24 Pax and 1 traveler appeared for the Murph this morning. TClaps ToolTime. This is a special day and for all the veterans out there, THANK YOU! YHC did not expect the number that made it out of the fartsack this morning; nice work men. YHC shared a short story of Michael Murphy and a disclaimer for the FNG’s. TClaps to these guys, Cougar and Breeder you showed for one of the hardest workouts that YHC has ever done, nice work. Hope to see you back out in the gloom. With that said.

Warm Up; SSH, CDD, LBC’s x 10 IC

Thang; Run 1 mile around Martha Rivers Park and meet back at the playground for the exercises to begin.
100 Pullups
200 Mericans
300 Squats
YHC attacks these 600 reps in 10 sets of 10, 20, 30. The pax can choose how to bust up the reps as long as you get the 600 reps. #DFQ, #DRP. It was an awesomoe sight to see the pax pushing each other. Just the thought about the service and sacrifice that the Veterans have made gives you little extra drive to complete a workout like this. All Gave Some, Some Gave ALL. #Respect. After the 600 reps there was one last task to complete. 1 Mile Run. Way to dig deep men. It was pleasure and honor to lead you this morning.

Moleskin; Definitely one of the toughest workouts out there; to know that Michael Murphy completed this a 20Lb vest or his combat gear on is amazing. The pax all pushed each other and didn’t forget the six this morning. Nice work by all. Jobu nice to have you back with the Pax sir. TSquare and Roscoe tclaps for the H2O fellas. #NoDNBatMarhaRivers AYE!

COT; Namorama; FNG’s, Cougar and Breeder. Breeder my apologies sir, I thought you said breeding was a hobby. Nice work men.
Pledge; Stroganoff thanks for the flag.
BOM; Monk thanks for taking us out.
Enjoyed it men. Till the next one.