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Day: November 20, 2018

A good week to give thanks

10 strong to start Thanksgiving week at the Black Knight

The Pledge


Warm up

SSH x 50 (or so) IC.  The PAX stopped counting

MNC x 20 IC

LBC x 20 IC

Don Quixote x 10 IC


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, YHC asked Dirt what exercise he was most thankful for.   He responded that he appreciated core exercises and said “flutter kicks”.   Ok, let’s mosey.

Heading down Riverwood Parkway

Stop at the first light, complete 20 flutter kicks OYO, mosey to the next light complete 20 more flutter kicks, on to the next light rinse and repeat.  We stopped after the 5th light for a total of 100 flutter kicks

Hippa appears.  What exercise are you most thankful for?  Of course the kettle-ball hero says burpees.   Ok, next light 10 burpees.   Rinse and repeat at the next two lights – total of 30 burpees

Another question, this time to Easy Rider – what exercise are you most thankful for?  Squats he retorts.

Up Gastone’s hill stopping at each light on the left, completing 20 squats until to the top

Plank it up waiting on the six, turn it into Mountain Climbers x 30 OYO

Mosey down the hill

Bernie Sanders back up Gastone’s hill, believe it was Clavin claiming diamond merkins to be his most thankful.  Stop at each light on the right x 10 OYO

Plank it up at the top waiting on the six.

Monk shared his most thankful exercise was WWI’s.  On the way down, stopped at each light on the right.   At the steep incline, had to do with feet at top of the decline.  This may have been the winner.  Every time you performed one, you slide a few inches down the hill.  We were inch worming down the hill.  Mumble chatter was that someone was losing lower body hair.

The crowd pleaser at the end, bear crawl up the hill stopping at the lights on the left to perform Island’s most thankful exercise of Merkins x 10.   The PAX was questioning the plan and YAC was adamant about first 4 lights.   After about the first light, it was laying a pretty good beat down.  Ended up omaha’ing to complete to the first 4 mail boxes.   Mosey back down the hill headed towards Snoballs.

Believe it was Toto who mentioned his most thankful was in and outs, complete at each light 10 OYO and then to the next light.

At some point, YHC called a jail break.  In the lower parking lot, 10 wolverine burpees (courtesy of Gastone) and called time.  Everyone was pushing the rock.  Good work across the board.   Will make it more enjoyable eating on Thursday.


Christmas town 5k Saturday evening show or support

Wet Stone  – See Monk if interested, have continued to add new stones

Christmas party in Dec

Prayers to those traveling

So much to be thankful for this time of year.  Regardless of the ups and down of daily life, this week is about taking time to pause and reflect, give thanks to the blessings that we have and spending time with family and friends.  It’s easy to focus on the pain or struggles.   It’s all about perspective and balance.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.   Heard a rumor that Rudolph shared that it’s a free cheat day if you are on the 40 day challenge.

Always an honor to Q.   Cheers – Turtleman




Storm for the Crippled

17 PAX assembled for an unusual GD Q. YHC having injured his leg in training for a recent marathon necessitated a near moseyless weinke.

The typical 10 burpee warmup called, then mosey to side of the school to park for a while. 40 exercises done AMRAP, 50-10 seconds for the first 20, then 45-15 for the second half. Exercises broken into 5 categories to mix things up: arms, legs, wall, misc, and abs. Almost all exercises were the usual suspects excepting one or two anomalies such as chicken peckers and ascending testicles. At the end of 40, mosey back to the shovel flag for bookend burpees and call it at 6:14.

At this juncture, YHC struggled to keep down a poorly cooked piece of meat from the night previous and missed the announcements. These may include, but are not limited to: Christmastown 5K this Saturday, Christmas party Dec 15 @ the Quiche’s, Operation Sweet Tooth, etc.

Prayer Requests: Tiny Tim’s wife, all those traveling this week for the Holiday.

Until next time,


Talkin about Proverbs.

