• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 02/03/2021
  • AO: The Labyrinth
  • QIC: Clavin (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Watts Up (R), Dry Rub, (R), Whoopee (R), Time Frame, Folgers (R), Sausage , Dirt (R)

As with most movie franchises, the sequel can ofttimes exceed expectations and be even better than the original …. The Empire Strikes Back, Aliens 2, Spider-Man 2, Road Warrior, Indians Jones …. well …. maybe NOT ALWAYS … although Last Crusade was markedly better than 2 and might even be better than 1 ….. sorry, I miss the movie theaters…. stale overpriced popcorn, sticky floors, drink cups the size of a mop bucket and flimsy as hell!

Today was a continuation of my theme of perfecting you vs you, your form …and myself.

Whoopee learned that he now has a young Padawan of Dirt, he is studying to be disruptive and doing quite well ( what say you, sensei?)


Disclaimer recognizing that most present were not here last week and we will be concentrating on perfecting our collective forms …..and many today even added suggestions on how to engage additional muscles …. so I feel we were very successful.

Warmup was imperial squat walkers where we took time to count out for 10 I think ( mucho mumble …. random numbers …)
Next plank position ( keep butt down and look like a plank) someone felt I said board ..”. that’s what she said!” Called out I think someone said stiff then board ( not bored … well I guess could … drill …. uh never mind.
Lastly ski abs x10 oyo

Mosey to front gates of Martha’s for 1 burpee
15 merkins
20 squats
10 big boys
10 WW2 ( Whoopee asked how well I knew Patton … told him he graduated year before me … painful memories of his taunts …God I’ve missed Whoopee!!)
There was a train in there and Dirt at some point felt that another train was coming through so we HAD to do another 5 ( THX Dirt!)
Mosey to work shed and continuation of forms adding a burpee and we also performed lbcs, flutters and crab crunchers
Mosey to concession area and changed pace since time was rapidly coming where Whoopee was to leave for work …
mostly abs this time : lbcs, flutters IC c 20 , Freddie Mercuries, crab crunchers and crunchy frogs then the 3 burpees , some questions about half trains ( different number sequencing here boys!)

plank jacks again and shoulder taps 

before Whoopee leaves tell all ( as someone had earlier asked about HW … I have not assigned any in some time … but challenged all present ( and now at home for the 2 1/2 readers …. I must be moving up in the world!! Yippee!) to take a moment today and kiss all your loved ones … especially the 2.0 s and make them see and understand you love them UNEQUIVOCALLY! … with boys you may need to kiss top of head … then all asked if we were to assemble at my house … and love on my son … later there was some discussion of loving coworkers in same way … HR was too be called in for clarification … so I leave that to your discretion and direction( modify as needed, right?)

later we moseyed to parking lot for 4 burpees some of prescribed exercises ( lowered numbers )

mosey again few feet and 5 ( not for any train) burpees would call for 5 merkins and I screwed the pooch and did 10 …oops…. with egg of face I call for remaining new numbers as we would continue to now lower all numbers even the burpees planning to only end with 1 , but time would expire just as we arrive back 

it was an honor to lead today and the weather , although colder than last night at Midoriyama there was no wind and thankfully I removed head gear which confused Whoopee early on who must’ve thought I was JJ with only the eyes exposed.   

prayers for world, men and women of red, blue and of green

also we should add JK2, and Stinky Bird

look for my next q as we will add to this and be challenged in new ways …. excitement builds ….

remember … all goods things come in threes …. a true trilogy awaits!