Exercises that a woman makes sexier by performing it…. crowd was quiet until someone says Jane Fonda’s ( well it was an X …. buttttt …. we perform 10 IC each side quickly) insert chatter
Next Folgers says monkey humpers … had to do 20 IC again …. another X … no more additions so I tell all the number one answer I think ( and a personal favorite of mine when it comes to the female body …. jumping jacks ( or SSH) 20 IC and I finish us off with the best response someone had said Burpees! To which Steve Harvey said , “ no one can make burpees look sexy!” 10 OYO there was some chatter about EZ Rider making them look sexy.
Off we go …. had fluorescent shirt and running belt with reflective material on for our visibility ( lately there’s been considerable traffic on streets since we SHOULD exercise caution especially in the gloom. We travel into South pines Subdivision a d I announce that we will perform 5 burpees 10 SSH 15 ……. ( queue up Jeopardy music as I draw a blank on what I had in store …. would remember and after 2 mail Boxes change the monkey humpers that someone suggested to merkins and lastly 20 flutters count one side ….. not much mumble …. most were gassed as we moved through … we all kept together today and only advanced when all were ready …as we approached Union Road many were ready to celebrate until I mentioned there are boxes in the other direction ….. however….. I tell all that approx 1 year ago we were under the Covid quarantine and AO s were closed for a time So I created a workout I performed in Southampton Subdivision ( where I live using these and sometimes changing a few routines like nurring the hill (S Pines has none) ….but based on something Gastone mentioned this morning I was changing the rest of the workout ! Suddenly there was a dogpile on Gastone as all tried to figure out what Gastone said to tick me off or set me off …. fists were flying …. it WAS exciting !! Had to be there..
Assemble at skinny grassy area beside Walgreens and line up behind me for a Turtle Crawl …. something from Turtleman ( usu performed on soccer field …. but ALL WERE EXCITED at possibilty of finding an anthill or doggie doo … or …. last man bear crawls to front ….. only one tour through …

And the best moment of the day :

Defib ( of all people) with the snarky comment that the next time I choose to honor someone I should choose Dry Rub !!

To the wall!!!!!

10 Mike Tyson’s Ic
10 step ups each side
15 dips IC
4? Mike Tysons IC
5 step ups each side
10 Mike Tysons IC
10 dips IC

Mosey to drive opening for former bank and do another Turtleman favorite 20 big boys and broad jump safely across street and do another 20 BB. mosey to finish and complete 1 burpee! For time!
Prior to this mornings start Gastone told all that Turtleman is facing 6 months of chemo … that’s why I choose to advance a workout I’d been planning to put together to let Tman know we love him and look forward to his return to our ranks !!! Let’s keep him in prayers and pour out love to his family anytime we can !

Prayers for Turtleman and family
GSM family
Dr Lesslie family
Friend of Stinky Bird
Sister of Stinky Bird ( employment )

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  1. Turtleman

    Sorry that I’m late to responding Clavin. Saw your text and have been busy on other things. This post made me laugh and motivates me to get better and get back out. To all of F3 Gastonia, thank you for the prayer requests, the texts, the positive thoughts. It’s all felt and much appreciated. My family will never forget the flags left early in the yard. That was inspiring and emotional. Thanks guys Turtleman

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