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What about Bob?

Another Saturday, another Gashouse workout. 13 PAX gathered in the gloom for the JK2 Beat Down plus a side of stroganoff. No late stragglers and no FNG’s so there was a very short disclaimer from Stroganoff before a quick warm up that included some in cadence work:

SSH X 20
LBC’s X 20
Imperial Walkers X 21
Freddy Mercury’s X 20

Short mosey to the main flag in front of the Schiele for the pledge followed by the mosey to the Grier Middle School Track for:

The Thang

Back by popular demand as it has not been instituted lately was the Wolfpack Grinder. It has been a while since The Wolfpack Grinder has been performed and I must admit a moment of pride when I heard a few groans when announced what the first exercise would be:

On the track:

10 in cadence squats
Run 1/2 lap
25 Merkins OYO (Plank until all PAX complete)

10 in cadence squats
Run 1/2 lap
30 Mountain Climbers OYO

Rinse & Repeat

With the WP Grinder complete, the PAX moseyed to the courtyard for some Dora 1-2-3:

Partner 1 performs exercise while Partner 2 runs the steps and returns to pick up the cumulative counts as follows:

100 Merkins
200 Squats
300 single count flutter kicks

This took us to the halfway point and the Q was turned over to JK2 for the main beat down.

Mosey to the field for some partner work JK2 called BOB (or maybe BOB biscuit). BOB included some cumulative partner work that included the following down painment:

50 Burpees
100 Overhead presses
50 Burpees

We headed to the track for something but someone mentioned the word biscuit and bojangles in the same sentence so JK2 jumped on the opportunity to squeeze in a Whoopee special Bojangles Biscuit. Thanks.

We then moseyed back to the Schiele for some dip work at the picnic tables:

Dips X 30 OYO
Dips X 30 OYO

Thought we were done, JK2 thought otherwise.

Time for a round of In-Cadence Mary to finish it out:

Dying Cockroaches X 25
Flutter Kicks X 40
Hello Dolly X 30
Mountain Climbers X 25
Merkins X 15
LBC’s X 25
Nice work men.

Announcements: F3 Dads event today at the Schiele; Advisory meeting Sunday night (tomorrow) at a new location to be determined;

Several prayer requests. Finished with the name-o-rama and JK2 took us out with the prayer.

Many thanks to JK2 for a terrific Q today. I appreciate the opportunity to lead.

Until the next one.



Pre-Mud Run prep

It was a beautiful day at Mt. Midoriyama, with the Mud Run looming on Saturday, figured a full body workout was needed!!


-25 SSH IC

-15 Don Q IC

-30 LBCs

-Pledge of Allegiance


Run drive at each break on the right:

-25 merkins

Middle of drive near soccer fields:

-25 squats

Continue to playground

-10 pull ups

Continue to stop sign and turn around

Finish at flag

Total of 150 merkins

Check time:

-Zombie walks to the bleachers (about 40 yds.)

-20 Flutters IC

-Homer/Marge IC

-11’s (Jump ups and dips)

-Modified Jacob’s ladder- Run horse pits 6 times with increasing number of burpees each trip

-Mosey to stairs for calf raises (about 120 total)

-Mosey to playground for 10 pull ups

-Mosey back to flag for a little Mary

  • 10 Squat jacks
  • 20 Hillbillies
  • 10 Monkey Humpers


April 30-Mud Run

May 14th-Caromont Community Challenge

*Great work as always!! Always a pleasure getting the opportunity to lead!!


Is That a Manhole Cover or a Merlet?

Not sure why “Splashing Merlot” is not found in the F3 lexicon as its used quite liberally among the PAX to describe involuntary, forceful expulsion of the contents of one’s stomach through the mouth and sometimes the nose during, or as the result of a beat down (often linked to an FNGs first post).  I noticed this today as I wanted to see if “Merlet” was officially in the F3 lexicon.  Apparently not.  We’ll get back to this shortly.

It was a comfortable 64 degrees in downtown Cramerton as 8 PAX gathered to get uncomfortable. While there were no FNGs today, it was great to meet Soprano who made his first workout just the day before. We started with the full disclaimer, the Pledge of Alegience and then a short run across the bridge to the Goat Island park.  Noticed we were missing the battle call, “TAKE THE BRIDGE!”  Looking forward to BA’s return after softball season!

