• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 02/19/2021
  • AO: Downtown
  • QIC: LInus
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: EZ Rider, Folgers, Slaw, Purple Haze

The rain cleared just as we began.  Quick disclaimer and pledge.  No time for warm up, let’s roll.

Right out to Main St., barely even out of breath yet.  But what’s that in the far distance.  It’s moving slow but steady.  It’s coming upon us, is it the Gloom?  Close, but it’s Purple Haze rolling in hot and heavy, and groovy.  We got the Vibe as he strolled past.  I declare I think he was wearing some GSM threads.  Park your van Trippy, we’ll wait on Main St. for you.  Can you Dig it?

The Thang:

Main Street:

Partner Booyah’s.

Stop light to stop light run (each runs half), meet back and do a social distance Booyah Merkin with your parter counting up.  Do this for a little while.


10 Merkins/10 Squats , alternate at each level, do this as we run to the top.

Rinse and repeat:

20 LBC/20 HomerMarge, alternate each level

30 Side Straddle Hop/30 Freddie Mercury , alternate each level, stopped about midway and headed for the top.

You take the High Road / I’ll take the Low Road

Count off 1/2.  1’s run down the ramps, 2’s down the stairs and jump squats while waiting on 1’s to reach them.  Alternate, rinse and repeat all the way down and all the way back up.

Back to the Street:

Had about enough time for group 1 to run a block down and back (EZ and Haze had to show off by heading to Franklin, most Pax were just happy enough touching the Butt (Light Pole)).  Group 2 holds plank.

Back to finish, one round around the Pavilion to complete 3 miles.



Sign up for the Strides of March

Downtown needs a Q for the 19th




Folgers friend Pete is heading to Atlanta to deal with Stage 4 cancer

Broke’s Mother

EZ Rider’s son

EZ Rider’s former pastor (85 years) in hospital dealing with artery blockage

Honored to Lead this morning