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When it Rains, We Don’t Care

Am I right?

I’ve chatted enough, now let’s get to it.

WARM UP: Side Straddle Hops 20 IC, Monkey Humpers 10 IC, Mountain Climbers 10 IC , PlankJacks 10 IC,



Mosey on over to the Parking Deck to get out of the rain.

Level 1: 20 Merkins, run to ramp and bear crawl up and over to the end of the next level.
Level 2: 20 Squats, run to ramp and bear crawl up and over to the end of the next level.
Level 3 20 Dying Cockroaches, run down to the starting point.

Level 1: 15 Merkins, run to ramp and bear crawl up and over to the end of the next level.
Level 2: 15 Squats, run to ramp and bear crawl up and over to the end of the next level.
Level 3 15 Dying Cockroaches, run down to the starting point.

Level 1: 20 Merkins, run to ramp and bear crawl up and over to the end of the next level.
Level 2: 20 Squats, run to ramp and bear crawl up and over to the end of the next level.
Level 3 20 Dying Cockroaches, run down to the starting point.

5 Burpies.

Level 1: 20 Mountain Climbers, run to ramp and bear crawl up and over to the end of the next level.
Level 2: 20 Monkey Humpers, run to ramp and bear crawl up and over to the end of the next level.
Level 3 20 Michael Phelps, run down to the starting point.

Level 1: 15 Mountain Climbers, run to ramp and bear crawl up and over to the end of the next level.
Level 2: 15 Monkey Humpers, run to ramp and bear crawl up and over to the end of the next level.
Level 3 15 Michael Phelps, run down to the starting point.

Level 1: 20 Mountain Climbers, run to ramp and bear crawl up and over to the end of the next level.
Level 2: 20 Monkey Humpers, run to ramp and bear crawl up and over to the end of the next level.
Level 3 Michael Phelps, run down to the starting point.

5 Burpies.

Carolina Dry Dock 10 IC, Mountain Climbers 10, Crunchy Frog 10

Mosey back to the Pavilion

Merkins, Monkey Humpers, Sumo Squats, Freddie Mercuries, Flutterkicks, American Hammers,


We did the mash, we did the Monster mash

Its been awhile since YHC led a bootcamp workout. To be honest, it’s been awhile since I regularly attended any bootcamp. Last week when Gastone had said there was an opening for 10/31, I was quick to jump all over it. I needed this kind of accountability to get my lazy arse outta the fartsack and back into the swing of things. Being the day I chose to step up and Q was also Halloween, I immediately felt the creative juices flowing. Trying to out do Short Sale in the creativity department is a challenge within itself, but it’s a challenge. Since we are also in a 40-day challenge, It seemed fitting that I needed to challenge myself in this department. I had been promoting the event as “Spooktacular” and that costumes were welcome. Hell, I even threw in a costume contest with a prize to the best costume.

After a week of careful planning I had the creative weinke set and Halloween props set aside. YHC got an early start to this cool, brisk, Halloween morning. In the old Harry Peeter parking lot, the Prius looked like a Kardashian with all of the festive junk in the trunk. I began to setup shop at roughly 0500. As I finished setup the only thing left to do was ensure the Halloween playlist was set and Bluetooth speaker was paired properly. Slight technical difficulties with the pairing. 0528, 2 minutes left and finally got the pairing to go through. Shouldn’t have taken that long as not only am I an IT guy, but I was also dressed as a Nerd for the workout. Jail break to the start. Glad to see we had some PAX dressed up for the occasion. Seeing the PAX embrace the theme makes it so much more enjoyable! Thanks to the guys that dressed up: Toto (Wolfman), Stroganoff (I can’t even explain), Clavin (Morph Man), Gastone (A 4 at the bar, maybe a 6 after a couple), Sargento (Whoopees sister cousin) and YHC (Nerd).

0530 – Let’s begin.

Quick disclaimer, No FNG’s spotted



Mosey to Old Harry Peter parking lot

The Fang

Let’s kick this party off with the Halloween playlist!!

