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Day: May 24, 2016

Pre Memorial Day Modified Murph

8 appeared in the Gloom this am for a sample of the MURPH!

Warmup; x 15 IC; SSH, Toy Soldier, CDD, Trunk Side Stretch


Thang; YHC asked the Pax if they knew what the MURPH was? Couple of the pax stated they had heard of it and I also heard something about getting back in the truck. The ones who didn’t know got a little a history on Michael Murphy. #Respect
To give up your life for your fellow brothers and your country. No words can express my gratitude for that. So the Pax were informed we were going to modify Murph’s workout and only do half. Run a 1/2 mile, 5 sets of each; 10 pullups, 20 mericans, 30 squats. Run a 1/2 mile. The Pax embraced the challenge and hit it head on. Nice to see them work together on the pullups and push each other during the exercises. YHC offered the count to the Pax and they jumped in as well. Mericans got a little fast on a few of the sets, my apologies. After the second 1/2 mile the Pax moseyed to the tennis court to finish out the time with A little bit o Mary. Huckleberry with Ring of Fire, Shingle with LBC’s, Hydrant with Mountain Climbers, Roadie with SSH, Garfield with Lunge in Place, Hank with 10 Burpees OYO, Mary Lou, you gonna have to help me out sir, drawing a blank, was it hillbillies, yes I think it was. YHC with 10 pretzels IC each side.

Moleskin; Strong work men. A pleasure to push the rock with you guys. It’s awesome to see the growth in each one of you. #DFQ. It doesn’t get easier you just get stronger. Tclaps to Huckleberry, nice work sir. Mary Lou called me out on at least one of the Tempo merican sets. AYE! It is an honor to lead you men.

COT, Namorama, Announcements, Prayer Requests,

BOM; Thanks for taking us out Huckleberry

Get that heart rate up!

For today’s workout, I decided to do a little throwback. Five years ago I was overweight, out of shape, and a big ball of mush. One day I just got tired of it and started working out at home. This was before I ever heard of f3.

Fifty pounds later I decided to introduce one of my favorite routines to the PAX. It was brutal but we made it through and I was impressed at how well everyone did.

Here’s the outline.


  • Straight arm side straddle hop IC
  • Side to side jump ropes
  • arms out high knees
  • hit the floor
  • side to side floor hops
  • Side straddle hops
  • high knees

The pledge as we caught our breath.

Main event.

These are all done for one minute with no breaks unless you get tired. As many as you can do.

  • High low squat jabs
  • Fast feet to low plank.
  • 8 Bobby Hurley 4 hop squat
  • Right front kicks
  • Left front kicks
  • Diamond jumps
  • 4 Plank in an outs. 4 push up jacks
  • Burpees
  • 8 high knees 8 Sprints 8 floor Sprints
  • Plank with hoping feet to left side then center then right
  • Front kick and step back and touch the ground. Right leg
  • Front kick and step back and touch the ground. Left leg
  • Squat twists. Squat and touch your foot after coming up. Alternate.
  • Hop to one leg and bring the other behind.
  • In the squat punch twice. Jump and do 180 to a squat and repeat.
  • Power knees to left
  • Power knees to right
  • Jump side to side landing in squat with a hook pinch
  • Squat then front kick (alternate kicks)
  • Run up a little, touch ground. Run back, touch ground.
  • Peter Parker’s with a push up
  • Plank punches
  • 8 jump ropes / 8 pulse squats
  • Squat and hold and pretend to hit a speed bag.

At this point, I was out of exercises but we still had 10 minutes left. So I took a quick survey, then abruptly disregarded the results, and started again from the top.

  • High low squat jabs
  • Fast feet to low plank.
  • 8 Bobby Hurley 4 hop squat
  • Right front kicks
  • Left front kicks
  • Diamond jumps
  • 4 Plank in an outs. 4 push up jacks
  • I threw in an audible and we did LBC’s to catch our breath before the final pain.
  • Burpees
  • Low plank and hold, Do a plank jack anytime someone yelled “Yeah”. Tool time didn’t get the memo and kept screaming yeah as we looked at him with disgust.

Ended on 45 minutes exactly. Quick list of announcements and ended with the COT.

Here is some early feedback on the workout:

Thanks men for making me stronger! Until next time, Floppy Disk signing off. 

A Year Later

A little over a year ago made my first F3 post at the Storm. Though it would be a good opportunity for a work out of all the exercises that I dislike.

To the surprise of the PAX I was able to locate some cinder  blocks to add to the joy of the morning.

Warm Up

SSHx 25

Imperial Walkerx25

Moroccan Night Clubx25

Flutter KickX25




Mosey around parking lot which was out track for the day for one lap.

Back at start partner up for some fun

  1. Lunge walk the 400 meters with block. Partner A lunge walk while B takes a lap switching spots as you catch each other for one lap.  (long way)
  2. After a short recover grab block and mosey to far corner swapping block with partner as need.
  3. Circle up for a few exercises 1. 30 x squat with block 2. 10 knee jump tucks 3. 25 x mt climbers 4. 20 x merkins 5. LBC x 20 6. 15x Hip Slapper
  4. Mosey up to Baseball field and rinse and repeat changing the last exercise to 10 Burpee OYO

Stack the blocks and mosey back to lot for some COT.

Still had a min so we caught 50x flutter IC to finish up.



T Square

Outhouse Dad

Shrimp Boat on up coming trip



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