It was a moderately cold morning, but 7 of us fought off the fartsack to take a quick tour of the banks (and Walgreen???) for some mileage and ATMs.

WU: 10 reps IC of the following: SSH, Squat, Flutter (X 20), Sully Merkins (thanks for the suggestion from my M, however will likely never do this again-watch Monster’s Inc, Godfather-you can borrow my kids’ DVD if you don’t know what this is), Don Quixote, Gorilla Humpers, SDD


Lot of running from home base with ATM’s at 4 banks plus a Walgreen’s (thanks JK2 for the good eyes spotting the ATM at the drug store), as well as some donkey kicks at (where else????) the BB&T. This was all in the first probably quarter mile explaining my rep reduction from 15/10 down to 5 with a quick Oklahoma. We hit a credit union a little while later and did a few SSH to get the blood back into my fingers. We then settled in for a nice run lasting the majority of the time then closed out the run with more ATMs at BOA.

We finished back at base with a few minutes of Mary with everyone getting a shot at leading, ending with some frozen cockroach (thanks Monk??).

I enjoyed the focus on running this am which was a change of direction for me, instead of the bootcamp type of stuff. Think we need a regular mainly-running workout here in GasHouse-maybe something we can talk about over the next few weeks-lot of options. Would enjoy the slow steady pace with some time to get to know the pax a little better. I enjoy the beat-downs as much as everyone, however getting some occasional mileage would be a nice change of pace-THINK ABOUT IT…… Not sure the extra credit is a long term solution for me-I need my beauty rest.

Thanks for the opportunity to avoid another fartsack and sorry this is late. Had some guy from Homeland Security stop by the house wondering why I was seen on 7 different ATM cameras yesterday…..