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  • When: 5-9-2016
  • AO:
  • QIC: Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Anthrax, Whoopee, Radar, Defib, Outhouse, Stroganoff, FNG Quiche, Sargento

The PAX was out in full force to start the week off right today. I got a hard commit the night before from a friend I’d been EH’ing but didn’t see any sign of him until headlights came around the bend from Cramerton way. Normally I like an FNG to have a minute to chit chat before things get cranked up but since he was coming in hot that chance was lost. The show must go on!


The “Warmup”

The Slaughter Starter (20 burpees OYO) Immediate grumbling, mission accomplished.

LBCx10 IC (Very hard to lead cadence after the Starter)

Nolan Ryansx10 IC each side

Mosey to the Goat Island parking lot.

The Thang

11’s of lunges on one end and mountain climbers at the midway point of the lot. After counting off a couple of times to catch our breath, it was back to campus.

Instead of making it all the way back to home base, we pulled up at the stop sign for some long distance suicides. The PAX paired up and while person 1 planked, person 2 ran to the first speed bump where he did 5 burpees then ran back for the tag. On the next cycle, the PAX had to go to the 2nd speed bump but to save time the Q called Omaha and cut out the burpees. Third cycle had the PAX go to the 3rd speed bump. This seemed to take a really long time so just before everyone finished up the Q audibled again and led the PAX to the flag.


Wrap Up

Dying Cockrroach x10IC

Dolly x10IC

Protractor with countoffs

We finished with Namorama, announcements and COT. Welcome FNG Quiche (Andy Dyksterhouse)

As always it was a great way to start my day and week. Thank you guys for being here so we could enjoy it together!