• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 02/06/2021
  • AO: The Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Slim Shady
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Orange Man, Tiger, Freon, Bubba Sparks, Gavel, C-Pap, Dirt, Termite, Tesla, BOS, Pilgrims Progress, Doodles

13 brave souls came out for some fortune telling fitness. What’s that you say? It’s taking fortune teller origami and converting into a workout. Yea, definitely didn’t think through working fingers in 28 degree weather so definitely plan on bringing it back in summer with a few tweaks. We got the shake and bake going with 25 SSH, 5 burpees, 3X with morrocon night clubs sprinkled in as well. We mosied around to the Belmont Middle School wall for some 30 second wall sits and 10 Merkins. We made our way to the shelter for the fortune telling to begin.

THE TWO FORTUNE TELLER ORIGAMIs- set of exercises (jump Squats, Shoulder Taps, Hammer Curls, Smerkins – slow merkins) and lower reps (10,20,30,40) and set of exercises (Dying Cockroaches, Plank Jacks, Werkins, Monkey Humpers) with higher reps(15,25,35,50). On the outside, one fortune teller had names of F3 Sites – Folsom, Storm, Yank, Goat and the other had some acronyms/terms of F3 – SYITG, Clown, QSource, Lexicon. We ran laps after every 2-3 pulls, rotating between indian runs, karaoke and nervs.

Once we did all cards, we moseyed over for some shady stretching, balls to the wall right foot to ground right hand, switch, hold and then head back to the yank.

We mosied our way back to Yank landing zone and did some final minutes of Mary then 1 minute of Burpees. We did the pledge and gathered prayers in the circle. Many shared around healing of COVID or prayers for those dealing with loss – let’s continue to be there for each and everyone!!!

The fortune telling was not accurate, it was brutal at times but hopefully sharpened each HIM to know there’s only one in control of their fortune and that’s God. Know him and seek his plan for you, Shady OUT!