• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/29/2020
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Mayor, Pizza Man, Witchita, Roundup, Hacksaw, Wirenut, Flubber, Coxswain, Slaw, Stogie, Mr Pibb, Plug in, Freight(QIC)

13 posted at Folsom on a fine Tuesday morning. This is what we did.


SSH x 20 ic

High knees

Butt kickers

High knees

Butt kickers

Merkins x 10 ic

Grab a block, head to the tennis courts, and line up on the line

Tha Thang:

21, 15, 9

3 exercises, 3 rounds, reps for each round 21, 15, 9.

Run a lap, 21 reps of each, run a lap, 15, run a lap, 9, run a lap

Exercises were starting at the line Thrusters. Rifle carry your block three courts and do curls. Rifle carry your block three more courts and do french curls. Rifle carry your block back 6 courts and run your lap.

Once that was done we did 10 burpee block jump overs.

Lets run 21, 15, 9 again. Exercises were alternating block merkins, KB Swings, Alpos.

We finished this just in time.



Announcements-10 miles for 10 years this Friday at the coconut horse route. Bring clean and gently used blankets or throws for donation and bar soap. Start whenever you need to COT at 0800. Convergence at Folsom 1/9.

Prayer-Witchita took us out


YHC watched Froning on Netflix yesterday and got all fired up! I’ve been watching a lot of fitness docs lately and that usually happens. I watched one about ultra trail running the other week and had my mind all but made up until the next time I ran and remembered I hate it. Either way this morning was still great and I need more like this. Everyone was pushing and barely even talked(even me). All I heard was grunting which made me believe people were getting after it.