Circle up for a quick count off – 20! Perfect # for what’s ahead…

Partner Up and line up behind 1 of the sand filled pumpkins (15Lbs. each)

Dora 123 – Multiples of 31 for Halloween

P1 starts exercise while P2 sprints, screaming with arms flailing looking like the typical Blonde in every horror movie that’s getting chased by the slasher to end of parking lot. Turn around and Zombie Walk back.

FYI – For those that tried to correct me (Ahem, GASTONE) the F3 Exicon states “Zombie Walk” is A lunge walk over a long distance. Causes the PAX to groan and stumble like the Walking Dead.

NO WHERE DOES IT STATE Lunge, Lunge, Squat.

The Exercises for Dora:

93 Lateral Pumpkin Jumps

186 Pumpkin Curls

279 Pumpkin Goblin Squats


For some reason the music halted a few times during Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller”. Rather disappointing but I blame AT&T service. The parking lot is a known Dead Zone. Pun intended.

Oh and Sargento took of his shirt. True HIM.


Next up is something I named: The Headless Horseman

Partner carry. Bottom PAX is the “Horse”. Top PAX is the “Headless Horseman” and holds Pumpkin up high with 1 arm. Switch at end of parking lot. Repeat using other arm.

YHC noted there would be penalties if you dropped your pumpkin

  • 50 Burpee penalty if you dropped and broke your pumpkin

  • 25 Burpee penalty if you dropped pumpkin but it remained intact.

Kudos to Pedal & Madoff for being the first and only team to drop theirs! As they began their burpee set, Rudolph chimed in for all PAX to assist them getting through their burpee set. I don’t recall YHC agreeing to this, but hey, when in Rome…


Gravedigger/Dead Body Carry

Split PAX into two equal lines

Man 1 – picks up 50Lb sand bag and carries to end Parking lot and back

Man 2 – acts like he’s digging hole with 15Lb Dumbbell (use left side then right side)

While waiting in line for their turn the PAX held various plank positions.

Only 1 round JK2, but I appreciate you liking the exercise so much you wanted to do it again.


Last was HIPAA’s Fun House. Let’s all pile into the store opening and spell out HALLOWEEN with some fun sized exercises. For some reason the PAX looked at the list and thought we couldn’t possibly finish this in time. Well, we came damn close. Modify as needed to get through the entire list.

H-and Release Merkins x 25

A-merican Hammers x 25 (Left to Right is 1)

L-BC’s x 50

L-ow Dolly x 25 (6″ height)

O-ut and Back (Run to light post and back)

W-WI’s x 25

E-scalator (5 Jump Squats, 15 Burpees, 25 Merkins, 35 Squats, 45 Lunges)

E-2K (Oblique Crunch) x 20 (each side)

N-olan Ryans x 25 (each side)


0613 Times up, head back to start. Leave the props, ill get them later. I honestly don’t think anyone was going to attempt to steal weighted plastic pumpkins or 50Lb. sand bags LOL.

I’m pleased to announce we had a 3 way tie for best costume. For some reason Sargento wasn’t participating in the contest. He said it was just his normal attire.

Congrats to Toto, Stroganoff & Clavin. Each should’ve received a portion of Catawba Brewing Companies 6-pack of “White Zombie” (2 cans each); however, YHC done left em in the fridge. Q Fail! Sorry guys, ill hand them out when I see you next time.


Xmas Party Quiche house December 15th

Convergence November 10th



Prayers for children and families going out trick or treating tonight.

YHC took us out.


Gentleman thank you for coming out this morning. I hope you all enjoyed your time. Enjoyed the fellowship, laughter and sweat. Look forward to seeing you all in the gloom real soon!





Pre Halloween Party

It was a crisp fall morning at the storm as I arrived.  The stars were out and the moon was shining in all its glory.  I could feel it.  Yep! This is going to be a good morning once again with my 15 F3 brothers at the Storm.

5:30…lets get busy.



Appalachian Americans x 10

SSH x 20

mosey to traffic circle on campus beside field for Jack Webbs up to 10.

mosey to parking lot in front of school for main event.

Main Event

Instruction is to do exercise written in parking space and run to light pole approximately 150 feet away and on to the next work station.

  1.  Mountain Climbers x 30
  2. Merkins x 30
  3. Plank 30 count
  4. American Hammers x 20
  5. Curls x 10
  6. Derkins x 20
  7. V ups x 20
  8. CDD’s x 20
  9. Squats x 20
  10. Burpees x 10

I think everyone made it through roughly 2.5 times before time to go.

