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Day: November 28, 2018

Oh crap

Oh crap…….cause ShortSale just called me out on missing back blasts. So here it is.

Prison Break had some out of town visitors this fine morning. Good to finally meet 4-Leaf. Montross has been hard at it in the EH department. We welcomed Donut. 4 ran and 6 toured the park ruck style.


Prayer requests lifted and YHC took us out.

Just say, “NO!” ( to SSH)

Lately there’s been this bumper crop of never ending SSHs. Will the madness never end?
Last year I attended Midoriyama and cannot remember the Q but absolutely Loved how he began …. we we’re told that he was not a runner and didn’t have any running planned at all …. then he said “Oops , yes we will run …. to the turd shack …. “ possibly only 6 ft away ! While we did Not run much … the intent was to limit running due to my having run two 5 k events last week and a little more running Monday at Black Knight I also ( as mentioned in the title) chose to eliminate ALL SSH as I heard of Shelby’s workout using only 2 exercises in 4 feet of bowater and another abundance of them again on Monday ( thanks Gastone ).
All that fun aside …. disclaimer pledge …. begin
Cold morning …. let’s warm up quickly as I tell them 5 jump squats … then a real crowd pleaser (esp for warming up) the Moroccan night club X 25followed by merkins with the 5th and 10 th ones where we hold it low and move side to side ( going downtown benefit of Goose several Saturdays ago) . Lastly we go to squat , hold and now (this brilliant idea sprang into my mind last night when I could not/ would not sleep due to excitement of weather forecast/Q) and then move 10 steps to the left maintaining circle and then 10 steps left complete with rythymic clapping ( Gastone)!
Mosey…. only to gates to the park… 5 burpees…. karaoke right side halfway down 5 more burpees … karaoke other side to light before turd shack 5 burpees mosey 20 more feet to far side of the turd home … line up before curb … and 5 Rocky B’s, 5 Bobby Hurley’s , 5 Mikd Tyson’s meant to also have 5 box jumps onto curb but could not remember on first round but added on subsequent rounds and we ended with 5 donkey kicks against wall…. repeating two more times at 10 counts and ending at 5 …..
Move onto play ground hand walk parallel bar and mosey to swings two rounds of 10 derkins( feee in swing ) and 10 jump lunges. Now a dead hang for approx 30 seconds.
Two rounds of French fries X 10 and another crowd pleaser Kneetars compliments of Tesla’s buddy Iced T from Lake Wylie( I work with him) These are performed on a nice comfy surface like mulch ( hehe) standing drop to one knee , drop other knee , now stand up …X 10. Next we find a comfortable bar and hang again but pull knees up to chest …. approx 20 seconds this go round .
Now we do two rounds of Makhtar N ‘ Diayes ( plank …. move yo lower plank) … discussion on proper pronunciation …. adding squats X 10 on both ending with 5 pull-ups / chin ups your choice . Somewhere during all this there was wonderful mumble chatter about which exercises were made up / who made them up / whether or not there were imaginary beings floating in the ether ….
Mosey again to parking lot line up for dominoes pax to hold right arm up awaiting turn at 10 merkins plank for the six …. mumbles about left arm being too strong ( don’t they know that other direction coming …. so yes resume with left arms raised , wait for turn at merkins …. complete!
More mumble chatter about how back blast will mention how all we did was pointless hanging walking aimlessly in circles playing with balls … I acknowledged my reasoning on this workout is because my recent attempt at an obstacle race showed me that while I have come quite a long way in this past year , but I’m still well short of where I need to be in order to compete better because i intend to do probably 2 next year ( reach out to me Gilligan …. I’m interested in Spartan Sprint for one of these. Back to regular scheduled programming anddddd 5 burpees and nur to gate ( yes … all the way and watch Gastone work his magic handing out one Q after another filling all vacancies for I think the next 5 years … or 2 weeks …. plank for six … most back to start 25 lbcs cadence count yours truly and end with Gastone and 40? Flutter kicks …. objective complete!!!! Excellent job by all … notably Stone Cold fresh from wire removal from knee.
Announcements upcoming X mas party at Quifees
Any pax working out at Any/All sites next Tuesday wear all black …. pass this on please info on Twitter
Prayers for Nikki Bailey / family
Final thoughts …. beautiful morning even though cold

Iron Circle

It had been a while since I have posted either due to illness or work. I reached out to Breaker Breaker to see if I could jump in and he had an opening so I took it. What better way to get back in there other than Q.

No Warm up so a quick mosey around the parking lot to get the blood flowing.

