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As the Q of the November Challenge, you have already had the opportunity to run ten miles, complete a Murph workout, and eat right.  One of the last things you need to do is complete either a 12 mile ruck or a 15 mile run/ruck.  This is the pre-blast for the 12 mile ruck.

Meet at the Warlick YMCA on Robinwood Road at 0400 hours on Friday morning, the day after you have utilized the “free” Thanksgiving cheat meal.  Bring your 30# ruck and your walking shoes.  We will be done before 0730 so you can be home to accomplish great things like putting up your Christmas decorations or eating leftover turkey meat because you are now on THE PATH and don’t eat things like Pumpkin Pie or chocolate chip casserole.  All I ask is that someone brings a shovel flag.

See you then.