Warm up
Ssh,windmills,shoulder press,Moroccon Nightclubs,xs20.
Mtn climbers x10 burpees x5
Mosey to flag and pledge.
Lbcs,oblique crunch,American Hammers, dyin cockroach’s all x20
Mosey down to bathrooms near the lake not to poop but to do some dirty hook ups then some hip slappers. Go back up to the parking lot for some balboa’s x100
I’m always looking for something fun or new to do so I thought about some 20 twen,twen, if you don’t know watch Friday. So here it is
5burpees bear crawl to mid parking lot,then 15 squats nur back. X3 20,20,20.. mosey back a few minutes left so we repeated the abs workout.
During our workout we talked about our 40 day challenge in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes I had chosen Proverbs 11/25 A generous person will prosper;whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Talking with Montross and Medicine Woman we all felt this was a good verse that represents “Qjuice” the Q pours into the pax and somehow still has the juice to get thru the workout. All was discussed loosely of course but holds true in all you do. Be generous,help others.
Prayer request
Montross’s Aunt, those traveling and hunting (Folsom huntin squad).
Mcadenville Christmas town 5k.
Happy thanksgiving everyone and remember if the toilet seat is warm you are not the first!
The Bed Pan is full!




NO TIME FOR WARMUP!!! disclaimer given, Pledge

Count down Burpees – 10,9,8,7….. all the way down to 1. Fun way to get things started.

Merkin Run – 1 lap around center street park with 14 light post. At each light post drop for 10  merkins. Nice way to get 140 merkins in early.

4 corners –

1st corner – Fire Department corner of 9th and 8th ave. – 20 squats

2nd corner – Church parking lot – corner of 8th and 10th ave. – 20 big boys

3rd corner – Under Pass – Corner of 10th ave and front st. – 20 SSH

4th corner – Doffers parking lot – corner of Front St. and 9th ave – 40 flutter kicks – count each leg

Not as much time had passed as I expected so rinse and repeat 4 corners.

fellowship mosey to the wall of masonic lodge for a little Indian Run wall sit. Wall sit while pax run around the masonic lodge. Had to Omaha a little and start sending one pax from each end so we could make it through. Fellowship mosey across the street for a short visit with the bridge. Partner up for wheel barrow across the wood planks. Switch up on the far side and wheel barrow back to the other side. Always a favorite for Tiny Tim.. He loves the wheel barrow. Once complete we had another short fellowship mosey back to the flag for another round of count down burpees. No time for 10 so we started at 8 and worked down to 1. horrible way to end a work out by the way.


QIC took us out in prayer.


Thanks guys for allowing me to Q and pushing me to be a better person. Till next time.


Vote! Just don’t wait this late ;-

Tad late getting this BB out, but still in time to be counted for November.

Soggy election morning @ The Storm for the 11 strong PAX that posted. Here's how it went down...

Warm-up: 15 SSH IC, 2 4x4 burpees, 15 IW IC, 4 4x4 burpees, 15 cotton pickers IC, mosey the around the school.

The Thang:

Grab some wall for 
10 hip slappers
10 Australian MCs (right leg count only)
10 decline merkins
Wall sit while YHC engages PAX in a little conversation
Continue wall with 10 air presses IC
Rinse and repeat

Mosey a short bit to the parking lot for some rugby sprints between the light poles (do called exercise until caller says "GO!", sprint one way, sprint back, walk/recover to the other end)
YHC called for flutter kicks IC, don't remember the count. Let the PAX call nine other exercises, all core, except for Top Hat who called for squats. I guess definitionally a squat is a core exercise.

Mosey to the tennis courts for some Dora Assisted Suicides. P1 does exercise while P2 runs a suicide sprint across two courts, does 5 burpees, sprints back, then flip flop. Called exercises: 100 jump squats, 200 Bobby Hurley's, 300 monkey humpers. YHC called time with a few dozen monkey humpers remaining.

Moseyed back to the start for the Pledge, announcements, and prayers.

Great work by all, and it was an honor to lead.

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