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Day: November 11, 2018

F3 Dads at Martha’s House part 3

Little Caesar and I showed up before the allotted time and were ready to go.  Before I lit the charcoal I wanted to make sure that someone else would show up for F3 Dad’s at Marthas part 3.  I look into the parking lot full of cars and see an American flag being pulled out of a trunk.  I know that F3 has arrived so I light the charcoal and get the flames burning for the cocoa bar after the beatdown.

Voodoo and his FNG Daughter now known as “Teddy Bear” and Hipaa and his 2.0 son “Hoverboard” show.  Hoverboard was wearing a Speed for Need kids shirt and Hipaa was wearing a bad ass black F3 shirt with his evil skull half-face covered thing.  (It wasn’t that cold out but he looked cool.  In South Central)

We waited for a while and YHC entertained the kids with frisbee throwing for a while.  When we realized YHC failed to promote the event enough and no one else was going to show, we got ready for a kid friendly beatdown.

Disclaimer and explanation of F3 to Teddy Bear.  SSH x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10, LBC’s x 10, Toy Soldiers x 10. Squats x 5,  Squats with 2.0’s in the human torture rack x 5

Mosey to an adjacent field.  Frisbee toss/sprint/exercise:  One Pax slings the frisbee…sprint to where it lands, 5 merkins or 5 squats x 10 or so.  The kids were hard to beat to the frisbee as they were willing to go all out Pete Rose style to get it.  Advantage:  2.0’s

Next up was the Leap Frog:  Dad’s versus kids

The kids didn’t want to get down.  They lacked a sense of urgency.  They didn’t work together as a team.  The dad’s rested and re-organized the kids during the event and wouldn’t let them quit when they wanted to go get water.  Advantage:  Dad’s

Next up:  Dora 25-50-90?  Squats, LBC’s, Hipaa was stuck doing the exercise for a while.  Hoverboard was picking daisies or something.  YHC had to herd him back to his dad before his dad stroked out.  Little Caesar claimed some outrageous number of LBC’s, but Teddy Bear got to 90 in one set.  #Impressivekids

The breakdown of leadership and discipline was evident so YHC declared the event over.  We went straight to announcements after a quick water break and so Teddy Bear could go get her toboggan. ???

What are the 2.0’s thankful for?   Food, Basketball, and Basketball

Prayer requests:  My dad’s trip back from Florida on his Motorcycle

YHC prayed us out and we raced to the hot chocolate bar.  I think it was the first time in months Hipaa had chocolate and he savored it.  The kids ate marsh mellows with their cocoa.  A lot of marsh mellows.

We cleaned up quickly.  T-Claps for Hipaa to put out the fire and collect the gear and for Voodoo helping clean up.

A beautiful afternoon to spend with the kids and F3 brothers.  Good to see Voodoo coming out a bunch in a short time!   Thanks for Hipaa being a great leader and taking action on behalf of F3.  #allin

Until next time,


Did Roadie say burpee

Well let me start by saying I have always wanted to Q a pain lab. Most normal people would’ve been to several pain labs before they volunteered to Q one, especially one at a convergence. As I’m sure yall have realized by now I am no normal person. Go big or go home right.


Warm up:

10 merkins

25 lbc’s

10 donQ’s ic

10 toy soldiers ic

10 monkey humpers ic


The Thang:


11’s with burpees and big boy sit ups

10 BBS 1 burpee

30 kettle bell swing

9 BBS 2 burpee

30 up right rows

8 BBS 3 burpee

30 triceps extension

7 BBS 4 burpees

30 lawnmowers (15 each arm)

6 BBS 5 burpees

30 chest press

5 BBS 6 burpees

30 American hammers with the weight (thanks to Rudolph)

4 BBS  7 burpees (it was at this point I realized burpee 11’s was a terrible idea) oh no here comes a train and yall know what that means 5 burpees oyo.

30 goblet squats

3 BBS 8 burpees

30 snatch press (15 each arm)

2 BBS 9 burpees

30 weighted lunges (15 each leg)

1 BBS 10 burpees

30 ff jacks(ask HIPAA)

Thank goodness these are done

30 weighted squats

20 lunges

22 for the vets

Oh and now for my favorite part the Indian tire flip.  Get in a single file line flip the tire 5 times then run to back of line and do 5 burpees. We all flipped the tire at least one round and some flipped it two rounds. T claps to Mozart that young man flipped it all by himself. He is volt’s 2.0 and it shows. Once we made it back to the starting point we rejoined “the others”.



It truly was an honor to lead. I hope I brought enough pain to pain lab. BTW that was 70 burpees called by Roadie. SMH what has the world come to?

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