Warm Up

SSH x20 IC
Mericans x10 IC
Low Slow Squat x20 IC
Toy Soldier x10 IC
Body Builders x10 IC (8 count)
Stretch (right over left, reach for toes, flapjack)
Rinse and Repeat X2

During first round of Mericans we tried something new (for me at least)… start in plank, in cadence, ONE (down), TWO (push up to plank), THREE (right arm up & alternate each rep), FOUR (back to plank). Good alternative to the standard Merican for a dynamic stretching warm-up – if you really reach.

After the warmup we ran across the other bridge to the parking lot for a quick count-off. Yep… still have 8.

Next is the Merican Suicide Ladder. Starting next to the rancid trash can (yeah, sorry about that guys), we run 25 yards to the manhole cover and back, do set number of Mericans, then rinse and repeat X6. Since this is a ladder which infers we are climbing, we increase reps of Mericans by 5 for subsequent rounds. It went like this…

Run 25 yards and back to start
Complete 5 Mericans
Repeat x6
(Total 300 yards and 30 Mericans)

Run 25 yards and back to start
Complete 10 Mericans
Repeat x5
(Total 250 yards and 50 Mericans)

Run 25 yards and back to start
Complete 15 Mericans
Repeat x4
(Total 200 yards and 60 Mericans)

Grand total is about 1/2 mile and 140 Mericans. Oh yeah, it turns out the manhole cover was not what it seemed. Brownstreak keenly recognized this as a “Merlet”, or the artifact of Splashing Merlot. It was about the same size as the manhole cover, but more chunky-like. Did anyone leave that from last week’s Goat Island beat down? Uh, cleanup in isle one.

Once we recovered from this pain station, we started with a run back to the middle of the park, but as YHC began to head back, I was somewhat drawn to the hill to the left of the trail on the way back for an impromptu round of Elevens. Burps (10,9,8,etc…) at the bottom and LBCs (1,2,3,etc…) at the top.

Next we run back to the middle of the park for a brief motivational speech before continuing back to the parking lot where we started. With 1 minute remaining, we finish strong with Dying Cockroaches.

Remember to keep pushing the rock. It doesn’t get any easier, you just get stronger. This is true in fitness, in your relationships with others, and in your faith. Man can only see what is beside and in front of him. He cannot see what is coming up from behind. That is why we lock shields with our brothers who can check our six. At some point, the unexpected can catch us by surprise and that is when we most need our brothers to be there for us.


2016 Spring Mud Run [04272016]

So it’s that time again. Time for you to grab the trail shoes, grab some buddies, put on some gloves, and get muddy! It’s the Spring edition of the USMC Ultimate Challenge Mud Run.

90 F3 teams, representing 5 states, are ready to hit the trails and conquer the course. Whether you’re doing it to say you did it, or are out there to show everyone who’s the fastest, the Mud Run has something to offer everyone. We’ve even got a guy coming all the way from Ohio!

So we’ve got some logistics to cover…

The rules for the Mud Run can be found here:

Final Start Times and Bib Numbers can be found here:

F3 teams will begin at 0844. We will have a BOM at 0745, so be there before that.

A few things will be handled a little different this year. At the registration tent you will receive your race bibs. The bibs will be in a Gallon ZipLock Bag that you can use at Key Valet. T-shirts will be available at the F3 tent.

As usual, there are cold showers as well as male and female changing tents for use after the race.

HEADS UP!! There is construction on I-26 and Exit 125. High Way Patrol is testing the waters by keeping Exit 125 open for this race but they will have barricades staged in case they need to shut down the exit and reroute drivers to Exits 119 and 129. Make sure you allow for extra travel time to the Leatherneck.

Please print and fill out the waiver and bring it with you on race day. You only need one waiver per team.

The Beer Boat is confirmed and will be on deck with cold beverages for you waiting at the end. Food and beverage vendors will be on site and an ATM is available.

I don’t have many details, but the Mud Run will be giving away prizes after the Award Ceremony. You must be present to win. Every runner’s name is in the drawing bucket.

Spectators and Parking are FREE!

Bring your 2.0’s! Mud Run has provided a bounce house and the Devil Pup registration will open up the day of the race at 9:00 am.

If you have a new team member or a replacement bring them with you. Bring a waiver to the registration tent and check in.

