• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/08/2020
  • AO: Bulldog
  • QIC: Rudolph
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Voodoo, Watt's Up, Hermie, El Toro, Waterboy, Spider-Man

Day 2 of Week 6.  The last week of my Shieldlock’s challenge.  I can hardly type this, awful mess.  It was cold and we did stupid things:

Warm-up – more stretching here, as it’s sub-30 and this is tear muscle kind of weather.  The challenge:  3 Point Panic.

10 T-Merkins on right arm

10 Brock Shuffles on right arm (I kind of messed up and had people also do a Merkin inbetween.  It’s good for you I guess)

5 1 arm Merkins on knees (awful)

10 3-point burpee (one arm)

Then you do the other side for your left.  This got my wind and shoulders a bit, after yesterday exercise.  But everyone was tough and did 3 rounds.  We could do 5, but I sensed we should do some core.

5-8 minutes of various core exercises from Day 2 of Week 6.  Now onto some fun!

Rudolph Recliners

Ravishing Rudolphs

Rudolph Rib-Ticklers

Rudolph Road Rash (I changed this to 2 spins and then 3 merkins, versus 3 spins and 5.  Better, but still blargh.)

Announcements – donate blood (see Tiger) and Christmas Party this Saturday (wear a mask and take precautions.

Prayers – HIPAA dad health, Double Stuff health


Spidey-Man has the Q next week, he always does a grinder….looking forward to it!