• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 04/08/2021
  • AO: The Goat
  • QIC: Short Sale
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Pillager, Flintstone, Watts Up (R), Buckshot, Oblivious, CPAP (R), Gavel, Freon, Orangeman (R), Bubba Sparxx, Dirt (R), Tesla (R),

My second Q of the week, though I’m not chasing Sargento’s epic adventure to Q all sites this April. Nah, this week my 2.0 is at the beach and I had my mornings free. I saw the opening and grabbed it from Pillager, primarily because I hadn’t been to The Goat in maybe 18 months. Some of that was IR related, some because I needed miles at The Pub and others because I fartsacked. Never-the=less, I forced myself to get out of bed at the alarm and suit up. Why is that so hard you wonder, recall my daughter is out of town, so had a friend come over after dinner last night. This friend is fond of the “brown water” so I felt obliged to join him. My preferred libation is beer so it didn’t take much for me to feel the effects this morning. On the way to the Goat, I did slow breathing exercises. I had visions of splashing merlot creating an epic event that deserved a DREDD like name. Luckily I pushed that aside and the Q-power took over as I introduced myself to the regulars, finally putting faces to the names I’ve read so much about. 0530 hit I’m not a profession, actually an idiot; I’ll make some recommendations, feel free to join me – time to rock:


10 IC – Toy Soldier/Imperial Walker/Side to Side Lunge/Plank Jacks/Fire Hydrants (R/L)


Take a warm-up lap around the circle and stop at the brick ledges on the corner. No name for this routine just something thrown together: 10 Box Jumps (or Step Ups), 10 Derkins, 10 Dips then run a lap around the circle. Repeat 3x. I quickly learned there are some bat-flippers among this group so I had them start the exercise portion a 4th time while the rest of us caught up. A 10 count from Watts Up and then down the neighborhood portion of Center Street until we arrived at the church parking lot. This portion would be 11’s beginning with 10 Crunchy Frogs and 1 Mtn Climber on the other end – run the long way between. Oblivious took off in the lead with Flintstone pushing him. A lot of good work was put in here, even good form on the CF’s. Another 10 count and we returned via 8th Avenue where it seems a weekly challenge for the AO is to see how fast Oblivious can reach on the Speed Checker sign (16 mph) this morning. We halted at the bottom of the hill on 9th Street. The PAX knew Triple Nickel was coming but they groaned when I said it was 5 Mike Tyson’s and 5 Burpees (5 trips). Watts Up spilled some mumble chatter he was not a fan. Me either but I felt some of those guys needed some challenge so best I could do on short notice. With a few minutes left we finished off the morning with Corkscrew + Merkins for about 45 seconds and then V-Ups for about 30 seconds. Dirt had to high-tail it out.

Announcements: Convergence 4/17 at Bulldog, PT Test 4/24 at GasHouse, AO Clean up Saturday for F3 Dads at 1030; Buckshot heads Young Life at SPHS and has a golf tournament May 10th at Cramer Mtn. If your good at golf or good at drinking beer, sign up to play. See Buckshot for details.

Prayer Request: Job searches, Flintstone’s sister, Turtleman recovering from surgery. At the time, we didn’t know many of the details that have since come out regarding the tragic event in Rock Hill involving GSM James Lewis and Robert Shook and the Lesslie family. There are few words to say other than we pray for those people and ask God to provide healing power to Robert Shook as he fights for his life. This hits us as we know Stroganoff, EZ Rider, and Purple Haze along with the GSM family. This stuff makes your scratch your head.

Moleskin: It was nice to be back at The Goat – a good AO that I’ve been following their stories via BB. A lot of momentum with guys pushing hard. I had several ideas for the workout and procrastinated until 11 pm last night when I just made the Weinke, going with a few ideas that seemed to work. What was unexpected was the pattern of the mosey’s we completed. So like the old t-shirt said, See Dick Run, See Dick do something (drink/drive, whatever). The moral of the old 1st Grade reader series is: “don’t be a Dick.” Except if you’re at the Goat – then you’re pushing the rock.