• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/09/2020
  • AO: Labyrinth
  • QIC: Clavin ( R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: JJ, Waterboy, Stinky Bird, Flintstone

So is it the cold or Covid or fear keeping numbers down? Either way we have a very eager strong group of HIMS Present.
warm up : goofballs x 10 Ic
SSH x 10 Ic
Makhtar N’Diayes x 10 IC
Plank Jacks x 10 IC
Advise all present that should they want running ( only JJ and Waterboy at this time) then they should post at Pub tomorrow as with today’s final tally we probably only traversed 1/10 of a mile except if you were to deduct the nur from the total then we are now in a negative column!
Mosey to road and instructed to “safely” nur to each of telephone poles and perform 5 burpees at each (5 total) I think 
Now at Drs office for some more Non OSHA fun

Dirty Frogger 11’s ( performed in Riverwood road)
One side of road Bobby Hurleys and Mike Tysons at other with Burpees in the middle …. FUN!!
Move to drive and 10 inclined big boys and bunny hop to first pole
Mosey to parking lot ….just like last week JJ catches us off guard and yells,” Squirrel!” ( in actuality it was 2 deer)
The original plan was for partnering up … but this worked just as we’ll
One person would perform an exercise while the others performed the other called exercise until someone fails or stops brief rest and exchange
Exercise groupings were :
Al Gore/ lower plank
Jump lunge/ merkins
Burpees/ MNC
SSH/ Lbc
Jump squat with arms up / American hammers

Next over the wall and to the dock for climb up ( or in Waterboy’s case jump over! ) bear crawl down and 1 burpee twice over

Mosey to wall for countdown of 12 dips, 11 step ups/ 10 dips … all the away to 1 but wait somewhere in the midst of this comes Stinky BBird and Flintstone fresh from a run!! They join us and finish up back at start for final 3 minutes of core:

waterboy with star crunches ( he was avidly talking about holiday cakes from Lil Debbie and star cookies and all kinds of sweets … so he renamed his crab crunches for  20 count oyo 

Flinstone pelted us with Freddy Mercuries IC x 15

lastly Stink Bird dropped Jane Fonda’s 15 each side 

and were done

no announcements other than cancellations 

prayers for Flintstones sister as they continue to isolate with many doctors what is going on 

EZ Rider and his family 


Double Stuf family


I advised the early group focus today was on legs and mostly joints as they lock up and freeze as we age and especially in the colder weather …. which today would serve me well along with the nur as in the normal ebb and flow of my day I came around a corner facing an adult pit bull …. thankfully he merely wanted me gone ( or maybe he was startled by my screams as that was all I had time for …. spray was nearby but I hesitated as he did not advance beyond 3-4 feet from me )

“….Stephen Sobota, 52 , Clavin.”