According to my watch we did just over 2 miles.

There was some great fellowship and decent music.

All pushed hard and got stronger.  Very nice work gentlemen!

I like to send a shout out to my man Hydrant.  Nice work brother.  Way to push that darn rock!


November 10- Convergence at the Yank.  Rosco and Shortsale co-Q beatown

November 29- Christmastown 5K

Dec 15- Christmas Party at Quiche’s-

It is always my honor to join you guys and start my day in such a positive way.  I thank God for you.





That trail is off limits…

13 at Midoriyama on a beautiful fall day.

In preparation for the Charlotte marathon, YHC decided to bring all the PAX along on a training run.

Warm-o-Rama w/ 10 burpees, 20 SSH, 10 imperial walkers, and 10 GD slow Donny Q’s.

Scenic route mosey to top of gravel trail w/ 5 burpees at every speed bump + various ner, carioca, skipping, etc. Occasionally stopping to SSH for the 6. Once halting at the top of the trail, Pizza Man declares that the trail is “off limits” for very obscure reasons. YHC’s experience with middle school students has made him impervious to such nonesense, so the show carries on.

5 burpees at the top of the trail, 10 merkins every time past the orange cone roughly halfway down the trail, and 10 Bobby Hurley’s at the bottom. X5.

Once all have completed the gentle mosey, it’s time to head back to the shovel flag, this time with a slightly more direct route. Still stopping for 5 burpees at every speed bump (affectionately known by Slaw as humpees).

Once back at the flag, still 5 minutes to spare, plenty of time to take a crack at YHC’s favorite ab routine: the Spartan 300. 50 LBCs, 50 Flutters, 50 American Hammers, 50 Low Dollies, 50 Dying Cockroaches, and 50 WW2 Sit-ups. After some mumblechatter accusing YHC of poor mathematical judgement, the PAX suffered thr…er completed the first 4 exercises, 25 in cadence of each.

Right at 6:15, time to close things out, Edison reminds YHC to bookend with 10 burpees. This brings our total to 50 Bobby Hurley’s, 75 burpees, 100 merkins, 200 abs, and a bunch of SSH, all interspersed over the course of at least 3 miles of moseying with around 300 feet of elevation gain. Strong work put in by all.

Announcements: Gold Digger banned from all Q’s, Nov. 10 convergence w/ 3rd F to follow, Nov. 24 Christmastown 5K, Dec. 15 Christmas party at the Quiche’s. Sign up for Q’s at Midoriyama and all local AO’s. No Midoriyama on Thanksgiving Day.

Prayer Requests: Traveling mercies for Shocker, Quiche, DDC. People battling addiction.

Until next time (which may be vetoed),

Gold Digger

Nothing Fancy Here Folks

6 faced the cold weather this morning for a little workout. It was great to see Volt return after taking a few weeks for his ankle to heal. Time is limited this morninng for me so this will be quick.

SSH – 10 IC
Toy Soldiers – 10 IC
Mountain Climbers – 10 IC

Mosey to the pole for the pledge, quick mosey to the horse track.

Walls of Jericho- 7 each Merkins, WWI Situos,Little Gumby In The Woods, Jump Lunges, then 1 lap, repeat 7 times.

Mosey to historic village for sets.
Dips – 10 IC
Derkins – 10 IC (feet on the porch, hands in the grass)
LBCs – 25 OYO
Step ups- 10 IC
Repeat all exercises.

Mosey to the parking lot for Mary.
Cross-leg Crunches – 15 IC each leg
Sandy Vs – 10 OYO
22 for the Vets
50 LBCs


Pray for the victims/witnesses of the Butler shooting, pray for all the kids, MW mom improving, his leg is improving


Like Pops in Friday said, ‘people too quick to pick up a gun…scared to take an ass whoopin.’ A kid made a life choice yesterday and now will pay for it for years and much of his life is likely now wasted in prison. I wont pretend to know the whole situation here, I just know it is a sad thing to see! Talk to your kids, encourage them, be a role model, and pray for them.

