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Day: May 3, 2016

Anything left out?

7 PAX gathered in the eerie post-storm gloom at the Folsom.


With a slight drizzle upon us we mosey down to the lower parking lot with a nice paced lap around Coming to a stop at a nearby shelter.

Warmups: IC


calf raises

flutter kicks

Tha Thang

partner up, PAX 1 reverse suicide width of parking lot while PAX 2 prison push-ups, switch it up. Then PAX 1 duck walks a distance while PAX 2 plank jacks, switch. Then P1 inch worms(easier in demonstration) a distance while P2 LBC, switch. Then P1 toy soldiers while P2 flying squirrels, switch.

Mosey to first corner of parking lot stop 10 SSH, mosey to next corner 10 squats, mosey to next corner Freddie Mercuries. Mosey back to the upper lot for the Pledge.

With a quick recover, Dolph couldn’t help himself but to throw in 10 burpees on your own, we abliged the notion. Then we Circle up for some 1 minute drills, merkins, toe squats, mt climbers, and ended with a Ring of Fire merkins x 10!

Announcements, prayer requests lifted up, and prayer for the road!

great job men, and thanks for the opportunity to Q!

Merkin & Burpee Downpour

The Storm took on its name on the drive over this morning. Heavy rain and lighting an hour before I felt sure would lead to a light crowd if any?  To my Surprise 8 regulars and 1 FNG posted to start the day off right.


Warm Up (IC)




Mosey at a friendly pace around parking lot

Imperial Walker




10 min of Run and Merkins around upper parking lot

Run 1 min

Merkin 1 min

rinse and repeat for 10 min

After 10 min one more lap for good measure and than plank at the gate for the six.

Flutter Kicks (ICx30)

5 min of BUrpees

10 Burpees a min for 5 MIn

Flutter Kicks (ICx30)

Mosey to the Softball field in search of BA Blocks. Unable to locate the blocks we had to call and audible and do Dora 1/2/3 with out

200 Squats

100 Merkins

50 Burpees

Partner runs down thread trail to bottom and back up while other does above exercise.

Ran short on time and had to stop short of Burpees. Mosey back to cars for COT.

One more round of 10 Burpees.


Welcome Bill Fangman (Chocula)


Prayer Request-: T-Squares son

Not having the word of the week with me I found this little bit of advice on Twitter this morning. Three words we often hear that tend to have a negative meaning

F irst

A ttempt

I n

L earning



E ffort

N ever

D ies


N ext

O pportunity


As always a pleasure to lead this group.



F3 The Musical

MOUNT MADORIYAMA GASTONIA — A record-breaking number of PAX showed up to audition for F3 the musical. “I couldn’t believe how many are here,” Floppy Disk, the producer, said, “these guys must love the theater.”

After a short warm up the main audition started. Siri, the musical director, loaded up the first song, “Flower”, by Moby. The goal was to show the upper body stamina by doing mericans every time Sally went up and came down. Completing this was a struggle for all the men, grunts and groans were so loud they could be heard over revved up Eleanor.

Next up came the song Roxanne and it did sting. A burpee every time her name was called and it was called a lot.

To round out the dance portion, Joe Nichols did a rendition of “Yeah” and the men were saying “No, No”, but it kept on. This time with a squat for good measure.

Most concerning of all was after the songs ended, Allen Tate, one of the men auditioning, kept pirouetting through the parking lot and many had no idea he was such a balletomane.

In all seriousness thanks all for coming out!

Warmup IC

  • 20 Windmills
  • 10 Smurf Jacks
  • 1 minute arm circles forward
  • 1 minute arm circles backward

Main Thang

  • “Bring Sally Up” with mercans
  • “Roxanne” with Burpees
  • “yeah” with squats
  • Whamo Lunge Walks – each PAX got a turn
  • 1 circle mercan
  • reverse hill run 10 LBC at top, forward down hill, 10 LBC — Total of 5 climbs
  • Modified zombie walk. Lunge, Lunge, Burpee For 30 feet.
  • wall sits
  • Frog hops
  • 50 wall taps
  • 50 tricep dips
  • 2 sets — 10 scissor legs, 10 in outs, 10 v-ups
  • low plank (plank jack when anyone yells “Yeah”)
  • in place jump roping 2 mins
  • Ended at the flag for announcements, pledge, and COT.

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