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  • When: 05/10/16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Stroganoff, Bandit, Linus, Squeaker, TopHat, Wonder Woman (FNG), Monk, Brownstreak, JK2, Madoff, Radar, Flesh Wound, Whoopee

After the burpee challenge over the weekend I wanted to provide a workout worthy of attending so I thought I had a beatdown prepared. Little did I know that Stroganoff was using this workout as a “warm-up” for his opportunity to double down at Midori-freaking-yamasaki. Good for you Stroganoff-proud of you for pushing it to the limit. Next time, more burpees….

Started with Disclaimer, then WU with 10 reps IC with SSH, Squats, LBC…..zzzz, bored again so jumped into 5 burpees OYO X 3 sets to start some mumble chatter. And then we began…

The Thang

Mosey around the parking lot in a circle/square shape and half way around did MTFs (Merkins To Failure)-do as many as possible to exhaustion/failure then rest X 20 seconds then repeat for total of 3 sets. While the first set for me was nothing to brag about, the 2nd and 3rd sets were something I plan to keep to my numbers to myself. We continued the mosey for almost another lap then did squats X 50 IC. This was a leg burner with early mumble chatter but no little girl whiny voice from the usual crowd, will have to address that next time.

We then continued the mosey around the school to the dumpster/bus area for review of 5 rules of F3 then partnered up with P1 doing running loop up few stairs, down ramp, over to the dumpster/jump on loading dock then down the ramp while P2 did sets of squats and flutter kicks. Original plan was 2 sets each but Stroganoff ordered a 3rd helping so we continued as requested.

Then we took a short mosey to the picnic tables…..short set of dips then……hip slappers-still my favorite and definitely a crowdpleaser. We did 15 IC, changed positions, 10 IC, changed positions again then 5 IC (not sure if numbers are correct). We moseyed from there to the Eye of the Storm/Art Thing for quick reminder of King/Queen/Jester. Then moseyed back to start for Mary X approx 5minutes then Pledge. Think there were 5 burpees OYO somewhere in there also but not sure then did pledge.

Ended with prayer requests, announcements, then naming of Wonder Woman (FNG) posting compliments of  Guinness-he was not present and believe there is a name for EHing someone but not posting with them but cannot recall.

Great job guys, think we had total of 30 men post today (I counted Stroganoff twice since he posted twice today) which is really great. Proud to be part of this group of men who are making a difference. Keep it up-find someone to EH this month (at least 1 or 2 this month) and get them here. Lot of guys need this.

until next time-Whoopee out