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Folsom 11/17/2018
One of the things about leading a workout is you never know how many may show up. Being that today was deer season opening day for rifles and Folsom men are famous for their love of the hunt, I wasn’t sure how many we would have today. When I arrive, I see a few regulars and then an awesome thing begins to happen. Hacksaw, who coaches the middle school wrestling team, has 8 or 9 of his wrestlers show up for this bootcamp style workout. No SA but 21 strong on this cold, crisp morning (Pockets had on a long sleeve shirt, for a while anyway) and here is how it went.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. These are only suggestions. Do not get hurt. Modify as necessary.

5 burpees OYO, SSH IC x 10, Imperial Walkers IC x 10, Low Slow Squats IC x 10


Mosey to Horse Track steps.

20 Dips, 20 Squats, 20 Merkins, Single Count then run a lap up and down steps then to the end to jump step up and return. 5 Sets! Those young guys were rolling pretty fast on these. Hacksaw was trying to get an on-looking dad out to join us but I’m not sure he ever joined.

Mosey back down to the Ampitheater for “Thankful 7’s”. 7 IC reps of each exercise, then a lap to the parking lot and back.
IC Merkins, Thankful for my Faith. I believe my faith has guided me away from so many dangers and towards the things I need to be doing.
IC Merkins, LBC’s. Lap. Thankful for my wife. She’s the best person I know.
IC Merkins, LBC’s, Squats. Lap. Thankful for my family.
IC Merkins, LBC’s, Squats, Hip Slappers. Lap. Thankful for my friends and how F3 has expanded that group.
IC Merkins, LBC’s, Squats, Hip Slappers, American Hammers, Monkey Humpers (kids giggling, not so close Slaw), Flutter Kicks. Lap. Running low on time so modify. Thankful for the USA. It is the greatest country in the world and I am thankful to be here and you should be too.

Mosey to the tennis court.
This was where I was going to do reducing time sprints with my phone’s Interval timer app and my Bluetooth speaker, but using my phone to read the Weinke had caused it to die. Q Fail… but we are still sprinting. Count off 1’s and 2’s. Half the teams go to the far end of the tennis courts and half stay here. Team 1 and 2 start when I say GO and run to the far end to tag a teammate who runs back and tags the next guy until everyone has run twice. I’m not sure who won but some of those old guys are pretty fast (I see you Oompa).

Announcements: Speed for Need at Christmastown 5K next Saturday begins at 6 p.m. Show up to run or volunteer. It will be an awesome time. Christmas Party at Keaish’s Dec. 15th.

Prayer Requests: Bed Pan’s wife, Friends with illnesses, Sly coming home.

*Pleasure to lead Folsom today especially with the young ones there. I loved their enthusiasm and it is no wonder they have such a good team. Thanks to Hacksaw for inviting them and their parents for bringing them. Take time to be thankful for so many blessings!