It was a hot humid day at Midoriyama so I figured a nice trail run would get us out of the sun…at least for the most part.


Side straddle hop

Merkin jacks

Air squats




Heading towards the Lake loop, we see Billy Madison coming in hot so we welcome the chance to get in some merkins and flutter kicks. With those exercises down continue to head to the Lake loop hitting the kid  trail to get there. We stop at the picnic tables for some dips to get our arms going….off we go on the Lake loop. Throughout the trail run we gathered up for some V-ups, CDD’s, and Homer Marge’s. Great work by the PAX on the trail run but time to hit slider hill. We pushed through 5 sets on slider hill ending with 5 burpees. No time to rest…lets mosey to the steps for calf raises and we had just enough time for two sets of pull-ups then mosey back to the flag.

Pledge of alligence



Great work by all the PAX that came out!!! Always a pleasure to get to lead!!