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Day: November 26, 2018

Google’s debut VQ

After carefully pondering what he wants to do for his VQ over the annual Thanksgiving family trip to FL Google woke up this morning ready to take the next step in his F3 adventure.

We arrived at the (I can’t remember if its Black Knight on Mondays, Snowballs, Martha’s House, or whatever…you get the place) AO to see first Toto then the rest of the 9 HIMs gathering for the ensuing epic Google VQ beatdown.  As I remember it went something kinda like this.




SSH x 30 (oyo)

Mosey to picnic shelter

Step Ups x 30 each leg (oyo)

Dips x 30 (oyo)

Derkins x 10 (oyo)

Mosey around baseball fields

The Thang:

11’s in Martha’s parking lot.  American Hammers over there and Lunges over here.

Upon completion circle up for PAX called exercises.  As I remember:

SSH x 200 (or 100 double count)

15 Crunchy Frogs

30 L BC’s

50 Flutter Kicks

30 American Hammers

5 Burpees

30 Merkins

20 Squats

20 Diamond Merkins

Return to shelter for:

30 Step ups each leg

30 Dips

Mosey back to snowballs

Time up.  Great work gentlemen.


Thank you to the guys for the support, encouragement, guidance, conversation, push, and overall greatness.  Its means more than you will ever know.



Gashouse Sneak Attack

After a week of Top Secret planning, and some additional planning that ended up with Whoopee getting his own Slack channel, the day to invade F3 Shelby and crush the hopes and dreams of F3 Rock Hill finally arrived. A total of 31 Brave, Honorable, Courageous…..oops….31 IDIOTS rolled into the Powderhorn AO in a line of cars that made it look like the fair was back in town. The weather was perfect for a beatdown, around 33 degrees and raining. After some fellowship, mumble chatter and a disclaimer we got to work.


The Thang

1,000 SSH’s, 2,000 Flutter Kicks and some other stuff in grass fields with 6″ of standing water.


There was a ton of mumble chatter through the entire workout and it was great to see the 3 different regions come together for an awesome event. 64 total PAX in terrible weather shows how much F3 means to so many PAX. In the end, the Ghost Flag stays in NC and I’m sure we can expect a visit from F3 Rock Hill in the near future.


Thanks to Pizza Man for promoting the trip and all the PAX who attended.



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