After reviewing the attendee spreadsheets, there are several teams with only 3 PAX. According to the rules, teams of 3 or less are not a “complete team” and therefore you have 2 options:
1. Good news – you can still run the event; however, if you are competing for a time, you will get a 5-minute time penalty added to your overall finish time. So you might want to run faster. Or…
2. Find a fourth person and become a full 4-person team. Just make sure they bring a signed waiver. There may be some shifting and last minute cancellations, so keep your ears to the ground and keep your eye out for anyone looking to jump onto a team to make your team complete.

Please be courteous of the area. When I was in Recon, one of the things that they taught us was: never let anyone know you were there. So pick up your trash and belongings. Adopt this rule…if you see trash on the ground, pick it up. Plain and simple.

Get to know someone from a different AO. This is like a homecoming party for F3. Reconnect with friends, but also get to know a new guy.

We’ve been in close contact with the Mud Run officials and they’ve promised a few overall changes. First, the course will be marked much better to avoid mix ups and runners getting lost. Several of the obstacles will have new anchors, making the netting tighter, along with some general overall improvements and maintenance. As far as new obstacles, there will not be any for this race. However, plans are already being made to have work done for new and washed out obstacles for the fall race. Also for this year, the vendor area is greatly improved with 12 different vendors and an ATM machine. Lastly, medals will be given to each participant that crosses the finish line as well as those that place in their division.

For the ones that love getting their action shots taken for that new Twitter or Facebook profile picture, we will have several F3 photographers on site to capture you in that moment. GameFace Media will also be taking pictures at different obstacles throughout the course which will be available for purchase.

Last, but by far not the least, please consider giving a donation to Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW). Walter Romano and his team will be ready to take on the course this year. If you’ve never witnessed this, it’s a sight to see. Complete your run and then imagine doing it with full camo utilities, boots, a ruck, and a gas mask. Yeah, you read that right. OEW will be onsite at 0700 and are wheels up at 0930. We will be presenting a donation to OEW again this year. We raised $655 through the sign ups, but let’s see if we can add to that. And if you’re planning to stick around, show them some F3 love by cheering them on at the finish.

Have fun and be safe!

Panda MF’rs

9 PAX including 2 FNG’s showed up in the gloom at Martha’s House for an unknown beatdown. For the second Q in a row, I showed up with no weinke and only a few thoughts in my head as to the direction we were heading.

Having an FNG on site, we went through the disclaimer before starting with the Pledge.

Time for the In-Cadence warm up:

SSH X 13
Imperial Walkers X 13
LBC’s X 13 (?)

This was going to be the last warm up exercise but another vehicle pulled in and Sargento took off to meet the vehicle, I wrongly assumed it was Sargento’s wife bringing him his bag lunch or allowance but no, it was his brother-in-law, another FNG. Awesome…….be on time.

Last warm up exercise: Merkins X 10

I assumed at this point that Sargento passed along the disclaimer to his FNG but not sure.

The Thang

We then moseyed to the Park to the far side of Field #1 (I did do a quick disclaimer for the late FNG) for some Four Corner MFr’s. M = Merkins; F = Flutter Kicks; R = Run.

The PAX dropped and did 20 merkins OYO/single count at first corner;
Run to second corner for 40 single count flutter kicks;
Run to third corner for 20 merkins;
Run to fourth corner for 40 flutter kicks;
Run back to corner one, plank and wait on all the PAX.


Mosey to the opposite end of the field for the next work.

Second main exercise was the Panda 1-2-3 (Just like Dora 1-2-3 but included some bear crawls)

Partner up for some cumulative reps of the following:

100 Merkins
200 Flutter Kicks
300 Prayer Squats

Partner 1 does the exercise while partner 2 runs to the hill between Field #1 and the walking track and bear crawls up the right lane (path that has been cut in on the hill) and then bear crawls backwards down the left side path. Runs back to exercise station and switches with his partner.

This went on for several minutes when YHC realized once again that a Omaha was in order. We modified to 200 single count flutter kicks and 200 squats.

After this was complete, we had a short recovery speech where we talked about the daily workout is a battle against yourself to get better and not against the PAX. The PAX is here for support and encouragement.

We then moseyed to the covered picnic shelter for some additional in-cadence work:

Dips X 15
Dips X 15
Squats X 15
Dips X 15
Squats X 15

Next was the mosey back to Pelicans for one last set of in-cadence flutter kicks X 30.

