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  • When: 01/16/2019
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Thank you to Cap’n Stubbing for swapping Wednesdays with me.  It was a big help bro.

This morning was a cold one with a forecast of ice fog.  A good showing of some great men showed in the gloom.  I did not see any of the forcasted ice fog but I did see lots of steam from guys who have been pushing the rock.

A shout out to JK2.  He was on fire this am with the mumble chatter.  Well done bro. It was inspirational.

A shout out to What’s Up.  Way to push.  Good work man.

A shout out to FNG Rio.  Welcome.  Way to push.  Nicely done.



The Thang:

We worked out and got stronger, pushed the rock, encouraged each other, a little friendly ribbing was in there, and there were a few moments of pure support.  Great stuff.

Named FNG Rio.  Welcome him when you see him.


Rice and Beans — get with Anchorman

Late March is a moving date for family — JK2

Gastone is working on putting together a hike up Mt Mitchell.


It was an absolutely perfect way to begin the day.  You guys as always make it such.