As the Q arrives, Defib and Outhouse are just finishing up their EC 4 mile run. Studs! As others arrive, 12 in total, there was some discussion that 34 degrees was feeling a bit balmy with the deep freeze experienced at our weekday AO’s recently. Thanks to Outhouse for keeping time this morning (really need to find that watch again). Ok… time to start.

Warmup this morning consisted of…

SSH IC x20
Toy Soldier IC x20
Don Quioxte IC x20
Merkins IC x10
LBC IC x20


Mosey to baseball pavillion at Martha Rivers. Inspired by(certainly not modelled after) the Murph, the plan today was to complete 100, 200 and 300 reps of some excercises (Merkins, LBCs and Squats in this case) in 10 sets with some short sprints in between. We could definately tell that the mercury was rising as evidenced by the pile of dirty laundry accumulating in the center of the COP. Glad we got that under control quickly… was getting worried.

We completed…

Merkins IC x10
LBC IC x 20
Squats IC x 30
Sprint, Run, Mosey, or Crawl down sidewalk and back
Rinse & Repeat x5

This took quite a while longer than expected, and at the current rate did not seem like we would finish the full 10 sets promised. To be fair, since we did all exercises with a 4-count cadence, ends up we reached the same goal (in spite of YHC chronic counting issues).  At the gleeful satisfaction of the pax, YHC calls “Oklahoma”. Only to disappoint the pax with a bear crawl around the pavillion. Not sure about anyone else, but at this point, my legs were spent from the squats. All looks good on paper, does’t it?

With 15 minutes to go, we mosey back to Brewsters for about 9 minutes of Mary with some portions brought to you directly from the pax. It went something like this…

WWII Sit Ups
Dying Cockroach
Freddie Mercuries
Flutter Kicks
Homer & Marge
Mountain Climbers
Heels to the Heavens

At 6:15 we wrap up with announcements (see email blast for details), Name-o-rama (including induction ceremony for Drone) and BOM.

As always, appreciate everyone I get to do this with. One year ago, would have never considered that I would be leading a bunch of fit guys in workouts before the sun comes up. Keep pushing the rock!


– Bandit