• Post Type:
  • When: 5-10-16
  • AO:
  • QIC: Dolph
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Sparky, Mary Lou, Hydrant, Garfield, Crusader, Allen Tate, Huckleberry, Gumby, Roadie, Shingle, Medicine Woman

12 of Folsom’s finest showed up in the gloom to face the Blockbuster. The pax had seen this before but it was a modified version. YHC felt it was time to give them the full experience. The pax didn’t back down and pushed through. Nice job fellas. YHC had only 5 coupons and the pax were informed if Sparky didn’t make we would have to modify. Thankfully he pulled in with the remaining coupons and the Blockbuster was saved. No FNG’s were present so there was a short disclaimer; this is U vs U, push yourself and modify as needed.

Warmup; SSH x 10 IC, CDD x 12 IC, LBC’s x 12 IC, Toysoldiers x 12 IC; Allen Tate came in hot so the Folsom pax have remaned the Monkey Humper- Allen Tate.

Thang; YHC explained to the Pax that we would complete 3 sets of 6 exercises with the block and run a 1/2 mile before and in between each set and at the end for a 2 mile total. Definitely got the mumble chatter going early. Exercises were curls x 10 IC, Squats x 10 IC, french curls x 10 IC, front raise x 10 IC, squat press x 10 SC, Good mornings x 10 IC (we will feel these tomorrow for sure. This took the whole time and maybe a few minutes more, sorry fellas.

Moleskin; Nice work by all Pax, the running was a little more than usual but was handled by Pax very well. Tclaps to Sparky and Garfield for pushing the Q, nice work men. Hope it wasn’t too much for you Medicine Woman after the dunk contest last night, wished I could of seen that. To the cyldesdales way to push the rock men. Gumby has the Q on Thursday, looking forward to it sir.

COT; Namorama; Prayer requests and announcements.

BOM; Sparky thanks for taking us out sir. As always an honor to lead you men. #DRP. Till the next one. AYE!