Great work men.

Announcements: Burpee-thon is coming up. F3 Dads event is this Saturday, 2:30 pm at the Schiele.

Prayer Requests: Sargento and 5th graders at New Hope for safe travels to the OBX

T-claps to Sargento for getting two FNG’s out today: Soprano (Mark Bridges) & Pacifier (Eli Kiem)

As always, it was an honor to lead the group this morning. I continue to look forward to each workout and pushing myself to get better. Thanks for leading me in that direction.

Until the next one. Aye!!


Fortunately for the PAX in attendance today Floppy Disk was unable to make it so the weight vest was eliminated from the workout today. Have no fear we will just do it next week! It was thought there would only be 2 in attendance but Midoriyama’s first FNG arrived and shortly after Def Leopard rolled in! After some discussion of what F3 is about we got under way.

Warmup: Seal Jacks x 15ic w/bricks, LBC’s x 20ic, Prayer Squats x 20ic w/bricks

The Thang: Headed for the trails with Bricks in hand. Ran the soccer loop and part of the Mtn loop stopping every so often for some ab work and squats. Probably somewhere around 2 miles.

Originally we were going to take turns running with the 50 lbs vest. Next time!!!!

COT: Announcements-Mudrun, Burpeethon, Caramont Health 5k run coming up 5/14 will be running through 2 of our AO’s. Pledge, further discussion of F3 with FNG, Named FNG-Billy Madison! Welcome brother hope to see you more!

Trashcans and Dumpster Diving

So I came in a little hot this am having forgotten to put out the trashcan by the road the night before. I had to make a quick stop before getting out of the driveway to take care of the trash which at least in my house has always been a “man’s job.” JK2 pointed out that my kids could certainly be doing this, so I may have to reassign my duty to one of the ladies of the house. For now, however, the trash will remain in my domain as failure to perform this task will not be pleasant for me. In the past 10+ years I have missed only 1 morning. The pax did not realize this would not be the only discussion involving a trashcan today-more on that later.


WU: 10 each of the following IC: SSH, Squats, LBC, Burps, Old Man Don Quixote, had more but got bored and started the Thang…


Mosey to baseball field and 10 merkins at each speed bump on the way (not many), at field we did AMRAP exercises for 50 seconds then rested for 10 seconds, repeato X 2 sets of each of the following: flutter kick, squat, merkin. I tried to elicit some jokes from the pax but clearly this was not a humorous situation…

Mosey to back of school by buses with merkins at speed bumps on the way (back tracked a little just to mess with the pax, however this did not achieve the desired mumble chatter, note to self-can work on this for next time). In back of school we partnered up and did 2 sets of Dumpster Diving: P1 ran a short loop involving a few steps, a ramp, and a jumping onto the dock (thanks for the word TSquare-had a lapse of vocabulary) while P2 did AMRAP exercises of Merkins, Squats, and Burps. The Burps were a crowd-pleaser I think. TSquare kept us entertained with some comedic relief (“she said go ahead and start, I said I’m already finished” or something like that). I think this is also where Stroganoff threw in a few mocking comments in his little girl voice-that’s when I know the rock is truly being pushed. We did a quick count off to catch our breath, I provided a wonderful sermon (about 3 seconds which I can no longer recall what the topic was) then we moseyed back to the front of the school (little bit faster pace).

In front of the school we joyously performed some hip slappers-these are still my favorite. We did 10, then 15, then 10 reps I think. I got some dirty looks on this one-Mission Accomplished. My weinke was almost empty at this point so I had to make some stuff up on the fly-we continued our mosey to the other side of the front of school and split up in 2 groups. Group 1 did Mary while Group 2 did dips until Mary was finished. I think we did 4 total sets of these.

The final part of the Thang was a little bit of surprise I think to some of the pax. We moseyed over to the flag appearing to plan for the pledge and finish up, however, we had a few minutes so……we did Minutes of Burpees:P1 does burpees for 1 minute while P2 does a minute of whatever exercise he wants to do. At end of 1 minute we flapjack and P2 does 1 minute of burpees while P1 does 1 minute of whatever exercise he wants. We did a total of 4 rounds of this (2 minutes of burpees each).

We finished with the pledge, announcements, and COT/prayer.

