• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/21/2020
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Linus
  • FNG's: Pickle Rick
  • PAX: Defib, JJ, Short Sale, EZ Rider, Blart, Flintstone

With Gashouse being covered for so many weekends (thank you Pax) and trying to get back into the mix myself it had been a hot while since I had the Gashouse Q.  Many thanks to the entire bootcamp Pax patiently waiting on me to catch up to call each next round.  At the start we:


Warm Up:

SSH – 20 ic

Squats – 10 ic

Merkin – 10 ic

Rudolph with Painlab, Bootcamp up to FPC.  We stopped at the front of the church to get a head count (so I could recover) and headed over to The Pad.

Exercise starts, nothing I can say was an original creation of my own Weinke.  This entire workout was brought to you by Roscoe, Dirt and Tesla.

Perfect Forms:

Trying to bring form back into play after Pax were trying for time the week before we learned from Roscoe’s original Q.

Perfect Merkins:  20 oyo, mosey down hill and back

Perfect Squats:  20 oyo, mosey down hill and back

Perfect Big Boys:  25 oyo, mosey down hill and back

At top of hill once more we did 10, 15, and 20 each of (Perfect) Merkins, Squats and Big Boy’s.

Down hill to the picnic tables.

Perfect Dips:

20 (I think), oyo.  Recover for a hot minute or two:  15 more then mosey.

Moving up to the bottom of the church we took a page from Tesla’s book.

10 Hand Release Merkins (oyo).  Pax mosey to side of church.

10 Hand Release, 15 American Hammers (ic).

Mosey to top of church.

10 Hand Release, 15 A/H, 20 Scissor Lunge

Mosey to side of church.

10 Hand Release, 15 A/H, 20 Scissor Lunge, 25 Big Boys

For time we skipped the last round and just knocked out 30 SSH (oyo)

With about 15 minutes remaining we took a page from Dirt’s book.  Super 11’s or something like that, we moved in a large circle around the parking lot.  Starting point, 1 burpee, Ending point was 90 lbc’s.  Continuing around circle increase by one burpee and decrease by 10 lbc’s.  Took this to the end, mosey back to Schiele.  Linus has a morning meeting, much obliged to Rudolph who finished with some Mary and COT.

Mumblechatter was great.  Blart made it to the Gashouse.  Flintstone has become a regular (and has Q next weekend).  EZ made a special appearance and brought his 2.0 (Pickle Rick)  I am so thankful for college football so Defib, JJ and Short Sale have something to discuss while the six (me) keeps checking in.  Thanks guys for supporting the Gashouse.  Always an honor to lead from behind.