• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/30/2020
  • AO: Labyrinth
  • QIC: Watts Up (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Defib (R), Dirt (R), Dry Rub (R), EZ Rider, Linus (R), Sausage, Waterboy

EZ joined YHC for a short mosey around the block to get the blood moving.  When 0530 hit, 6 more had already won the war against the fartsack to emerge from the gloom to prepare for war.

No FNGs were present and apparently YHC hadn’t scared off Monday’s FNG, Sausage, as he too was among the gathered.

No FNGs = No disclaimer, No warnings, No nothing….lets get to it.

We worked our way through a Tesla style warmup, concluding with 15 merkins.  If you don’t know what that is, go ask Uncle Ted or better yet, attend one of his workouts.

Mosey to Fidelity Bank via Old Neal Hawkins Rd for some war with the Deck-o-Death.

2 teams of 4

A member of each team draws a card.

High card wins. – Do it the F3 way
Low card – Face value.
Ties – Do Both F3 way.

After each member of the team goes, mosey around the bank before starting another round.

Can’t recall exactly how many times we got through,.. When time got short, the cards were gathered and we slipped out the back to get to the “Flag” on time.

(Pay no attention to the suspicious white car, nor the fat cat that had appeared at the rear of the bank)

Wedged in the Pledge of Allegiance and that is time.



  • F3 10 Year Celebration at Metro 1/1
  • 10 Miler on 1/1 at Coconut Horse COT @ 0800  (Downtown will be open as normal – Pockets with Q)
  • Convergence 1/9 @ Folsom 0700

Prayer Requests:

  • Linus’ family at loss of FIL.
  • Family Members
  • Those with Covid


YHC took us out.


Watts Up Powering Down