• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/25/2020
  • AO: Labyrinth
  • QIC: Clavin (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: JJ,JK2, Defib (R), Dry Rub (R), Linus (R)

Very brief disclaimer

Warm up of new routine I called Lungeabout
It was quickly renamed the Clavin Pokey ( and you shake it all about)
The Lungeabout …sorry Clavin Pokey is you put your right leg forward or lunge forward and back , lunge right and back right leg back and back, left leg back, left leg left and back finally left leg forward and back. We performed these 5 times.

5 burpees
10 hand release merkins
20 mountain climbers
30 lbcs
40 flutters

Mosey into park over to concession area and reperform previous 5 exercises except that now the 20 is now Australian mountain climbers using back of dugout

Mosey over to parking lot where we start at area near play area
Each of us had a turn calling an exercise until that person calls a halt and we run hard to driveway opening and walk back then tell all assembled what we are thankful for ( despite the hard ships of this year )
I started us with burpees and I’m thankful that even after losing my last and favorite uncle, my mother and my M battling breast cancer life continues on … we witnessed His majesty in the birth of our nephew and his wife’s first child a month ago …. Colt Allyn!
Next up was JJ with SSH and he’s thankful for his church moving into new facility the church itself has been able to continue and indeed thrive despite all going on …. and their Covid exposure is quite low!
Dry Rub with squats thankful for his family and job …. they were hardly affected during this tumultuous time!
Linus gave us crab crunchers and thankful for family especially those coming for holidays!
JK2 had us to perform “correct form” squats and he too was thankful for family and new job which as he started , we went into lockdown so he enjoyed time with family!
Defib gave us merkins and stated thanks for son and his counseling to help battle depression!
All great stuff ….. next we would call exercise and try to keep in mind time but this round thinking forward to 2021 and what we hope for
I began us with monkey humpers ( starting us facing play area) and looking forward to son who too battles depression due to these bizarre times but has finished drivers Ed zoom meetings and I look forward to his learning to drive and continuing to move towards adulthood!
JJ and calf raises on curb ….family cleaning out closets and realizing that time flys by …. the need to enjoy the times you are given!
Linus and heels to heaven spoke of promise of new year!
JK2 had us do 509 air presses give or take …. he is looking forward to spending more and more time reconnecting with his M now that the kids are getting older and can spend time by themselves in the house!

And lastly we have defib who gave us Rocky Bs …. he is looking forward to the days when we no longer need to wear masks all the time!!!

we walk cross the parking lot stopping at the last light on the left for 10 hand release Merkens quick mosey up to the gate where we bear crawl from the gate to the barricade rest a moment before all out run to the finish!

announcements are 1212 2020 Christmas Christmas party party

Shelby convergence hopefully no ice storm and no more ghost flag

thanksgiving morning tripled beat down if you’re up for it or not just choose one

lastly take time to smell the roses give thanks to the one who is above us all!!!

happy Thanksgiving