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Day: November 15, 2018

Happy Birthday Max and Jenny!

When Dr. Seuss asked me to Q sometime in November, I asked what dates were open.  He said that the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th were open.  I though of how perfect Nov 15th would be for my VQ since it’s my daughter and grand sons birthday.  So I started working on my winkie right away and came up with some good ideas using 11-15-16 (my grandson’s birthday) and 2 for his age.  I also came up with ideas for my daughter, who was born on 11-15-89 and is 29 years old.  Having lived here for 37 years, I knew that rain was a strong possibility.  I wanted to use the picnic tables on Goat Island and arrived a few minutes early to find that the gates to the bridge were closed.  It was raining pretty hard, so in my best Peyton Manning voice…….. OMAHA, OMAHA!!!

Since it was raining and 36 degrees, I figured it was best to stay dry today so to my disappointment, no running.   I hope my fellow HIM’s appreciated staying dry under the pavillion.


Warm up:

Goof Balls

Monkey Humpers

Moroccan Night Clubs

We did these until YHC got tired or bored.


Ab Time Without ToolTime

LBC x 30

Freddie Mercury Forward x 15

Freddie Mercury Reverse x 15

Six Shooters x 6 each side

Crunchy Frogs x 10 oyo

Obliques x 15 each side


For my grandson Max Irvine

11 Burpees

15 Merkins

16 Leg Raises

Run in place for 2 mins

Rinse and repeat x 2


Merkins x 10 right hand forward, x 10 left hand forward

Aiken legs – jump squats x 30, copperhead squats x 30

X-factor sit ups x 15

Rinse and repeat x 2


For my daughter, Jenny Irvine

11 shoulder taps

15 Donkey kicks

89 LBC’s

Rinse and repeat x 2 (substitute calf raises for LBC’s)


6:12 – 22 WWI’s for the Vets


Wanderer calls for high knees

Virus calls for jump lunges


Thank you Dr. Seuss for asking me to Q today.  Special thanks to all who showed up on a cold rainy morning in the gloom.

Closed with COT

Dirt is OUT!









Painlab Inspired

3 HIMS didn’t let a cold rain discourage them from getting better this morning. The night before we had a one pax with his M at the hospital. Another pax with a nagging injury and yet another pax that had to go to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning  for his M’s mom. That knocked the available pax down athe least by 3. Hope all is well men we will be praying for you. Now for the Painlab inspired beat down which is a new style of workout to me.

Warmarama: SSH, Toy Soldiers, Gravel Pickers

Thang: Dips, Incline Merkins, Step ups, Derkins, then on your 6 for the core part of the routine. LBCs, American Hammers,Big Boys, Freddie Mercurys, and Sandy V’s.  All exercises X 10 OYO. Repeat these for the next 35 minutes.

We really started to feel the core work after a few sets and by the end it was a struggle to finish the core work. Great work by all but we’re not done yet. Makhtar  N’ Daiyes X10 IC, Peter Parkers X10 IC, Parker Peters X10 IC. Those were a real crowd pleaser after the core work. With just 30 seconds left 10 burpees  OYO.  Time.

Announcements: Christmas  Town 5K, half marathon Dec 22 ,Operation Sweet Tooth

Prayer Request: Allen Tate mother in law, Bed Pans M, each other

Encouragement along the way

YHC awoke early this AM to the pitter patter of rain hitting the windows of his house. Being close to the holidays and my 2.0’s birthday, YHC couldn’t afford to get sick by running haphazardly in the torrential rains that had been in the area all week long. But, I knew I still had a job to do and the fact that a core principle of F3 is: “Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold”. Not knowing who or if anyone would show I took off enroute to the popular running AO. Arrived at the Pub right on schedule. JJ and Roscoe are there, rain gear on & ready to go. YHC informed them of his no running intentions. Time for pledge but no shovel flag. Improvise, OK Google : American Flag. Google images provides us with a flag. The pledge was said. YHC wished them well & told them to be safe. JJ informs me they will be on all sidewalks only for safety.

The Thang:

The PAX took off on the Martha’s loop.

YHC Decides to do a dry run of the Pub whilst they run. I take off and do the 5 mile Gardner Park loop. Made pretty good time, avg 2:05pace. Finished in 10:31.

With time to spare YHC had plans.

Im out here so do some burpees. Find shelter along the way and bust out a few at Publix gas station, Harris Teeter loading dock area and the old Rite-Aid. I managed to knock out 50 total in the 3 stops.

Check on the PAX. Met the PAX around the half way point (Rite-Aid) and offered some words of encouragement. If only I had a cowbell.

0600 – Starbucks run

0610 – I arrive back at the Pub and begin writing my Backblast in the parking lot. Really trying to beat these Folsom guys at this.

0620 – PAX arrive back at the Pub. Soaked, but with smiles on their faces. Surprised that YHC stuck around They must remember the F3 Credo is: Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

YHC reminded these men what True HIM they really are. Coming out in these conditions and pushing themselves to be better. That said I rewarded them with some Starbucks gift cards to help them warm up after that cold, wet run. Only really good Q’s take care of their PAX 🤣!


40 Day prayer challenge, Proverbs & Ecclesiastes chapters.

YHC took us out

Men, remind yourself that even if you are unable to physically do something, you can always find other ways of accomplishing things. Yes I could’ve stayed in the fartsack this AM, but I had a job to do and people depending on me to be there. Accountability and commitment. This should hold true outside of our workouts and into our busy lives.

To the Weasel Shaker – I cannot in good conscience allow you to give me credit for this workout. Please remember to “-1” my totals for November.

JJ & Roscoe, I’ll catch you guys next run!




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