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  • When: 01/30/2016
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  • QIC: Roscoe
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  • PAX:  Roscoe, T-Square, Whoopie, Dolph, JK2, TopHat, Linus, Stroganoff, Yo Adrian, Brown Streak, Bandit, Monk, Yo Pauly, Shirley, Freight

The pre-blast picture promised no running, no burpees, no merkins, and no squats, but YHC was called out on that throughout the day but what a great day to get better.

Fifteen men braved 30 degree temperatures on a glorious morning at the Gashouse.  Several showed up early for some EC Yeti training with a bike ride.  I wasn’t there but at coffeerama I heard tales that Dolph had a mountain bike with tractor pull tires on it and that he wasn’t keeping it all on the street and was waking everyone up along the route due to the tire noise.
Though we had no FNG’s today, I thought back on Q School and C-Span stressing the importance of the disclaimer. I made an announcement that there would be no backwards running.  Anthrax is still on the PUP list and he remains in our thoughts for a complete recovery.  On to the warm up…

Warm up:  SSH IC x 31

Prayer Squats x 15

Don Quixote’s

Merkins x 10

LBC’s x 15

Press Press Fling (Whoopie was trolling for these)

Mosey to flag for Pledge

Another mosey to the front of Grier Middle School where the fast guys started a synchronized starfish plank series that looked a little choreographed.  Did you guys rehearse?

The next exercise was the Colonel Trautman between two speed bumps, approximately 55 yards between each set of Merkins.  We started with 20 Merkins, run to the other speed bump, 19, 18, etc.  When we started to finish we did a little ab-orama with Dolph leading Russian Twists and Whoopie leading flutter kicks.  A quick set of Seal Jacks to warm up the hands and off to Parkwood for the next exercise.

The Pax were instructed to burpee at every parking space line.  20 plus burpees were completed and everyone more or less stayed together except Dolph who was instructed to do Russian Twists by himself while we all slowed down our pace.  A couple of count off’s and then onward to Sherwood to the Playground.

P1’s did plank shoulder touches IC while P2’s did pullup holds on the bars.  Repeado x2 and then a lap around the track.  Whoopie and JK2 made the mistake of going for a PR lap without knowing what was next.

We ended the lap at the bottom of the hill.  Each exercise in cadence was followed by a charge up the hill.  The exercises were:


Jump Lunges




Jump Lunges

WW1 Situps

YHC has been on the DL for a week with massive crud and started to rethink this series, but misery loves company so thanks to the PAX for getting me through it.

After this series we ran out the back entrance and ran through the neighborhood to the Library for some ring around the Al Gore tree.  We planked on the curb at the planter and in cadence marched around the trees to the right.

Next we ran to the Schiele and hit the nature trail and back to the parking lot just before the church bells told us it was time to stop.

We circled up for the announcements.  Bandit spoke of the Gashouse Planning meeting tomorrow at GSM Services at 6:30 to discuss our future expansion to a region.  YHC said that was on Sunday and was reminded twice that tomorrow is Sunday.  Whoopie then had to remind me to do Name-o-rama and as I ran to my car to get my phone I heard people talking about me having stroke like symptoms.  That was nothing compared to the mid-brain Freight was in when I put the phone up to his face and announced Name-O-Rama.  Nothing happened.  If it was live radio we would have been fired.  Dead air.  He was in a permanent gaze westward until I had to nudge him by saying, “you start”.

Is that a sign of a good Q?  Should Freight and I be in the F3 concussion protocol this week?

Name-o-rama and then we checked out with a closing prayer.  I think we had at least 9 for Coffeerama at Panera.

A pleasure to lead.  Get those EH’s strapped on tight.  The Gashouse will grow in 2016 and I look forward to being a part of it!