So this started out as a fund raiser for Special Olympics of NC and a chance for a little bit of competition.  I sent out a request for some PAX to join me for a great cause.  Eight Pax or two (2) teams answered, which was impressive.  How the plan came together was a much more fun story.

I started out several weeks before the event making sure all parts and pieces were coming together.  The night before, one Pax had a family issue and had to miss so we flew to Twitter for a replacement.  As Whoopie said,  Beuler, Beuler, and if no one answered, his next Q would be hellish.  At the same time, I sent Freight a text about the post on Saturday and told him I busted my ankle pretty good.  He said best to stay at home due to the foot work involved and provided a picture of a pretty flower, that I assumed would be a bleeding heart.  I was informed it was not and due to pride, I showed up at the Schiele and posted, bum ankle and all, for one of the hardest workouts (involved running).  Then, at the end, due to some pretty severe EHing…Flush got the nod to join the fun after.  We were back in full swing.

We all show up at the event and find out another pax couldn’t join due to the flu.  I quickly advised that if there was energy to send a text, there was energy to sprint back and forth and do 75 burpees.

So here we were down one man again and it came time for the call.  The M (who got is involved) said we were the first heat.  So here we were, a team of three and four, and the call starts.  Three of us sprinted to start and began.  It was a sprint down 30+ feet, five burpees and sprint back to tag your partner.  Rinse and repeat until the group gets to 300 or the 20 minute time limit is up.  This sucked, but we embraced it.  At the time limit, we stood at 293, seven shy from the goal.  We were the only three man team though, so much respect to my mates.  It was also then that we were told that we were scheduled for the next heat and there was a single looking to join with a team of three.  Hmmm.  The second F3 Gastonia team didn’t panic to the start and got the benefit of a full team in the SECOND HEAT and onioned up and knocked 300 burpees out in 16 minutes.

I am giving Flush (respect) a shout out because not only did he answer the call that morning off the fly, he got stuck on the three-man team.  Floppy Disk gets one too because he showed up to support his brothers and ended up participating.  Whoopie had his 2.0 there counting, which was awesome, because after 25, I couldn’t remember my name.  This was a great time and great competition between F3 teams, Crossfit Teams, Army, PD, FD and several other groups from near and far.  It raised a ton of money to benefit these wonderful athletes and provided some awesome 1st and 2nd F time with some brothers and got F3 out there.  As one brother said, the benefit to the community is awesome, but several brothers had their 2.0s there to see them.  My extreme gratitude goes out to you all for making this one of the best, worst events of my life.  Getting ready for next year….with more teams.