• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/18/2020
  • AO: Labyrinth
  • QIC: Dirt
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Watt's Up (R), EZ Rider, Defib (R), Water Boy, JK2, JJ, Dirt (R), Linus (R), Clavin (R)

2.2 miles of EC by Watt’s Up, EZ Rider and Dirt.  Thanks for running with me this morning men.

I haven’t Q’d the Labyrinth in a long time so I asked Clavin if I could Q today and he eagerly obliged.

No FNG’s so short disclaimer

Warm Up

Seal Jacks IC x 20

Mountain Climbers IC x 20

Cotton Pickers IC x 10

Mosey to the far shelter by the playground.


The Undercard

Dips, Inclined Merkins, Derkins OYO x 10 Rinse and Repeat x 10 x 5 x 5

I couldn’t do too many of these thanks to Flintstone and Watts Up using pavers on Monday and Tuesday.  At my age, I can’t do too many to begin with.


The Main Event

Meander to the parking lot.  Hippa gave me this idea last week at The Yank.  He did 11’s up Main Street with Burpees at each end and we stopped at three locations going up the hill for 7 Squats at each stop.  To say it was a GRIND is an understatement.

I revised it to be one Burpee at the start, run the length of the parking lot, stopping at each opening to the entrance road for 10 squats, and LBC’s (or any other AB exercise ) x 10 at the other end.

1 Burpee              100 LBC’s

2 Burpees            90 LBC’s

3 Burpees            80 LBC’s

4 Burpees            70 LBC’s

5 Burpees            60 LBC’s

6 Burpees            50 LBC’s

7 Burpees            40 LBC’s

8 Burpees            30 LBC’s

9 Burpees            20 LBC’s

10 Burpees         10 LBC’s

Everyone got in 8 rounds and some got in more.

Meander to the gate of the park and Jail Break back to the flag arriving at 6:15 am.

JK2 reminded me of the Pledge.  Thanks JK2

Good work today gentlemen!


Prayer Requests:

Defib’s son

Roscoe’s son

EZ Rider’s family