Keep on keeping on…

15 HIMs posted for a Pizza Man breakfast delivery.  I wasn’t sure how many would come out due to the highly anticipated VQ from Gold Digger at the Yank.  For those that posted I hope that you got your money worth even though it was JV.  Some PAX got in some EC and some rolled up right on time or maybe a little tardy.  With that being said it went like this:



Don Q’s

Moroccan nightclubs and more Moroccan nightclubs until everyone is ready.

Now 10 burpees OYO, then 9, then 8, and so on until the PAX got to 1 but nope not 1, 10 burpees OYO.  Now with our hearts pumping let’s mosey.  We ran to the furthest parking lot for 11’s with Mike Tyson’s and WW1’s.  Good work men!!  Now let’s mosey to the entrance for Route 66 with Bobby Hurley’s.  Now with that complete YHC wanted to bring something my man Broke introduced to Midoriyama on Tuesday.  We moseyed to the tennis courts for Swiper.  It consists of partnering up…20 burpees, partner wheelbarrow, 100 merkins, and then the other partner wheelbarrow back.  Rinse and repeat with 200 LBCs and then 300 squats (All exercises were cumulative totals).  Time!!


Nov. 10th Convergence at the Yank and 3rd F event following.

Nov. 24th SFN Christmastown 5k…please come and support

Dec. 15th Christmas party at Quiche’s Casa


Great work by all this morning!! Congratulations to Montross for taking over Site Q at Folsom.

Until next time Pizza Man is OOOOOUUUTTTTT!!

Muddy Poston

10/28/2018 2:30 p.m. George Poston Park in Lowell. Backblast for our Sunday afternoon Mountain Bike ride.
A Twitter notice was sent out to F3 Gastonia to any mountain bike riders who wanted to ride be at Whitewater Center (if trails were open) or at Poston. Well, Whitewater trails were closed so Poston it is. To be honest, I do not like riding mountain bikes at Poston even in the best of conditions. In a moment of delusion and/or weakness, I decided to attend this debacle since the weather was so nice. Big Mistake! First thing in the parking lot, a policeman pulls up to us asks one of us to come closer to his car window. The officer hands Boudin a tube replacement kit he had found with no ID on it and is on his way. Gumby investigates some suspicious behavior in the parking lot and then we are ready to ride. The ride begins and everything seems fine. It is a little muddy but not too bad so far. At the Lake Loop intersection, the gang is all waiting for me to show up. We take off on Laurel Hill Loop (I think) and after a couple of close calls and even being very cautious, I eventually fall off the bike on a big, muddy, leafy, rooty downhill slope even though I was going pretty slow. I tried to do the stuntman roll like you see on TV but I was holding on to a bike so it wasn’t very graceful. I wasn’t hurt too bad (scrape on the arm and a bruise on the top of my foot) but that sealed the deal for me for today’s riding. I’m out! I followed the trail down to the creek bridge and Boudin and I escaped back to the gravel road and eventually the parking lot. The other guys got in around 8 miles and we got in around 3. Poston is difficult enough in the best of conditions but being wet made it no fun for me. I will leave it for the (Semi) professionals. Those dudes are TOUGH!

Sleeping Turtle

12 for a Turtleman Q but he overslept. Gastone, took the Q and all were pumped.

The Thang:

20 SSH (For me these were actually hard, my legs were so tight)

10 Imperial Walker

15 Merkins

Mosey to playground.

Partner up, top of the hill on the sidewalk do 1 partner Derkin, jog opposite directions around and meet at the other side and do 10 hand slap Merkins. Rinse and repeat until you switch the numbers. 11’s. (Turtleman Joined us from the Fastsack)

LBC’s until they finish.

50 Squats one corner.

50 Monkey Humpers next corner.

Lunge walk up the hill, 50 yards.

50 Sumo Squat Jumps. (Mumble Chatter but that led to a HIM pushing and completing the 50 instead of sitting on the sideline, Nice work)

Backwards run all the way back to the start. 1/2 a mile.

The Moleskin:

Effort leads to results! If you run with faster men you will also run faster. Form is important.

As always thanks for the opportunity, it is a privilege to lead that will not last forever.


Gastone Out.


I heard you Turtleman.



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