Dolph, get well soon. OutHouse and Dad doing Marathon (?half marathon) this weekend. Safe travels for the middle school going on the field trip. Few others I can’t recall.

Dad and 2.0 event at Schiele this Saturday at 230pm (planetarium show starts at 3pm). Those without 2.0’s welcome also-I’ve got a couple extra…

Advisory Board Meeting this Sunday at 7pm at GSM Intergalactic Headquarters-all pax welcome.


“Burnouts” Tuesday 4-26-16

We call it “Burnout’s” because this workout will definitely make it burn!

We started the morning with a quick warm-up of Side Straddle Hops, Windmills, Monkey Humper’s and Hillbilly’s before the Pledge and quick jog around the park to make sure everyone’s blood was pumping.

For the workout, everyone grabbed a cinder block and lined up across the tennis court ready for “Burnouts”.  We did each exercise for 1 minute: 1)bench press, 2)line jump, 3)triceps curls, 4)Squats, 5)lawnmower pulls, 6)Lunges, 7)Shoulder Press and 8) Bicep curls.  We took a break from all the lifting for another quick job around the park.  We met back on the tennis courts to finish up the full body workout with sit-ups and side planks for 1 minute.

We finished up in the circle of trust for prayer concerns, announcements, name-aroma and closing prayer.

Good Work Men!  I hope everyone enjoyed it.


CSPAN, Doctor, Horse, and a Painter Walk into a bar…..

It was a clear dry morning for two men from the Fort to stroll over to the Gas House. CSPAN has the first half Q and set our course for the back lot of the Library. Even though we made a pact to refrain from any and all running, CSPAN has a short memory. Something, something, he is old, etc. Whatever, I am just glad we avoided any and all grass.

The Thang

Mosey around the lower lot for what seemed like hours.

Bear Crawl to and fro

Crab Walk to and fro

other stuff I can’t recall, etc…..

Partner runs around lower lot while partner B does:

Flying Squirrels

other stuff I can’t recall, etc…..

CSPAN hands off to PKG

Mosey to top of hill, break out timer (AKA iPhone) 1 Min exercise, 15 sec rest etc….

Plank Jacks

Prison Push Ups

Lunge L&R




Peter Parker

Mtn Climbers

Russian Twist

Shoulder Taps

Rinse Repeat

Few minutes of Abs and Stretches, hustle back to flag and say pledge, hustle back to COT because CSPAN has a painter coming and PKG has a tee time to make. #Priorities


This place is always a favorite AO for me. It is really cool to see how fast Gastonia has grown as men continue to EH sad clowns. One thing is for sure, they have a long way to go on their comedic timing. It was nice to have FNG Silent Bob step up and just dive right in with his testimony. Dude’s a solid guy and will fit right in.

Until next time,




Four Corners!

Pax started rollin in one by one. It was nice to see the return of Mayor with his beardless face. Dolph returned to the herd this morning as well. Great turn out by all this morning. Mumble Chatter about “sore legs and let’s get this party started.” Pax not fully aware of what was to come…here’s what happen…best I remember!

Mosey around the islands with butt kicks,high knees, left side shuffle, right side shuffle.
Circle up:
Welcomed FNG
SSH 20ic
Wind Mills 15ic
Mericans 10ic
Freddy Mercury 10ic
Morocin night club 20ic

The Thang:
4 Corner Esclade
Mosey from corner to corner (sorta)
Corner 1- 10 Burpees
Corner 2- 10 Burpees, 10ic mericans
Corner 3- 10 Burpees, 10ic mericans, 15ic LBC
Corner 4- 10 Burpees, 10ic mericans, 15ic LBC, 20ic Mt. Climbers
Corner 4- 10 Burpees, 10ic mericans, 15ic LBC, 20ic Mt. Climbers
Corner 3- 10 Burpees, 10ic mericans, 15ic LBC
Corner 2- 10 Burpees, 10ic mericans
Corner 1- 10 Burpees

6/7 exercises(failure to remember)


Always a pleasure to lead you guys. Had a lot of mumble chatter. I like it!!! Sorry about the long lunge mosey from corner 1 to 2….. BAD IDEA, mistake was noted and will be felt for days after.
Remember all events coming up!
Remember prayer request
Great to have new FNG (respect) Steve aka “Chaps”
Til next time fellas!!!

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