• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 04/10/2021
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Timeframe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Whoppee, Rudolph, Stogie, Lazy Bones, Hermey (R), Tube, Linus (R), Roll Back, JJ, Les Nessman, T-Square, HIPAA, El Toro, Voodoo, Timeframe

It was slightly muggy and the pollen and ragweed were in full bloom.  On the night before the workout YHC and Tube the Painlab site Q collaborated and decided that we would split duties since the weinke YHC had decided on did not involve an inordinate amount of running.  We thought that it would be a good opportunity to combine the PAX for a nice change and maybe encourage some of the Painlab regulars to give boot camp a try.

After a very nicely Q’d warmup:

20 Hillbillys

20 Imperial walkers

20 squats

10 merkins

5 burpees

YHC took the rains and over to the rear steps of the library for some of the thang.

Partner up.

Pax 1 stays and does AMRAP while Pax 2 travels any way he so chooses to the top of both stair cases for 10 merkins.  We had some interesting choices.  There was bunny hopping, the one legged sprinkler, bear crawl, and mostly the old fashioned mosey.  This x 3 per called exercise.

Merkins at top.  Squats bottom.

Cdd’s at top.  LBC’s bottom.

Up to the dentist’s office for a twist on The Walls of Jericho.  This was 7 reps of 7 exercises on 3 walls 7 times around the building.

Exercises were:


Monkey Humpers


Mountain climbers

Plank jacks


Flutter kicks

Rudolph and Whoppee decided they would throw in 7 burpees on wall #2.  Finding inspiration in Whoppee and Rudolph’s example  Linus and YHC around round 4 decided to throw in 1 burpee per wall.

There was some interesting conversation about overweight penguins that quickly became very inappropriate.  We all had a good time with that.  You just had to be there.  Its also possible that we had a buzz going from the sea of pollen we were pretty much swimming in.  And the mumblechatter was as thick as the pollen.

We all finished with very little time to spare.

Mosey back to start and time.

No live penguins were harmed in this workout…just very offended.

Everyone pushed hard, got stronger, had some laughs, broke a sweat, talked some junk, and had a wonderful morning.


4/17 Convergence at The Bulldog. Bring a block or kettlebell.

4/18 Tron Moss 5K Crossroads

4/21 PT Test Gashouse

Prayer requests:

GSM Family.  Donation link on the Mumblechatter page.

Mason, T-Square’s 2.0.