Around one of the islands are the stations we will be going thru. They are:
Sandbag squats, which were the counter. When a pax hits 20, its time to rotate to their right.
Flutter Kicks
Tricep OH Extensions
Elbow Plank
Pax Choice of Cards – Freddie mercury or American hammer
Pax Choice of Cards – CDDs for Shoulder Taps
Pax Choice of Cards – Monkey Humperdinck Plank Jacks
Kettlebell Swings
OH Press with block
Curls with block
Side Straddle Hop
Slam ball with 20#
Pax Choice of Mountain Climbers or Peter Parkers
Pax Choice of crunches or Windshield Wipers
Pax Choice of Lunges or Calf Raises.

Rotate thru the circuits. A short time into it, Tophat asked if we could change something. He happened to be at the burpee station so I noted if the pax weren’t happy, we could change the count to be at the burpee station instead of the sandbag squats. No takers. I also called an Omaha halfway thru to reverse the order. Boudin declared shenanigans since he had to go back to the burpees and I wouldn’t. That station was open so I hit burpees so I would not be skinned alive on Twitter.

Back to start for a quick round of 15 count of pistol crunches with each leg/arm/pistol/six shooter.


Announcements: Get with Gillian if you want to be on the F3 Spartan Team next year, Christmas Part at Quiches on 12/15, Yank starts at 6;30 this Saturday behind Glenway Pub due to Girls on the Run

TAPs: Breaker Breaker Fmaily, those dealing with depression and loss at the holiday season, guys not seen in while and Sargento’s M.

Moleskin: It was good to get back at it. I want to thank everyone for the calls and texts while I was out. It means a great deal.

Priority #1 Stay Warm

7 HIMs showed up with the return of Pastor Clever in the sub freezing temps.  On the drive to Folsom I had one main thought I want to stay warm and I’m going to make sure no one is cold once we get going.

Warm Ups

  • 50 Side Straddle Hops IC (with comments of I’m not that cold)
  • 19 Imperial Walkers IC (I got asked if I’d been exercising in my absence and got off)
  • 20 Hillbilies IC
  • After comments about how we had a flag right here I decided we’d Mosey on up to the the park entrance so we’d make sure everyone was warm when we stopped to do the pledge, oh and 5 burpees before and after the pledge just to make sure we were all warm


  • Mosied over to the parking lot for some dirty 11’s
    • Mike Tysons & Bobbie Hurleys
    • It didn’t take long into the dirty 11’s for just about everyone to start shedding layers. Goal accomplished already!
  • Mosied back toward tennis courts and headed down to the lower lot stopped where the road creates a triangle for Dora 1-2-3 in partners up the hill with a burpee at the top
    • 100 Merkins
    • 200 LBC
    • 300 Squats
  • followed up the Dora 1-2-3 with some ab work
    • 25 Flutter Kicks IC
    • 20 Peter Parker IC
  • Mosied back toward start but took a stop under the street light for more core work
    • 20 more Flutter Kicks IC
    • 15 Peter Parker’s IC
    • Planks
    • 20 American Hammers IC
    • 15 Merkins IC
  • Mosied back to start and got back just in time to finish off with 10 Burpies OYO
    • Everyone was one layer less then they started and dripping sweat with temps still below freezing.  Priorty #1 met!

Prayer Requests

  • Montross’s Aunt facing breast cancer
  • Bedpan’s Wife
  • Sparky’s 2.0, Silas is sick
  • Prayer for wives and marriages

BC Ruck Club Returns

Medicine Woman has some crud going on and asked me to grab the Q for today, which I gladly obliged. 3 runners and 3 mother-ruckers overcame the power of the fart-side and 22 degree temps for some 1st and 2nd F. Here’s the lowdown:

Hank, Volt, and Oompa put in some miles. They left before I returned so frankly, I don’t know how many, but I will assume about 3 each. It was good to see Hank back out there this morning. Volt and Oompa are steady Eddies…they show up when they can and continue to get it done.

Over the past few weeks, the demand for rucking has returned to the Prison Break/Folsom area. The BC Ruck Club first come together last Wednesday after months of EHing and fartsacking so I was pretty excited to take it into week 2 this week. I took the lead on the ruck workout. We rucked about a mile around a 16 minute pace and stopped at the flagpole. We then did Merkins IN CADENCE (with the packs on like MEN, BTW), Bag Pull Ups, Curls, Overhead Presses, and American Hammers (no bags on that last one). We rucked about 3/4 a mile to the lower parking lot (similar pace) and repeated all the exercises. I let Donuts borrow my manly sack for curls and overheads…those plates Sparky makes are no joke at a manly 34 lbs. 6:15…we quickly ruck back to the parking lot and we see tail lights fading into the distance. We understand, guys have to get to work.

YHC took the BC Ruck Club out with a prayer.

  • Montross

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